Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Go Campers Iceland review

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Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Go Campers Iceland review

Iceland is known for being an expensive country to travel around. So combining accommodation and our transport by hiring a campervan seemed the obvious choice. Visiting Iceland in the summer, where the sun doesn’t go down until nearly midnight allowed lots of flexibility on my trip. The campervan gave me the freedom to explore this beautiful country whenever I wanted (including 2 am!) And of course, have the odd afternoon nap when needed! Keep reading for my full  Go Campers review below, including the good and the bad!

Go Campers Iceland have campervans to suit all needs. My travel buddy Tessa and I opted for the manual Go SMART Campervan, for two people. Travelling in Iceland on a budget means compromise. And although we could have chosen the three-person campervan for a bit more space I figured I could manage in the Go Smart campervan for our 10-day road trip around Iceland.

Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Full Go Campers Review

Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Go Campers Iceland review - Campervan stop at Budir Black Church

How to book with Go Campers Iceland?

The booking process for Go Campers is straightforward. Go to the website and complete the online booking form. You’ll need your driving licence and payment details to hand.  It gives you options for a variety of extra items. Ranging from sleeping bags to power inverters. But don’t worry you can select these when you pick the vehicle up.

Within a few minutes, you’ll receive your confirmation email. And that’s it, you’re all set for your big Iceland adventure.

What is included in the Campervan price?

The cost of hiring a campervan in Iceland with Go Campers is based per day and includes unlimited mileage. Good job, as I clocked up 1,926 miles/3,101 km over the 10 days. For me, it meant I had no concerns about adding in all the extra side trips along the way (and there were a lot!) Also included with the campervan, are the following items:

  • Gas stove (gas not included – see below)
  • Cutlery, bowls, plates and cups
  • Saucepan, frying pan and cooking utensils
  • Water container (20 litres)
  • Mattress, pillows and blanket
  • Free extra driver
  • Fuel discount card
  • AUX, USB and Bluetooth connection

Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Go Campers Iceland review - Campervan stop for dinner

What paid extras are available with Go Campers Iceland?

There are many extras available to choose from on Go Campers Iceland website. Including a camping table and chairs, tent, BBQ and GPS. As mentioned above you can select these when you pick the vehicle up. Here are the extras we chose when hiring our campervan:

Iceland Camping card (149 EUR/ 170 USD)

This card allows you to stay at any one of 42 campsites around the whole of Iceland’s Ring Road. Go Campers provided us with a booklet that detailed all the campsites.

Sleeping bag (20 EUR/ 23 USD)

I had my own sleeping bag but my travel buddy hired one. Unfortunately, the zip was broken but Go Campers provided a full refund.

Power inverter (20 EUR/ 23 USD)

I truly think this was the best thing we purchased for our trip. It meant we could keep both our phones and camera batteries fully charged. And I used my camera a lot!!

Cooling box (15 EUR/ 17 USD)

Although the temperature didn’t go much higher than 14 degrees, the cooling box was really handy to store all our food in. And of course, helped reduce the costs by not eating out all the time.

Large gas canister (15 EUR each)

We cooked most mornings and nights, however only used 2 of our 3 gas canisters. Go Campers kindly refunded the unused canister on returning it with the campervan.

what is it like Sleeping in the campervan?

My main concern when I initially looked at the photos on Go Campers website was whether I would have enough space to sleep. I was pleasantly surprised once I’d picked up the van. The pillow provided was a little bit thin for my liking, but since they also provide a blanket I used this and had a very comfy sleep.

Flowery curtains are in place at the front and back to make your sleeping area private. Although for summer months the light colours did let the light in. Just remember to bring an eye mask and you’ll be fine.

Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Go Campers Iceland review - