9 AWESOME Edale Walks, in the Peak District (Short + Long Walks)

Jacob's Ladder walk from Edale

Edale is one of my favourite places to go walking from in the Peak District. It’s a perfect destination for anyone who loves hiking as you can get there easily by both car or train from the main cities in the UK.

These are my favourite walks from Edale, Derbyshire, complete with the map and route instructions. The walks range in distances from 3.5 to 14 miles, plus a super long-distance walk for anyone that loves a hiking challenge, there’s a hike to suit everyone.

Let me know if you’ve done any of these Edale Walks in the Peak District in the comments below.

All the walks start from the main car park in Edale, which is 2 minute from Edale Train Station too. (Details below on how to get to Edale.)

I would also recommend purchasing a Peak District OS Explorer OL1 Map – get either a standard or active map, as well as a compass, I use and recommend the Silva Expedition Compass (used by DofE and Mountain Leaders) or you can get the Silva Classic compass a cheaper option. (GPX files for all walks are available, please get in touch if you’d like a route).

Buy your Ordnance Survey OL1 map here

Pick any walk or scroll down them all to see which one takes your fancy from the gorgeous village of Edale in the Peak District.

If you’re looking for more walks in the Peak District, I have a website with loads more great walks and hikes. Visit the website here – peakdistrictwalks.net

Do you want to visit some beautiful waterfalls in the Peak District? – Check out this guide on my Peak District website here.


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9 best Edale walks in the Peak District

Walks numbered 1-5 are all circular walks from Edale. Perfect if you’ve driven to the Edale and want to finish your walk at one of the pubs in the village.

The last walks numbered 6-9 are all linear walks which start from Edale but finish at a different location. These areideal if you’re travelling via public transport or if you have a friend with a second car!

Edale Walk 1 – Kinder Scout via Grindsbrook and Jacob’s Ladder

Edale walks - Peak district - Edale to Kinder Scout
Hiking up via Grindsbrook Clough to the top

Walk Information + Map

Walk distance: 8 miles/12 km

Hiking time: 34 hours

Total ascent: 2,479 ft/756 m

Walk start & finish: SK 12448 85340

Edale walk via Grindsbrook to Kinder
Edale walk 1 map

View the full walk route, map + gpx here

1. From Edale Village, walk to the far end past The Old Nags Head pub (SK 12340 86020), keep going straight then follow the path before reaching a small sign which leads you into a small wooded area (SK 12064 86764) and across a wooden bridge.

2. The path is large flagstones, put down to reduce the impact on the well-trodden route. Keep following as the path takes you through another very small wooded area. (The only shade on the entire route, so be sure to pack your suncream on a sunny day!)

3. The path now follows Grindsbrook Clough (pictured above), a little stream that you’ll follow up the entire path. After beginning the route on a well-trodden path, this trail does become more of a scramble towards the end where you’ll cross over the stream for a better route.

Please note – It does look like the path disappears but keep follow the clough and you’ll make it to the top (SK 10592 87208.)

4. Once you reach the top of Grindsbrook, follow the flagstones all the way to Crowden Rocks (SK 09364 87072). There are some beautiful views of the Edale Valley from along this section of Kinder Scout plateau.

5. Then from Crowden Rocks, you’ll also have beautiful views and a few iconic rock formations as you walk along including the Wool Packs, Pym Chair and Noe Stool.

Peak District Edale via Crowden Rocks - Snow
A snowy day in the Peak District – Bottom of Jacob’s Ladder


6. Continue along the path all the round making it a circular walk to the famous (and steep descent) down Jacobs Ladder (SK 08652 86237). This is now part of the National Trail, known as the Pennine Way.

7. It takes you through Upper Booth (SK 10284 85305), where there’s a campsite. On busy days in the summer there’s also a shop that sells delicious ice-cream! From here it’s about 2.5 km back to Edale.

