#MountainsMatter – Why International Mountain Day is Important To Me?

Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia

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Today is International Mountains Day so expect to see your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram filled with stunning photos of mountains and hiking adventures around the world #MountainsMatter #InternationaMountainsDay.

Woo woo, I can’t wait to see them all :).

But what is International Mountains Day? Surely it’s not all about sharing pretty photos and getting lots of likes haha!

Obviously, the gorgeous photos are great I’m not knocking that but…

International Mountains Day is about raising awareness and understanding the importance of the mountains and how our day to day actions have an impact on them.

From green mountains in Madeira to the snow-topped mountains in Nepal, they all play a part in the eco-system.

I will share why International Mountains Day is important to me but also some TOP TIPS about how you can make a difference. An informative and helpful post for you + some pretty mountain photos too hehe.

#MountainsMatter #internationmountainday

Annapurna Circuit - Nepal R (33)

Mountain Facts + Figures

I’m starting off with some facts about out mountains that you might not know (or you might if you’re super clever)

  • The mountains cover around 22% of the earth’s land surface
  • They provide us with 60-80% of all the world’s freshwater – wow!
  • More than half of the world’s population depend on the mountain’s ecosystem to survive
  • 15-20% of tourism is due to the mountains (I’m one of these)
  • Some of our most important food crops come from the mountains

Have I got your attention yet?

Are you starting to realise why mountains are such a big deal (excuse the pun!)

How is climate change affecting the mountains?

Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia
Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia – One of the VERY few glaciers that is still growing
  • Mountains are affected more by climate change, purely due to their shape and size, meaning they can be subject to rapid change with the climate changes
  • Snow melts faster, resulting in droughts once it has all melted
  • Mountain Glaciers are melting a lot faster and in some cases gone forever
  • Did you know 600+ glaciers have disappeared in the last decade?

Why is International Mountains Day important to me?

Borrowdale Hikes - Great Gable, Lake District
Great Gable in the Lake District

As a huge hiking addict, the mountains are my go-to place when I want to relax and de-stress.

I’ve travelled around the world and seen many beautiful mountains and landscapes, the Himalayas in Nepal, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and stunning Patagonia, including some awesome mountains in the UK. The UK mountains might be smaller but they are still amazing and deserve a shout out.

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As someone who struggles with mental health, the mountains make me feel alive and literally take my troubles away. Mainly because I’m focusing on not getting lost, a tough uphill or downhill section or I’m in awe of my surroundings.

One of the reasons I’m raising money for Mind Mental Health charity on my big hiking challenge next year. Read about the hike here, what I’m doing, how to donate and how to join the hike.

That’s why I’m supporting International Mountains Day.

What Can You Do To Support Our Mountains?

Here are a few of my tops tips and suggestions on how you can support and look after our mountains.

You can also read about more ways to be a responsible hiker here.

Be sure to share your top tips in the comments too 🙂

Buy a Re-Usable Water Bottle

Borrowdale fell walks - Water-to-Go Bottle

I have recently started using the reusable Water-to-Go Water Bottle. A handy water bottle that you can use to drink safely directly from streams on your hike or maybe whilst you are travelling abroad.

No more plastic bottles for me (To be honest I’ve been doing this for a while).

On the plus side, it also means you can carry less water with you on your hikes!

You can order one now using my discount code BECKYTHETRAVELLER20.

Treat yourself or buy for a mountain-loving adventurer!

Leave No Trace

Ben Lomond (151) (1280x853)

Does this drive anyone else insane? No, just me? Well, I can’t stand seeing rubbish when I’m out hiking. And yes, I can still see the orange peel (hidden), grrrr stops leaving your mess behind!

The worst place I found rubbish was at the top of Ben Nevis, the survival shelter was full of beer bottles and other rubbish. Just take it with you, it’s not hard. Rant over.

Anything we leave in the mountains can have an effect on the wildlife and biodiversity of the mountains. Always make sure you don’t leave food waste or any litter behind. And as an added bonus, if you are out hiking in the mountains and see some rubbish, be sure to pick it up.

Keep to the Trails

Peak District - Langsett Reservoir hike DSC_1511

On popular mountains trails, the paths can get busy and sometimes you might be tempted to go off route. When you do this it causes damage as the area near the original paths erodes faster.

A few months ago I hiked with @RichardDuckwor5 in the Peak District on his challenge to raise money for the Mend Our Mountains campaign in the UK.

Support Local Communities in the Mountains

Peak District Edale via Crowden Rocks - Snow
Wearing the hat I bought in Nepal (back home in the Peak District)

When visiting the mountains consider those people that live there are support them and their livelihoods.

Buy from the local shops and businesses, remember everyone that lives in the mountains has had an extra challenge to get there.

Use #MountainsMatter today


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How do you show our mountains some love? #MountainsMatter Since it is #InternationalMountainDay I thought that was a good reason to 1. Share a pretty mountain photo from Patagonia and 2. Write a post about ‘Why International Mountain Day is important to me’. Plus top tips for how to make a difference. . . . ***Take a read, the link is in my bio @beckythetraveller *** . . . Did you know it was International Mountain Day today? . . . ➡️➡️➡️Tell me why Mountains Matter to you and TAG me in your #mountainsmatter posts and I will share on my story 😊👍🏻 . . . #BTTinPatagonia #patagonia #ukhikers #hiking #getoutside #mountainstories #mountainsaremyhome

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Use #MountainsMatter today and share your photos. But also understand why it’s important and think about what you can do to help.

What can you do differently to reduce your carbon footprint? Share your top tips and ideas in the comments below or on your social media posts.

  • Tag me in your Instagram photos (see above post) and I will be giving you all a shoutout in my Insta Stories today (and tomorrow)

What are your thoughts on International Mountains Day? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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