The ULTIMATE Iceland Packing List (For Summer)

Iceland waterfall and boots

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Travelling around Iceland in the summer was an amazing experience. However, before I visited I had trouble knowing what on earth to pack. Let me be honest with you, packing for me is always a nightmare. But packing for Iceland seemed extra hard! Hopefully, my Iceland packing list will save you some stress!

So the country name already started to worry me. Iceland, the land of ice. Does that mean it’s going to be freezing cold? But it’s summer, so shouldn’t that be warm? It’s so confusing!

And I’m assuming that if you’re reading this then you’re in the same situation as me. My Iceland packing list includes everything that I took. Plus a few other things that I wish I had taken with me! Although this packing list is tailored towards summer it still has some useful tips if you are travelling to Iceland at a different time of year. Hope it helps you 🙂

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Iceland packing list for summer - what to wear for hiking the glacier in Iceland
Beautiful sunshine on the glacier hike but it can still get cold in Iceland

My trip was at the beginning of summer in the middle of June. Daytime temperatures were between 8-16C/46-61F and at night it dropped to 5-8C/41-46F. My trip started exploring the beautiful city of Reykjavik then I travelled around the Ring Road in a campervan. Which meant cooking outside and of course, sleeping in the van! As for activities, I did a lot of short hikes, nothing too strenuous. Oh, but I did hike the glacier which was awesome.

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Iceland Packing List

What Clothes to Pack?

***Click any image to check prices on Amazon***

Walking boots/shoes (waterproof)

Best hiking boots for Iceland. Perfect for trekking and especially great if you want to try out a Glacier Walk


My Teva sandals were perfect for at the Iceland campsites (only open in the summer months)

Wind/Waterproof jacket & trousers

You never know when the weather will change in Iceland. Plus great for walking behind waterfalls in! Read my review of my Berghaus Waterproof Jacket here

Warm jacket

Thermo or down jacket is perfect. Also great with a hood to keep your ears warm!

Walking trousers

Perfect with zip-offs in case you do have a warm day!

Base Layers

Both top and bottoms. Great for sleeping in too if it gets cold at night.


Leggings or tights

Very versatile for the summer months, you can wear out hiking or comfortable for driving too.

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I wore with leggings and these make a great changing area at hot springs!!

Various tops

A mixture of long and short sleeves so you have options depending on what the weather is doing!

Hiking/thick socks

These are great for sleeping in too.

Warm hat and sun hat

One that’s good to sleep in too i.e. without a big bobble on top!


I had a thin and thick pair. Also, a fingerless pair is handy for cooking outside.

Bikini or swimming costume

Take a couple if you don’t want to put a wet one on. There are so many hot springs on the way driving around the Ring Road.

Becky’s Tips

  • Lots of thin layers are much better than one or two thick ones. They help trap the heat and keep you warmer.
  • Save space and wear the same outfit every day (plus or minus a few layers).
  • Do not bring cotton clothes, these aren’t great for dealing with moisture, ie sweating!! And if they get wet then it’s hard to find somewhere to dry them (especially if you are camping)

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Iceland packing list – What else do I need to take?

Small Day rucksack (20-25 litres)

This depends on how much hiking you’re doing. But something big enough to carry waterproofs, camera, water and snacks.

Sleeping bag

If you are camping of course (or hire one).

Sleeping bag liner

I have a silk liner, perfect for an extra layer to keep you warm. Or if you are hiring a sleeping bag it’s a bit nicer!

Water bottle and/or flask

The water in Iceland is the cleanest I’ve ever tasted. To help reduce plastic and take a water bottle to fill up instead of buying one. I also filled my Sigg Hot & Cold flask** with peppermint tea to keep me warm whilst out hiking.

Sun cream and sunglasses

I forgot my sun cream and ended up buying some. Remember you are outside most of the time.

Wet wipes

Your daily wash if you are camping! Showers are available at local pools but this was easier.