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Edale Walk 2 – Edale via Ringing Roger and Grindslow Knoll

Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall hike)
Hiking in the beautiful Peak District from Edale

Walk Information + Map

Walk distance: 6 miles/ 10 km

Hiking time: 2-3 hours

Total ascent: 1,571 ft/479 m

Walk start & finish: SK 12448 85340

Edale walk - via Ringing Roger and Grindslow Knoll
Edale walk 2 map

View the walk route here

1. Complete Section 1 of  ‘Edale Walk 1’

2.  Cross the little wooden bridge, onto the flagstones. But then take the path on the right as it heads up the grassy bank (SK 12243 86297). This is a short steep section which you take right up to the ridge.

3. Once at the top of the ridge, you have wonderful views for 2 km. Keep going all the way until you reach the cairn at the top of Grindsbrook, which is the route up in Walk 1 (SK 10571 87205.)

Edale via Kinder Downfall hike (6)-3
Views from the top of Grindsbrook in the Peak District

4. Take the path to the summit of Grindslow Knoll (SK 10995 86829).

5. There are a few different paths down from Grindslow Knoll.

The route I’ve plotted above takes you back down from Grindslow Knoll on the same path for a short section, then continue down until you meet the Pennine Way at this point (SK 10875 85549).

6. Then it’s back along the Pennine Way into Edale. Joining up with Section 7 from ‘Edale Walk 1’

Buy your Ordnance Survey map here ready for your hike

Edale Walk 3 – Kinder Scout via Jacobs Ladder, Kinder Reservoir & Kinder Downfall

Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall hike (51)
Kinder Reservoir looking across to Kinder Scout

Walk information + map

Walk distance: 14 miles/23 km

Hiking time: 6-7 hours

Total ascent: 4,480 ft/1,365 m

Walk start & finish: SK 12448 85340

Edale walk via Kinder Reservoir-2
Edale walk 3 – East section

View the walk map here

1. From Edale, continue through the village towards The Old Nags Head, but instead of walking past the pub take the path on the left.

This is an iconic route as you’re at the beginning on the Pennine Way. A long-distance walk in the UK, 268 miles, which starts in Edale and finishes in Kirk Yetholm.

2. Keep following the National Trail via Upper Booth (SK 10335 85332) then along to the bridge at the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder. Be prepared for a steep climb up!

Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall hike (56)
Views of Kinder Reservoir in the distance

3. At the top of Jacob’s Ladder keep on the path heading towards Hayfield.

Continue following the path all the way around the hill for about 2.5 km, then take the path heading left across the fields (SK 06571 87149). Kinder Reservoir will now be visible in the distance.

4. You walk along the Reservoir, then up William Clough (SK 06423 90109, where you turn right to follow the steep path up to Kinder Downfall. On windy days, you might be lucky enough to see the waterfall in reverse!


Edale walks - Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall hike
Looking out from Kinder Downfall in the Peak District

Edale walk - Kinder Reservoir-2
Edale walk 3 – West section

View the walk map here

5. From Kinder Downfall, follow the stream via Kinder Gates (SK 08751 88785).

The path here is particularly difficult to follow as after this section the path basically disappears. Be sure to take a compass bearing to follow.

6. Once you’ve crossed this section you’ll come out close to Crowden Rocks, where you then follow the path back to the cairn at the top of Grindsbrook (SK 10555 87221).

7. This is a scramble for the first section, be careful with your footing and make your way the most direct route.

After about 1 km, the path becomes more defined and you can follow it all the way back to Edale.

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Edale Walk 4 – Edale via Mam Tor + Upper Booth

Walks from Edale The Peak District
HIking towards Hollins Cross where you reach the top of the ridge

Walk Information + Map

Walk distance: 7.5 miles/12 km

Hiking time: 3-4 hours

Total ascent: 1,999 ft/609 m

Walk start & finish point: SK 12448 85340

Edale walk via Mam Tor and Upper Booth
Edale walk 5

View the walk map here

1. Another circular route from Edale up the summit of the popular Mam Tor.

Head east along the road for about 0.5 km before reaching the footpath up to Hollins Cross (SK 13599 84528).

