Why Visit the Jurassic Coast? | 95 MILES of Historic Coastline (In Photos!)

Visit Jurassic Coast hike towards Durdle Door

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The Jurassic Coast is 95 miles of pure beauty, that and an amazing history from the last 185 million years.

It’s so special that in 2001 it was given the prestigious title of England’s first natural World Heritage Site status by UNESCO.

If that’s not enough reason to visit the Jurassic Coast, then I guess I will have to tempt you with gorgeous photos of this incredible part of the south coast of England.

In five and a half days, I hiked from the start of the Jurassic Coast. Following the South West Coast Path, along this dramatic coastline starting at Orcombe Point in Exmouth, Devon near Exeter and finishing at Old Harry Rocks near Studland in Dorset.

A journey filled with adventures, challenges but most of all spectacular scenery to keep you entertained for the full day.

The Jurassic Coast is 95 miles of pure beauty 🙂

Are you wondering whether you should visit the Jurassic Coast? Maybe you’re thinking about hiking the Jurassic Coast or simply taking a day trip in Dorset to the iconic spots along the route?

Here are 45 stunning reasons why you should explore the entire Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Whether it’s over a few days, weeks or even year, there are no timescales for experiencing something magical.

Each mile of this incredible coastline has stunning views so here are my favourite memories and photos from the Jurassic Coast to tempt you to visit!

Why you should visit the Jurassic Coast?

(All 95 miles!)

Jurassic Coast – Exmouth to Sidmouth

Even before you start the hike, the views looking out to sea along Exmouth seafront are beautiful

Jurassic Coast - day 1 DSC_9879-2

And as you start the hike from Orcombe Point in Exmouth you can look back to views of this Devon Town, whilst enjoying the green countryside around you

Jurassic Coast - day 1 DSC_9905-2

You can’t help but notice The dramatic colours of the red cliffs against the lush green grass and blue sea, even on a grey day!

Jurassic Coast - day 1 DSC_9915-2

And then there are a few brightly coloured beach huts, with their own stylish designs

Jurassic Coast - day 1 DSC_9919-2

The curve of the coast is wonderful to see from high cliffs (and you might even be lucky to see the Red Arrows)

Jurassic Coast - day 1 DSC_9944-2

There are some striking rock formations, ever-changing with the weather and sea battering them

Ladram Bay, Jurassic Coast
Ladram Bay, Jurassic Coast

If you get up early then sometimes it’s even more magical

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_9974-2

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Plenty of hidden spots you can stop and enjoy the views

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0021-2

Those striking red cliffs never get boring, even hidden in greenery you can still spot them

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0036-2

Jurassic Coast – Sidmouth to Seaton

The path will take you up close to the ever-changing rocks on the Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0045-2

Green fields make a stunning contrast to the red cliffs and blue ocean

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Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0075-2

You might even spot some wild horses

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0078-2

Don’t forget you can always look back to see where you’ve hiked (and those views too)

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0085-2

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Each new beach brings a smile to your face (Because there’s a change of a coffee shop & cake!)

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0094-2

You never know when a good photo opportunity might come along (#boatgeek)

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0104-2

The beauty of the Jurassic Coast is that it has plenty of opportunities to sit and enjoy the views – grass always makes a comfy seat (but there are lots of benches too!)

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0111-2

See how many little signs you can spot on the route

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0116-2

Be sure to stop for a beer in the cute Devon village of Beer (can you spot the beer garden?)

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0120-2

Enjoy walking through the cute seaside towns – this one is called Seaton

Jurassic Coast - day 2 DSC_0125-2

Jurassic Coast – Seaton to Weymouth

Even when the path takes you away from the Jurassic Coast, the trees magically part every now and again so you can see the sea!

Jurassic Coast - day 3 20180826_070852_42599693070_o

Well you are in the UK, so even in bad weather Lyme Regis still is a great place to stop for coffee and cake

Jurassic Coast - day 3 20180826_090023_30540935918_o

Charmouth beach is great for fossil hunting (of course it’s not so great in the rain!)

Jurassic Coast - day 3 20180826_113151_44359823232_o

For those TV fans, you might spot a few famous places on the route (aka Broadchurch)

Jurassic Coast - day 4

Then you can hike along 18 miles of Chesil beach (or less if you prefer!)

Jurassic Coast - day 4

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There’s something so photogenic about harbours – the one at Weymouth is a great place to walk around, you can even stop for fish & chips too

Jurassic Coast - day 4

Jurassic Coast – Weymouth to Lulworth Cove

All that UK rain creates a lush green jungle environment on the Jurassic Coast – it’s almost tropical!

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0243-2

Those thatched roofs never get boring, especially when it’s a pub too (the official South West Coast path takes you right past the front door!)

