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Becky Angell

Eagle Creek Duffel Bag on Becky the Traveller
Marrakech, Morocco

My name is Becky, well that’s obvious but I wanted to introduce myself properly.

After jetting off to Australia on my first solo trip, over 10 years ago, my travels have since taken me to over 40 countries across 6 continents.

I have travelled solo as part of group tours (safari in east Africa, a road trip and hiking in Patagonia) and also with friends and family (5-week trip in New Zealand, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco).

Although solo travel is how I travel most of the time, mainly because it gives me the freedom to go when and where I want.

In 2012, I set off on a big solo trip visiting 11 different countries in 6 months.

I began my trip in east Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), including a solo hike up Kilimanjaro.

Then flew into south-east Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia). Before stopping off for 6-weeks exploring the east coast of Australia, then a week in Fiji and a 4-day stop in Hong Kong on my way home.

My dream would be to visit every country in the world one day. But I’m not in any hurry, travel is part of my life now so even if I tick that last country off aged 90 I will be happy.

Like many travellers I talk to, it’s not about visiting every country and moving on. I want to see and experience as much as I can fit in and soak up the culture and scenery. And get lost in the wonder of each country. Literally, getting lost, I’m good at that but that’s part of the fun.

Outdoor + Hiking Adventures

Crib Goch Snowdonia at sunrise
Hiking in Snowdonia

I thrive on the toughest challenges and outdoor adventures. I’m an avid hiker and have done many multi-day hikes around the world as well as summiting a few mountains on the way.

My proudest moment was reaching the top of Africa’s highest mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro), after battling with altitude sickness.

I’ve also climbed Mount Toubkal and done winter hiking in Morocco, Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia and more recently I climbed the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis. The Himalayas in Nepal captured my heart and my breath, again with the high altitude walking over the Throng-La pass.

I’ve also hiked the beautiful Tour du Mont Blanc trail in the Alps, with plans for another trip in 2021 (postponed from 2020).

UK Adventures

You’ll now find me mostly hiking in the UK’s National Parks. I love exploring the Lake District, Snowdonia and my local NP the Peak District.

I’m currently a ‘Trainee Mountain Leader’, with a view to gaining the qualification in 2021. Please get in touch if you would like any support with any UK walks.

I love hiking in new places of the National Parks and I’m slowly making my way through the Wainwrights in the Lake District as well as trying to explore new places in the Peak District.

In 2019, I hiked 952-miles across Britain on an epic adventure – I’m currently writing a book so if you’d like to know when it’s published you can sign up here.

The Peak District National Park is my regular hiking spot and you’ll often find me out walking on weekends and mid-week adventures. I also have a website dedicated to Peak District walks – you can check it out here peakdistrictwalks.net.

There are over 40 walks on the website ranging from 2-24 miles long (something for everyone). You can search via location, distance, milage and even by walk – View the Walks Directory here.

Wildlife + Nature

As well as my love of hiking. Nature and wildlife are a big part of my life. I’ve loved bird watching since I was a little girl when my granddad used to point out the different birds on walks in the UK.

And my love for wildlife has grown with me. My favourite experiences have been the African safari in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as gorilla trekking in Uganda.

In South America, I travelled to the Galápagos Islands. A trip inspired by watching David Attenborough (the one celebrity I would love to go to dinner with).

And I would return in a heartbeat. Another passion of mine is penguins, it’s a bucket list item to see every species in the world and in the south of Chile I came face to face with the beautiful King Penguins. Wow, that was an emotional experience.

Working Life

My jobs have varied over the years. Starting my working life in the hospitality industry, then taking a different direction into the financial industry for 14 years, working for Business, Commercial and Corporate teams for a Bank.

In 2016, everything changed, I started a job with a new team for the bank. Instead of it being a wonderful challenge I found it de-motivating and it started to impact my personal life, resulting in a long bought of depression.

My 2017 new year’s resolution was to create my own travel website. To create something I loved doing and talking about. Plus I needed somewhere to share the thousands of photos I always take on my trips.

The plan was for my website to be a hobby at first. With my long-term goal, in 3 years time to turn it into my full-time job. Well, it seemed things were going to move faster than I thought.

In June 2017, I was informed that I was going to be made redundant. Now I had the choice, jump back on the Corporate ladder, find a job with another bank or……..follow my dream!

And yes, that’s what I did.

Now I’m Becky Angell a British travel and outdoor blogger, content creator, writer and photographer. And I love every minute of it.


Becky the Traveller

Becky the Traveller

At the beginning of 2017, I created the website ‘Becky the Traveller‘.

My website focuses mainly on the UK and European travel destinations. I write a lot about the best places to go hiking in the UK, as well as other outdoor activities so if you love being outside there will be plenty of inspiration for you.

Although, you can find information on my other worldwide trips, including Belize, Nepal, Tanzania and New Zealand. I am open to travelling anywhere near or far, but at the moment my budget is dictating more budget travel options.

As a solo traveller, I aim to inspire not only like-minded women but everyone to live their life to the fullest.

My readers are people that love travel and just because I go solo doesn’t mean that they have to as well. I will, of course, include helpful hints and tips for solo travellers but my website is for those who have a sense of adventure and love the outdoors.

In addition to the popular tourist activities/places, I also go off the beaten track when I visit a destination. I seek out the adventure and outdoor activities, good hikes plus general information on arriving at a destination. This gives my readers the best of both worlds with the option to try something different.

Another hobby is my passion for nature and wildlife. Nothing beats seeing animals and birds in their own environment as nature intended. I seek to find the best spots and experiences for animal lovers. I will only include responsible tourism animal experiences, in order to promote the right message to our next generations.


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales

A hobby that fits perfectly with my love of travel is my love of taking photos. In particular, I enjoy taking landscape and wildlife photos.

Since my first SLR camera in 2014 I have expanded my knowledge and number of camera lenses over the years. Although I am not a professional photographer I aim to produce high-quality photos and take pride in sharing my work via my website and social media.

Peak District Walks

Walking across to Chrome Hill
Walking across to Chrome Hill

In 2019, I set up my second website, focusing on my love of the Peak District National Park.

I’ve been hiking in the Peak District for over 10 years so I give you great tips on the best walks to do in the Peak District.

You can find some of my walks on this website under the Peak District category but if you want to check out full routes, including walk descriptions and where to start then go straight to my new website for weekly walks and new places to explore in this beautiful national park


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