Staying In My First Yurt (+ TOP TIPS) | Glamping Peak District, UK

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Want to know what it is like staying in a yurt? I love my camping and outdoor adventures but up until now, I had never stayed in a Mongolian yurt.

Winter seemed like the perfect time to try out glamping in the Peak District and the yurt had an added luxury and heat element to my trip (I don’t like being cold)!

I chose the yurt from Airbnb, mainly because I had a £25 off voucher to use.

Glamping is a wonderful way to enjoy camping and the outdoors without the hassle of a tent and with the extra warmth too! I’ve glamped a few times in camping pods and have always found them great fun to stay in.

Here I will share my own review of my winter glamping trip in the Peak District including thoughts on my first stay in a yurt! Also included is a few of my usual top tips and suggestions for hikes in the area.

Ask me any questions in the comments about Peak District hikes or anything else about my stay in the yurt.

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Mongolian Yurt Information

Glamping in Yurt - Peak District near Buxton DSC_2314
Wood burner stove in the middle of the yurt

Yurt Address

The yurt was really easy to find, (congratulations Sat Nav).

The turning is off the main road, directly opposite the Duke of York (a lovely pub with an open fire!) and it is situated around the back of some old farm buildings.

Yurt address: Street Farm, Pomeroy, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9QG

Glamping Location

The location for my first yurt glamping trip was in the White Peak Area of the Peak District National Park. About an hour’s drive from Nottingham and Sheffield, and an hour and 15 minutes from Manchester (not in rush hour traffic!)

The yurt is not far from the nearby towns of Bakewell and Buxton. Both wonderful places to spend the day, go shopping or drink coffee and eat cake! Driving through the Peak District villages on the way is wonderful seeing them lit up with Christmas lights.

  • Buxton – 5 miles/10 minute drive
  • Bakewell – 8 miles/15 minute drive

What hikes are nearby? There are footpaths that are very close to the glamping spot or alternatively there are plenty of stunning places to hiking within a short drive from the yurt. I will write more about these later. Sign up to my newsletter below to receive updates on new hiking posts.


Try this goregeous walk – Chee Dale Stepping Stones

What Facilities Are There At The Yurt?

Glamping in Yurt - Peak District near Buxton DSC_2349
Shared bathroom at the Yurt

The Mongolian Yurt includes basic items for cooking, keeping warm and sleeping. It is advertised for sleeping up to five people, there is a double futon and three single mattresses so if there’s a group of you might be fighting for where to sleep.

I slept on the double futon (all to myself – bonus), which was fairly comfortable (it’s not luxury accommodation remember) and my friend was on two mattresses piled up.

If there were five people in the yurt it would have been a bit of a squeeze with everyone plus their belongings. Although, you also get to share the costs between more people!

Yurt Facilities

  • Double futon
  • Three single mattresses
  • Shared bathroom with shower + additional toilet
  • Wood burner fire
  • Kitchen area with double gas stove
  • Cooking pans + kettle
  • Plates, bowls, mugs, glasses + cutlery
  • Games + a few adult/children’s books
  • Towels available
  • Free on-site car parking

There is no bedding provided in the yurt so remember to bring your own sleeping bag or duvet and pillow (if you want one). There are several cushions so you could use them as a temporary pillow if you aren’t that fussy about where to put your head – that’s what I used because I forgot my pillow haha!

The yurt has basic lighting, mainly fairy lights but there is one brighter light in the kitchen area. There are also a few tealight candles you can use to.

Glamping in Yurt - Peak District near Buxton DSC_2358
The Yurt and Bathroom Shed!

Is there Wi-Fi + Phone Signal at the Yurt?

Surprisingly enough there’s no wi-fi in the Yurt, which is a good thing in my opinion. However, like most places in the UK, unless you’re in a remote valley somewhere, there was a good phone signal. I’m with EE and had a good enough 4G signal for what I wanted.

If you need wi-fi urgently, there is wi-fi at the Duke of York pub close by, although it wasn’t the best wi-fi. But it was free!

And in case you are wondering why I needed internet, I was planning my big 800-mile hike across Britain so needed the internet, boo!

How Much Does the Yurt Cost?

I booked the yurt via Airbnb, it is advertised as £70 per night for up to 5 people; however when I came to book there was an additional service fee added of £10.84.

As this was my first Airbnb booking, I had a £25 voucher to use so it made it a cheaper (only £55.84)! If you haven’t used Airbnb before then you can register here for £25 off your first booking.

  • Yurt for up to 5 people £70
  • Service fee £10.84
  • Total cost £80.84 (Split between 2 people £40.42 or between 5 people £16.17 each)

*All rates correct at time of writing. Check the latest prices and availability here.

My Yurt Glamping Experience in the Peak District

Arrival and Check-in at the Yurt

Glamping in Yurt - Peak District near Buxton DSC_2386
Lighting the wood burner fire – yippee

The Yurt is a self-service check-in, details are provided from the hosts David and Rachel once you’ve booked via the Airbnb website. I had previously chatted with Rachel to confirm what time I would be arriving.

I’m not sure what the official check-in time was but she asked if we could check-in from 3.30 pm to allow her time to prepare the yurt. Of course, that was no problem at all, I was planning on going hiking for the day and wanted to make the most of the daylight until 4/5 pm.