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0245-2

Steep climbs always reward you with the best views

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0263-2

If you time it right then boats add the perfect extra to your photo (but I’m in love with those rugged cliffs)

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0278-2

Stunning white chalk cliffs, add a different layer into the history of this beautiful Jurassic Coast landscape

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0299-2

Yet more dreamy views and you can see how close the path goes to the edge – eek!

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0301-2

Popular tourist spots look even more dramatic in moody weather

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0322-2

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You keep spotting interesting rock formations but it makes you wonder how different the Jurassic Coast will be in 10 years time?

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0343-2

Lulworth Cove is a stunning spot (but also very popular) – it’s quieter towards the far end of the beach (and up!) Many people walk from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door as a day trip

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0370-2

Want to try some day walks on the Jurassic Coast? I’ve included two of my favourites sections in my best day hikes in England post, including the route map + gpx file.

Jurassic Coast – Lulworth Cove to Durlston

From one beautiful cove, there’s another one just around the corner so you can escape the crowds during peak seasons

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0396-2

From high cliff top walks to dropping back down to the sea level – you can’t get bored of the views

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0409-2

And out of nowhere, there are cool towers on the route

Jurassic Coast - day 5 DSC_0416-2

Chapman’s Pool is another wonderful spot on the Jurassic Coast. One of my favourite parts of the walk.

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0442-2

And you think you’ve seen everything, then these little gems pop up – years of history in one spot

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0454-2

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The contours of the land on the Jurassic Coast are fascinating

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0456-2

Dotted along the route you’ll see various lighthouses (this one is hiding!)

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0464-2

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Jurassic Coast – Durlston to Old Harry Rocks

The from the roof of Durlston Castle you can see the final destination in the distance.

(Stop here for a coffee & some cake it’s delicious!)

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0473-2

Reaching Swanage beach is another cute seaside town but not much of the Jurassic Coast to explore

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0488-2

But another highlight is yet to come – Old Harry Rocks at Studland make for a spectacular end to this wonderful hike

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0502-2

It’s simply the perfect way to end your Jurassic Coast adventure

Jurassic Coast - day 6 DSC_0512-2

I hope that makes you want to visit the Jurassic Coast. If you have any more questions about where to go or what to do on the Jurassic Coast then ask me any questions in the comments below.

Tell me if you had a favourite Jurassic Coast photo?

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Visit Jurassic Coast
Visit Jurassic Coast

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18 thoughts on “Why Visit the Jurassic Coast? | 95 MILES of Historic Coastline (In Photos!)

  1. Savannah says:

    Wow, your pictures are amazing!! I’ve heard of the Jurassic Coast, but didn’t really know much about it! Your photos have definitely convinced me I need to go! Great post!

  2. Kiara Gallop says:

    This hike was already on my wish list, and now, after seeing all your photos, I’m even more desperate to do it! I bet we won’t be so lucky with the weather next summer in the UK though…

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Haha did you not see the photo with heavy rain and 40 mph winds! That was August!!! Spring and autumn would be a wonderful time to hike and even winter would be lovely too as long as you wrap up warm 🙂

  3. April says:

    I’ve been wanting to explore the southern part of England more and this trail looks absolutely amazing! What’s the best time of the year to hike it? Did you end up spending the nights in different towns or can you camp on the trail? Thanks!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Hi April, it’s really stunning, I’d definitely recommend it. Well, any time of year in the UK I can imagine it’s beautiful. I hiked end of August but as you can see from the photos I had one day that was also like winter. There isn’t lots of shelter on some sections so in the rain for the full hike it would be pretty tough but I loved the moody look that the cloudy weather gave. I wild camped but you can stay in hotels, B&Bs or campsites. I’m writing a full post which should be done by next week. I will send you the link when I’ve written 🙂

  4. Natasha says:

    I’ve started seeing more pictures of the Jurassic Coast. It looks so beautiful, the photographer in me wants to visit so badly. Even the little towns in between look so lovely.

  5. Martin says:

    When you write your next blog on the Jurassic Coast you should point out to your followers that no land owners along the Jurassic Coast allow wild camping and that they should make sure they use proper toilet facilities. Human waste along the coast is becoming a problem….

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Thanks, Martin, I appreciate your comments and have addressed the point on human waste whilst wild camping in my post dedicated to the topic which you can find on my blog. I also find it disgusting and there’s no need for it! I will be writing a section on wild camping within the overall post so will also reinforce this message and include a link. Thanks 🙂

  6. Hoi An says:

    Oh god. What gorgeous pics. I feel like I’m on Jurassic Coast right now. I definitely come to Jurassic to enjoy totally its beauty if I have chance. Thank you so much for your amazing post! Keep going!

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