Best places to hike in the UK

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Hiking Gear + Hiking tips

I’ve hiked in the rain, snow, crazy winds and yes, some sunshine, so I have a pretty good idea what what gear is best to wear on a hike.

Here I share my top tips including what to wear on a day hike and for those that fancy more of a challenge what to take on a long-distance walk

Hiking in the UK

Planning a trip to the UK?

Simply click where you want to go hiking in the UK or you can search my favourite hikes in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Here you will find some of my favourite hikes. You can follow in my footsteps hike the stunning Jurassic Coast Path, climb the rugged mountains in Snowdonia National Park, hop across stepping stones in the Peak District or even climb Ben Nevis the highest mountain in the UK.

Whether you’re a beginner hiker or you’ve climbed every mountain in the UK, hopefully, you’ll find a walk that you’ll love.

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Hiking + outdoor gift ideas

Want to Try wild camping?

All you need to know about Wild Camping

I’ve been wild camping for over 4 years and I have been on many wild expeditions across the UK.

In the summer of 2019, I walked over 950 miles across the country from Lowestoft, Suffolk to Arnamurchan Lighthouse in Scotland and wild camped many times in some remote and beautiful locations.

Check out all my posts on wild camping below, including essential wild camping kit, my favourite wild camping tent and some important tips on what to do when mother nature calls in the wild!

Wild camping

Hiking abroad

Want to go hiking abroad?

Over the years I’ve done several hiking trips, including some high altitude challenges around the world from Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Annapurna Trek in Nepal.

Click a destination to search a specifc hike or check out some inspiration for the best hikes in Europe and around the world.

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