I drove to the yurt, parked up then went for a winter walk. After my hike, arriving at the yurt was a wonderful surprise, lit up with fairy lights it looks very inviting and I couldn’t wait to lit that wood burner.

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Glamping in Yurt - Peak District near Buxton DSC_2316
The kitchen set up in the yurt

Winter Glamping – Did it Get Cold in the Yurt?

My stay in the yurt was at the beginning of December, so yes it was cold outside, a woolly hat and glove kind of day! The day temperature was about 4/5 degrees, dropping at night. On arrival, about 5.30 pm I lit the wood burner stove which instantly heated the yurt up. In fact, it was too hot and I had to open the yurt door!

I can imagine on snowy trips in the Peak District you’d love the extra warmth. Check out my tips for hiking in the snow here.

After an evening at the pub the wood burner had pretty much gone out but the yurt was still warm, not ridiculously hot but comfortable. I opted to lite the fire again but only with a few logs. About midnight, I snuggled up in my sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep, it had been a long day. Doesn’t fresh air always make you sleepy?

Yurt to Parkhouse Hill, Peak District DSC_2304
My day hike on a very cloudy day in the Peak District

About 1.45 am I did the usual, get up and go to the toilet, which is in the shed next to the yurt. I decided to add one large log on the fire which was still glowing. By morning, the fire had gone out but it was still a comfortable temperature and I didn’t bother lighting the fire again as I was off hiking.

I opted not to keep the wood burner on overnight by putting less wood on but if it was really cold I would have added extra logs to keep it going for longer.

Include in the yurt is a wood basket, kindling box and firelighters. Plus a poker and an ignition lighter. The other side of the toilet is a woodshed you can top up supplies if you are staying multiple nights.

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What to Bring When Staying in a Yurt?

Glamping in Yurt - Peak District near Buxton DSC_2345
Yurt life (in the rain)

Ok, firstly ever yurt will probably differ slightly, so this is what you need to bring if you are staying in this yurt. I bought way too much stuff with me but since I was driving it’s never a big issue!

  • Sleeping bag, duvet (and pillow if you want extra home comfort)
  • Basic food and snacks (tea/coffee/sugar is available)
  • Food for meals (there’s a small 2 shelf fridge so don’t bring too much)
  • Clothes/personal items
  • Toiletries (there’s a shower/washroom)
  • Water bottle/water carrier (you can fill up from the outside tap but it’s handy to have some large bottles to fill).

Top Tip – If there are five of you all with phones I would recommend taking a power bank to charge them.

And that’s pretty much it, other than a sense of adventure for your yurt glamping experience!

Cooking  – The cooking equipment/gas, kettle, pots, pans, plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, cutlery are all provided.

The only thing I would recommend is bringing a sharp knife, there is one provided but it’s not very sharp (something that I find whenever I travel). I always travel with my Swiss Army knife which is awesome!

Washing-up – Yes boo, you have to wash up haha. But there’s a washing-up bowl, cloth, scrubber and washing-up liquid. I boiled the kettle for some hot water, found a second washing-up bowl outside and created a rinse/wash system – yes, I’m an innovator haha!

Woodburner fire – On arrival, the fire had already been built, with a small firelighter at the front which I just needed to light with the clicker.

There is also a heatproof glove (it did have a hole in but I let the owners know so hopefully they have a new one now).

What Not To Bring When Staying In A Yurt?

Glamping in Yurt - Peak District near Buxton DSC_2354
Shared bathroom facilities at the Yurt

Towels – in this yurt, towels were provided so no need to bring your own (check at other yurts).

Lots of electrical items – Firstly, there is no wi-fi, it’s pretty much like you’re in a tent. There are a couple of points you can charge items but this sacrifices the lighting and fridge.

Since the yurt was lit up by a few sets of fairy lights you didn’t have complete darkness! – A torch might be useful in case of a power cut.

Top Tips for Staying in a Yurt

  1. Don’t be scared its great fun, book it now woohoo!
  2. Take fewer belongings, especially if a few are sharing, to create more space inside
  3. Muddy boots off (you don’t want to make a mess in your little home)
  4. Take marshmallows for the outside wood pit (when it’s not raining!)

Overall thoughts on Glamping in the Yurt, Peak District

Glamping in Yurt Peak District near Buxton DSC_2339
Enjoying my morning cup of coffee in the yurt

As you know, I love anything different, quirky and outdoors. For me, the yurt experience ticks all of these. The facilities, decoration and overall feel of the yurt are wonderful and a great place to spend a night or a couple of nights.

I can imagine it’s wonderful in the warmer months to use the outdoor seating area and enjoy BBQs whilst drinking a beer.

The only thing I hadn’t factored in was oversleeping because it was so quiet but also dark when you wake up. I’d recommend setting an alarm to go and enjoy as much of the beautiful Peak District as you can!

I would definitely recommend staying here if you have a sense of adventure and love the outdoors.

For further information or to book go to via Airbnb. (Don’t forget to register for my £25 off voucher)

Want to know more about my yurt glamping stay in the Peak District?

Ask me any questions in the comments section below.

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