DIY Van Conversion – What Tools Do You Need To Convert Into Campervan?

If you’re planning to do your own DIY van conversion then you’ll need a few tools to help you do it. Or alternatively, you’ll need to have friends and family with tools you can borrow :).

Here’s the list of all the tools I’ve used or I’m planning to use as part of my van conversion for my Vauxhall Vivaro. Over the years I’ve gathered a few tools but since I started my conversion I’ve upgraded tools or had to buy new ones. If you’re planning or beginning a van conversion then it’s handy to start acumulating tools ready for your van build now!

As my van conversion progresses I’ll add more sections for the tools I’m using (and buying).

*Many of the items you’ll need for more than one stage of your van conversion, I’ve marked these with an asterix * so you can see how many tools you will use more than once and how many are a one-off (maybe these are items you could potentially borrow to save costs if you don’t own them).

For each section I’ll also write a more detailed how to guide so you can use this when you come to complete that step. Please note I’m not an expert, I’m a DIYer that has done some research and had a go.

Campervan Conversion Tool List

Most essential item

Before I jump into tool and gadgets, there’s one simple item I’d recommend for this van conversion. You might not need for some van but for this one I have used a lot. What is it? 

A cushion to kneel on!

You’re not able to stand up in my van, similar with many other models so you’ll spend a lot of times on your knees so I highly recommend a comfy cushion or maybe knee pads. You’ll spot my cushion in some photos!

What do you need for planning your van layout?

Using tape to design my van space

Starting with a few simple things for your van conversion!

What tools do you need for removing the plywood panels + bulkhead?

Plywood panels inside van
Plywood panels to remove from my van

Please remember to check all your fittings, as you may have a few different ones too.

Equipment for cleaning your van

Cleaning the van after removing all the panels

Before you fix any insulation it’s recommend that you clean your van so it sticks/better and who doesn’t want a clean van! 

  • Sponge
  • Car wash liquid
  • Bucket or bowl
  • Old towel

What tools do you need for fitting the sound deadening + insulation?

Sound deadening sheets + roller to secure in place

These tools/kit are for fitting the sound deadening and insulation, using thermo liner and recycled plastic bottles loft insulation. If you’re opting for insulation sheets and/or vapour barrier you’ll need extra items.

**I fitted mine on a warm day so didn’t end up needing to use.

Next steps

As my van conversion progresses I’ll return to this page and update new tools and equipment that I’ve needed for my van conversion!

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