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Sigg Hot and Cold – the perfect hiking flask by Sigg UK

I’ve been using the ‘Sigg Hot and Cold One Accent’ since the beginning of the year. It’s been hiking with me numerous times in the UK. And it came travelling with me on my last trip to Iceland. In fact, the Sigg was one of my most used items on my trip.

Although I visited Iceland in the summer months, it was fantastic to have my Sigg Hot and Cold with me. I drove around the Ring Road in a campervan. The nights were cold so it was great to have a hot drink to warm me up. Normally around 7 pm I would boil some water and make my drink. All ready for snuggling up in my sleeping bag with a cup of tea and some chocolate of course!

By the end of my Iceland trip my travel partner thought it was so good she ended up buying her own Sigg Hot and Cold. So that it would be waiting for her when she arrived home!

So here’s my review on the ‘Sigg Hot and Cold’

Sigg Hot and COld – the features

Sigg Hot and Cold flask - Sigg UK

Sigg perfect for hot and Cold drinks

The ‘Sigg Hot & Cold’ is made of stainless steel. It can keep drinks hot up to 12 hours. I have trialled this on more than one occasion. And each time I was impressed that it was still hot. I probably should have learnt by now!

It also can keep cold drinks cool for up to 20 hours. I generally use my Sigg more for hot drinks. But I have trialled it on a hot day in the UK. Now I know there aren’t many hot days in the UK but this was about 26 degrees! I left it in the car for a few hours. Any normal water bottle you would return to lukewarm water. But the Sigg Hot and Cold kept my water lovely and cold.

SIGG One-handed design

Sigg Hot and Cold flask lid - Sigg UKThe one-handed top and carry handle seem like a simple design but actually, it’s so handy. I often take my Sigg on hikes, along with my camera. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I take a lot of photos! So walking along I can have a drink without needing to put down my camera.

I started using my ‘Sigg Hot & Cold’ in winter.  In the morning, I would fill up my flask with my peppermint tea. The flask fitted perfectly in my drinks holder in the car. And with the one-handed use, I can easily have a hot drink whilst driving.

The lid’s locking feature gives you peace of mind when carrying hot drinks in your bag. And it is very secure. I’ve had a few friends that couldn’t work out how to open it. That’s can’t be a bad thing though!!

drinking lip and tea filter

Sigg Hot and Cold flask filter - Sigg UK
My most popular drink for my flask is Peppermint tea. I actually feel like I should be asked to sponsor it as I drink and talk about it so much!

The Sigg has a drinking lip, with a removable tea filter. I don’t remove as it doesn’t make a difference with or without it.

The drinking lip can be positioned 3 ways – facing to the front and to suit both left and right-handed users. I would recommend not positioning to the front as it’s not very easy to drink straight out of. But if you’re just using to pour the liquid into a cup then this option is fine.

Sigg anti-slip bottom

Now doesn’t everyone need one of these he he!!

Another great feature and something you don’t consider when buying a flask is the anti-slip silicone pad on the bottom.  When I’m out hiking I can potentially put my flask on a rock or unstable ground.

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final thoughts on the Sigg hot and cold

After using this product for several months. And I’ve used it a lot!! The quality is excellent. My only complaint would be that it sometimes works too efficiently. As I mentioned I use the flask for hot drinks. To begin with, I burnt my mouth a couple of times as, unlike a flask where you pour the drink out and let it cool. You drink directly from the container.

For me, I quickly learnt to make sure the liquid I was putting in was a suitable temperature to drink straight away. I’m sure you are reading this thinking that is completely obvious and what an idiot I am. Maybe you’re right!! But hey sometimes when you’re rushing out the house to work or your next adventure it’s the little things that you forget to do.

My flask is 0.5 litres. However, you do have the option to have the smaller version 0.3 litres. And with all products, there are 5 colours to choose from! Ooo which colour will you pick!! Green, red, aqua, black or white!

Click the picture to order your Sigg Hot and Cold now from Amazon
Sigg Hot and Cold flask - Sigg UK

Have you tried the Sigg Hot and Cold? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below

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Sigg Hot and Cold flask by Sigg UK. A perfect flask to take hot drinks on your hike and keep you lovely and warm. Read my full review of the product after using it for several months. Great for outdoor adventures - walking, hiking, cycling or even just a train journey. Perfect for colder months and winter walks! Water bottle | Drink | Tea | Coffee | Soup | Hot chocolate

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**Sigg UK provided me with this Sigg Hot and Cold. All opinions are my own.

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