You are walking along the ridge so you get great views on both sides of Edale and Castleton.

Edale walks in The Peak District - Mam Tor
The path up to Mam Tor in the Peak District

2. Continue along the ridge towards Mam Tor summit, on windy days it can be hard to stand up as it seems to hit you from every direction! There is also see some evidence of the old iron age fort which surrounded the hill.

3. From Mam Tor summit continue along the ridge, then drop down and across the road before hiking back up to the ridge on the other side of the road.

Continue until you reach a footpath on your right, heading in a northerly direction (SK 09934 82918).

4. Follow this path on a northerly bearing all the way to Upper Booth (SK 10309 85320), then take the path heading east back to Edale.


Edale Walk 5 – Edale to Mam Tor + Hollins Cross

(A shorter version of walk 5)

Mam Tor from Edale in The Peak District
Mam Tor summit in the Peak District

Walk Information + Map

Walk distance: 3.5 miles/ 5.5 km

Hiking time: 1.5-2 hours

Total ascent: 1,109 ft/338 m

Walk start & finish: SK 12448 85340

Edale walk via Hollins Cross and Mam Tor
Edale walk 6 map

View the walk map here

Complete Section 1 & 2 of ‘Edale Walk 5’

3.  From the summit of Mam Tor, drop down from the summit and take a right turn onto the road. Be careful of the traffic as you’ll need to cross over.

4. There are two footpaths that lead down from here, one that takes you past Greenlands Farm and the other that heads on a straighter path via Harden Clough. They both join before the last section which takes you back into Edale village

Edale Walk 6 – Edale via Mam Tor + Lose Hill to Hope

Lose Hill walk from Edale in The Peak District
Lose Hill walk from Edale in the Peak District

Walk Information + Maps

Walk distance: 5.5 miles/ 9 km

Hiking time: 2.5-3 hours

Total ascent: 1,538 ft/468 m

Walk start: SK 12448 85340

Walk finish: SK 17183 83505

Edale walk to Hope
Edale walk 7 map

View the walk route here

1.  From Edale, head south up Harden Clough where the path reaches the road in between the hills. From the road, take the path up to Mam Tor summit.

2. Follow this stunning ridge walk for just over 3 km, past Hollins Cross, past Back Tor and all the way to Lose Hill summit.

Back Tor in The Peak District
Back Tor on the ridge towards Lose Hill

3. From Lose Hill, follow the path for about 3 km in a south-easterly direction all the way down to the lovely village of Hope.

The walk finishes in Hope village which has plenty of cute shops, cafes and of course a pub, similar to Edale village but slightly bigger!

Hope train station is about 1 km walk away.

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Edale Walk 7 – Edale via Lose hill + Win Hill to Bamford

Win Hill from Edale in The Peak District
Views from Win Hill in The Peak District

Walk Information + Maps

Walk distance: 7.5 miles/12 km

Hiking time: 3-4 hours

Total ascent: 2,531 ft/771 m

Walk start: SK 12448 85340

Walk finish: SK 18096 83268

Edale walk to Bamford - west section-2

View the walk route here

1. Leaving Edale head towards Hollins Cross, a point on the ridge walk where you can have stunning views. Follow the footpath all the way to Lose Hill summit, where there is a trig point.

2. From Lose Hill, take the path close to the village of Hope where you will then cross the railway footbridge to the other side.

Edale walk to Bamford-2

3. Once across you take the path up to Win Hill. Before you comment, Lose and Win Hill are in fact opposites as you may have guessed from their names!

4. The final section takes you down from Win Hill and you can drop down into the village of Bamford.

Food and drink stop! – There’s a great community-owned pub and cafe in Bamford that does food and drinks called The Angler’s Rest, Bamford. The perfect finish for your hike.