Toilet paper/kitchen roll

I ended up buying what I thought was toilet paper when I arrived in Iceland. However, jet-lagged shopping isn’t a good idea. And it turned out to be kitchen roll which had many more uses whilst camping.

Microfibre Quick-dry towel

I have a few of these in different sizes. They are perfect because firstly they are small but secondly they really do dry fast. Very handy if you’re in a campervan.

Notebook, pen & Playing cards

I was convinced I’d have a lot more downtime but Iceland has so much to offer. I always keep a little diary of my day

Earplugs & eye mask

I was not prepared for the 24 hours daylight whilst in Iceland. It’s so weird to have daylight all the time. But if you find it hard to sleep then don’t forget your eye mask. I have a boring one but how cool is this one! Earplugs are handy if you are camping and want a lie in!

Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Iceland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries I’ve ever been to. Pack eco-friendly toiletries if you can.

Travel plug

I hired a power inverter for the campervan which was the best thing I bought as an extra. No worries about cameras or phones running out of battery.

First aid kit

Remember you’re on the road and travelling in a lot of remote areas, it’s handy to be prepared.

Sun cream (second time I’ve mentioned hehe)
Plasters, including blister ones
Antiseptic wipes
Lip balm or vaseline
Cold and flu tablets
Cough sweets
Travel sickness pills and ginger sweets (just in case)

Food for Iceland

You might have heard Iceland is expensive so to help with the costs I took some of my own food for camping.

Pasta and couscous
Tea bags or hot chocolate
Tinned tuna
Breakfast bars and snacks

Becky’s Tips

Bonus camping tips – I hired a campervan with Go Campers.  It was fantastic and everything was included. However, a few extra things I would take next time just to make things easier:

  • An extra gas stove fitting (if you have one), means you can cook meals quicker.
  • Some plastic containers to put leftover or extra food.
  • Want to save some money. Bring your own food.

*Check prices for Iceland flights now: Skyscanner

Iceland packing list – My camera equipment

Iceland packing list - What to pack for Iceland in the summer camera equipment

Now if you’re spending that money on an amazing trip to Iceland. Maybe’s it’s time to treat yourself to a camera to capture all those beautiful memories.


Nikon D3300 (kit lens 18-50mm)

This is the best gadget/toy I’ve ever treated myself to. It’s lightweight, perfect for travelling and hiking.

Check out some of my photos on Instagram and see for yourself @beckythetraveller

Nikon camera - buy for your Iceland trip!

wide angle lens

Sigma 10-20mm.

A more expensive treat but I love my wide-angle lens. It’s great for scenic shots but also buildings close up too.

zoom lens

Tamron 70-300mm

For all you bird lovers out there, you’re in for a treat. Iceland is full of beautiful birds but you’ll need a zoom lens to capture them!

spare batteries

I have two batteries for my camera. It’s perfect because I never need to worry about the battery running out whilst I’m off exploring. I just need to remember to carry the spare one with me!

memory cards

I like to carry a spare for when my card fills up. If you like filming too this is a perfect size card.


If you want to create a blur on your waterfall shots then you’ll need one of these. I have both the Gorilla and lightweight tripod. Read my review of my travel tripods here to help you decide which one to buy.

Lightweight tripod - perfect for Iceland waterfall photos!

Iceland packing list – and lastly what NOT to take

I’ve shared everything you do need to take. But here are a couple of things I would recommend that you definitely don’t bother taking:

  1. An umbrella – it’s too windy. Your umbrella will turn inside out within minutes!
  2. Jeans – my only reason I wouldn’t take these is that if you get them wet, they will never dry!
  3. A hairdryer – if you are camping, the best place to grab a shower is the local swimming pool and most of these have a hairdryer.

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Are you still struggling with your Iceland packing list! Please ask me any questions in the comments below I’m happy to help or message me on Facebook

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Iceland packing list
Iceland packing list summer - sat on west coast of Iceland
Iceland packing list for summer Iceland

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