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Hotel Ranga Iceland - Hotel Ranga - hot tubs

Most of my Iceland trip I was travelling the Ring Road in my campervan.

However, towards the end of the trip, whilst travelling along the southern part of the ring road, I spent a night at Hotel Ranga Iceland.

Recently voted as one of the 11 best boutique hotels in Iceland. So I was in for a treat!

Here are my thoughts on my time at Hotel Ranga Iceland, including dining at their lovely in-house restaurant.

Hotel Ranga Iceland Information

Hotel Ranga Address:

Hotel Ranga, Suðurlandsvegur, 851 Hella, Iceland


South Iceland (an hour’s drive from Reykjavik)

Hotel Ranga Iceland facilities:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • In-house restaurant and bar
  • Stargazing observatory (with a roll-off roof!)
  • Spa
  • Hot tubs
  • Meeting rooms
  • Game room

Hotel Ranga Rooms:

3 options – Standard, Deluxe or Suites

  • TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Telephone
  • Coffee/tea making facilities
  • Minibar


  • Standard room from 299 EUR to 426 EUR*
  • Deluxe room from 393 EUR to 559 EUR*
  • Junior/Master suites from 553 EUR to 1,191 EUR*

*Prices range due to the time of year. All rates correct at time of writing.

For latest rates click here: Room rates

About Hotel Rangá Iceland

Hotel Rangá is a luxury hotel on the South Coast of Iceland. Located off the main Ring Road between the towns of Hella and Hvolsvöllur.

As you drive down the main path leading into Hotel Ranga, you notice the beautiful log-cabin style fits perfectly with the idyllic landscape.

The hotel’s location is perfect for planning your time in South Iceland. And makes a great base to come back and relax after a busy day outdoors exploring.

Did I mention the hot tubs! Now what a better way to end (or even start) your day.

Check-in at Hotel Ranga

Hotel Ranga Iceland Review - Hotel Ranga reception area - luxury accommodation
Hotel Ranga Reception

On arrival at Hotel Ranga Iceland, the first thing I noticed was the attention to detail. Very quirky, curvy double wooden seats outside the hotel. And as you walk inside, a comfy seating area, with a beautiful handmade quilt on the wall.

The quilt is the map of Iceland, made of 3008 patches. And took over 3 years to complete! Hotel Ranga purchased it at a charity auction for ‘Save the Children’.

Check-in was speedy and the staff were very friendly and polite. They organised a dinner reservation at 8 pm. Perfect as it gave me a couple of hours to relax and enjoy the hotel.

A complimentary drink is offered on arrival. I was so busy exploring I didn’t have the chance to have mine until I sat down for dinner. Options included coffee/tea, soft drinks, wine or beer.

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The Room at Hotel Ranga

Hotel Ranga Iceland Review - Hotel Ranga standard double room - luxury accommodation

I was booked in the ‘Standard Double’. A king-size bed, surrounded by stars decorated on the wall. There’s also a door leading to a small patio area. And more importantly just a few feet away I have one of the hotel’s outdoor hot tubs. I can imagine relaxing in there.

And watching the northern lights.

The bathroom had a large round bath. I do love my baths but with so much to do in Iceland, I didn’t get the chance to try it out.

Instead, I hopped in the shower. The shower wasn’t the best I’ve had, the temperature and power were lovely. But the showerhead wouldn’t behave itself! No big deal, at least I was clean.

I was impressed by the eco-friendly toiletries. If it’s one thing Icelanders are good at, it’s looking after the environment. Sometimes it’s the little things but they all add up!

Book your stay at Hotel Ranga – Check prices + availability now

Dining at Hotel Rangá

The restaurant is beautiful. Floor to ceiling glass windows gives you a full panoramic view of outside. Just make sure you sit on the chair facing the right direction! I can imagine on dark nights (or even days in winter) watching the aurora borealis whilst enjoying your meal.

Head chef, Karl Johann, is an experienced chef. His ever-changing menu is described as modern Nordic cooking with a twist. And there is a wonderful choice for you.

I ordered the Salmon as a starter. Lightly cured in lemon with smoked trout roe, fennel and dill vinaigrette and egg yolk. Followed by Beef tenderloin and braised cheek with capers puree, baked red onion and demi-glaze. Both the presentation and taste of the food were delicious.

Am I making you hungry already?

Sadly due to a late night, I missed the wonderful breakfast. But I did have a lovely mushroom soup for lunch.

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Hotel Tipping

Firstly, tipping in Iceland is not expected.

However, at the Hotel Ranga if you feel you would like to express your gratitude they will kindly accept any extra payments. Any money will be forwarded directly to the local ‘Search and Rescue’ teams. These teams are made up of volunteers.

A very thoughtful idea by Hotel Ranga that benefits everyone.

Overall Thoughts on Hotel Ranga Iceland

Hotel Ranga Iceland Review - Hotel Ranga game room - luxury accommodation
Hotel Ranga Games Room

I had a lovely time at Hotel Ranga Iceland. This warm and friendly hotel is a perfect place to stay if you’re looking for some luxury on your Iceland trip. After a tour of some of the suites, each room is decorated in the theme of a continent.

My favourite was the Antarctic suite. Probably because it had a considerable amount of cute penguins hanging out in the room! I would love to visit Hotel Ranga and try out one of their more luxurious options (and visit the real Antarctic as well).

I was also lucky enough to have a tour of the Honeymoon suite and latest room, designed by the owner Fridrik Palsson. The attention to detail is one of the things I loved about this hotel.

And I feel even if you’ve stayed here before, your next visit will still bring new surprises.

For further information or to book go to

Are you planning your trip to Iceland or would you like to know more about my experience at Hotel Ranga Iceland?

Please ask me any questions about Iceland in the comments below.

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Hotel Ranga Iceland Review - luxury accommodation - Hotel Ranga in the South of Iceland. A luxury place to stay in this beautiful country. Read my full review here. Hotel includes a restaurant and bar. Great for relaxing after a busy days exploring Iceland. Europe | Places to stay | Iceland

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