If you prefer you can also finish at Hope Station which is about the same distance, Hope Village is a lovely place to stop after your walk.

Waterproof Hiking Jacket – Berghaus Paclite Jacket (pictured above)*

Edale Walk 8 – Edale Via Peak District Caverns to Castleton

Edale walks in The Peak District
Treak Cliff Cavern in the Peak District

Walk Information + Map

Walk distance: 3.7 miles/ 6 km

Hiking time: 1-2 hours

Total ascent: 1,175 ft/358 m

Walk start: SK 12448 85340

Walk finish: SK 15458 82789

Edale walk to Castleton - Peak District-2
Edale to Castleton walk map

View the walk route here

1. From Edale follow the path all the way up to where the road meets Mam Tor. If you’re feeling energetic then it’s a short (steep) hike to Mam Tor Summit if you want to add this into your hike.

2. Once you reach the road which cuts through the hills, take the path down via Winnats Head Farm.

From here you can include a stop to explore some of the famous Peak District Caverns – either the Blue John Cavern or Treak Cliff Cavern.

3. After the Caverns, it’s a short walk to the lovely village of Castleton where there are plenty of shops, cafes and pubs for the perfect finish to your walk.

There’s no train station in Castleton but there are numerous bus services which run from the area.

Buy your Ordnance Survey here ready for your hike!

Edale Walk 9 – Edale to Kirk Yetholm (Pennine Way)

Peak District - Edale The Old Nags Head
The Old Nags Head in Edale (Start of the Pennine Way)

Walk distance: 268 miles/431 km

Hiking time: 16-19 days

Total ascent: 32,000 ft/9,754 m (approx)

Walk start: SK 12448 85340

Walk finish: SK 12448 85340

View the walk route here (Peak District section only)

I can’t write a list of walks from Edale without mentioning the Pennine Way walk! This trail isn’t for the faint-hearted, as it’s one of the UK’s wonderful long-distance walks.

This 268-mile hike starts proudly in Edale Village, in fact, you’ll notice the sign if you complete some of the above walks!

The Pennine Way is a National Trail in the UK, so for much of the walk, you’ll be following the National Trail sign! A small acorn will be on many of the signposts if you spot that then you’ll know what it is!

The walk starts at The Old Nags Head in Edale, a lovely traditional pub in the village. From here you follow the trail all the way to Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders.

I first completed the Pennine Way in 2019 and in 2020 I did the first 6 days again as a shorter long-distance hike. You can read my hiking guide to the 6-day Pennine Way walk here from Edale to Horton-in-Ribblesdale. And back in 2021, I completed the hike in full for a second time, starting at Kirk Yetholm and finishing in Edale (wild camping the route). Read my Pennine Way wild camping guide here.

Find out more information about the Pennine Way here.

Fancy another challenging walk? – The Edale Skyline walk can be done as a long day hike, you can start from nearby Hope or you can begin from Edale and ascend via Ringing Roger to begin your hike. Full route, map and GPX file here.

Check prices and availability for accommodation in Edale, Peak District with Booking.com

Other information

What maps do you need for the walks in Edale?

Edale via Kinder Downfall hike
Don’t leave home without your map & compass

Edale Village, Derbyshire is in the Dark Peak Area of the Peak District so the map you’ll need for that is:

  • Ordnance Survey OL1 – The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)

Order now via Amazon or direct from Ordnance Survey

OS Online

I use the Ordnance Survey Online Maps App, which you can buy from £23.99* for a whole year of hiking (this is the auto-renew version)

Or you can pay for the one-off option which is £29.99* for the year.

You can plot your walking routes and use offline to see your route and location during the walk.

*Correct at December 2021

Buy now and you can start using to plan your own walks too.

Where to stay in Edale?

Peak District Edale Village
Walking through Edale Village (Fieldhead campsite on the right)

There are a few options for places to stay in Edale. During my trips to Edale, I’ve stayed at both the campsite and nearby YHA.

Fieldhead Campsite – Located in the centre of Edale with different fields so you can pick a quieter area during busy periods. This campsite is really popular due to its location so at peak times you’ll need to book in advance.

Costs per person/per night: Adults from £7.00, Children from 5.00, Cars from £3.50*

YHA Edale – YHAs are great places to stay if you are on a budget. They have great facilities so perfect for big groups but also ideal if you are travelling solo or with friends.

Costs per night: Dorm beds from £13.00, private rooms from £25.00*

(Currently dorm rooms are not an option at ALL YHAs.)

*Prices correct at time of writing.

Other places to stay in and near Edale

Check prices and availability for accommodation in Edale, Peak District with Booking.com

How to get to Edale?

Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall hike (20)
Views to Kinder Reservoir

Edale by car

Edale can be reached by car from all the main midlands cities in the UK.

From the Leeds in the north and Nottingham in the south on the east side, the main network would be via the M1 motorway.

From Manchester, you can reach the Peak District via the M67

Where to park in Edale?

Address: Edale, Hope Valley S33 7ZQ

The main car park in Edale has a good amount of spaces, although during very busy summer days extra parking is made available.

There are an additional 20 spaces at the train station but as you can imagine these fill up pretty quickly too! In summer, there’s an overflow car park in a nearby field.

Edale parking costs*

  • 1 hour – £1.20
  • 2 hours – £2.00
  • 4 hours – £3.40
  • 10 hours – £5.20
  • 24 hours – £6.20

*The car parking machine is CASH ONLY. Remember to take some change! Correct at time of writing (last checked December 2021).

Edale by train

Trains run regularly, about one per hour, from nearby Sheffield train station and take approximately 30 minutes. And in the other direction to Manchester.

Train Sheffield to Edale (24-35 minutes) Leaves at 06.18, 07.12, 08.33, 09.14, 10.14, 11.14, 12.14 …… (later trains available)*

Trains Edale to Sheffield (32-25 minutes) Leaves at 16.32, 17.34, 18.32, 19.32, 21.30 …… (earlier trains available)*

Train costs £8.00 single/£9.60 return*

*Correct at time of writing. Please check times and costs here via National Rail Enquiries or Trainline

More Peak District Walks

I’m not just in love with Edale but pretty much the entire Peak District.

Here are a few more of my favourite walks that you might like to try:

I also have a website, dedicated to Peak District walks, you can check it out here – peakdistrictwalks.net

Planning your Peak District trip?

Do you have any questions about the Edale walks or need any tips for your Edale hiking adventures? Ask me in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “9 AWESOME Edale Walks, in the Peak District (Short + Long Walks)

  1. Gemma | mum off the map says:

    Great postb it brings back lots of memories for me if going in the Peak District when i lived in Sheffield. Kinderscout is a fantastic place to hike, and i love the vuews over the hope valley and mam tor.
    I live in New Zealand now but looking forward to going in the peaks one day!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah thanks so much, Gemma, that’s so lovely I’m glad it bought back some wonderful memories for you. Wow, NZ, I’ve been there once but I can see why you live there, it’s pretty amazing 🙂

  2. Margaret Ryles says:

    Hello Becky ……Your walks sound wonderful ..Hubster and myself have walked the peak district for a few years now …we have also done Kinder ……but 12 yrs ago my hubby had 2 heart attacks ..triple by-pass and although he is fine and we are both very fit ….and in our mid seventies ……we are now very careful of the kind of walks we should attempt ….7 miles not a problem more if it is not over undulating ……We recently did Jacobs Ladder and beyond ..but decided to make it up to the plateau well more would maybe have been too much …AndThe Cloughs would be too much of a scramble up or down for John to do ..but the walks leading to the cloughs and back … would they be easy for us to do …….The walk to Grindsbrook and back is that possible ..and the same with any of the other cloughs .. Is William clough easy or like the others a difficult scramble ……..We have walked the low kinder walk ..and also The reservoir circular walk …….AndThe walk to Jacobs Ladder was great . and being photographers the scenery was amazing ….Any help would be appreciated ….If I am asking out of turn I apologize …no-one else seems willing to reply to my question …Thank you …Margaret

  3. Roy Carter says:

    I really enjoyed Edale via Grindsbrook and Jacob’s Ladder (Walk 1). Great route with interest all the way and a bit of a workout in the first third. I did take a wrong turn right towards the end of Grindsbrook Clough and ended up scrambling out of a deep ravine. The rains had obscured the paths and my mistake. Becky’s directions are nice and straightforward.
    I’ll be working my way through a few more of the routes while the Corona virus affects my work situation. Happy hiking ?

  4. Margaret Ryles says:

    Hi Becky …..Hubster and me did our first walk on kinder ..parking at the closed Grouse Inn ontowards and up Mill hill to Kinder Downfall …then to Red Brook where we turned off to go down to Kinder Reservoir …then up to the shooting cabin ..Past Holling Clough and back to the Grouse Inn ……..I unfortunately do not have good directions any more…Have you done that walk or anyone with directions that I could print out ……….We love Kinder but Hubster has had 2 heart attacks .. is still very fit…but we are always careful …How difficult would Grindsbrook be for him to attempt …we have been up Jacobs ladder without a problem ….We manage 10 miles no problem .albeit slowly …as we are also photographers ..and stop frequently to take photo.s .we are both 77 but feel 20 yrs younger … Thank you …Margaret

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Hi Margaret, ah that’s wonderful that you’re both still out hiking, yes, I know the route you mean :). I have a second website which is completely dedicated to the Peak District, it’s called https://peakdistrictwalks.net there are loads of walks on there and a few options for hiking up Kinder, sadly not the one you mentioned but there are a few from Edale and one from Snake Pass. You sound like me, I stop a lot to take photos. I hope you find the new website useful, I can create printables for all the walks on there so just email me and I’ll sort it out. Have a lovely day. Becky

  5. James says:

    Hi becky. Ive been struggling to find a site like this so thank you. I have never been to the peaks before and will be travelling into edale from Manchester next weekend. Im a keen photographer and wondered if you could recommend which of the walks would be best suited for landscape photography.
    All the best.


    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Hi James, all the walks from Edale are beautiful so I’m sure whichever one you picked you’d be pleased with the photos. Mam Tor is popular with photographers, getting the classic sunrise shot but it can be busy. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed whichever route you pick 🙂

  6. Vanessa says:

    I just found your blog and I am loving all the advice. I am fairly new to Hiking in England and have only ever done it on Norway, Sweden, Croatia.

    Which one of the Eden walks would you most recommend if considering doing wild camping?


    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Hi Vanessa, thanks for your message, great to here you’re getting out and exploring the Peak District. It’s so beautiful there, a common place for wild camping in the Peak District is Kinder Scout, there are many hidden spots up on the top for a camp so that would be the best place to aim for. Have fun 🙂

  7. Sarah TF says:

    Hi Becky, thanks to your suggestions we’ve just had a great walk from Edale up to Kinder Plateau via Grindsbrook and down via Jacob’s Ladder. A *little* bit windy up top but perfect for blowing the cobwebs away and Dylan (crazy spaniel) had a whale of a time.
    Love your brilliant website(s) and the huge amount of info you’ve provided for us all – thanks loads
    Sarah & Dom

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah that’s amazing, it’s my favourite route ever! The wind kind of hits you when you reach the top but it certainly blows the cobwebs away! Really appreciate you taking the time to pop a message here and thanks for your kind Buy me a coffee treat 🙂 Becky xx

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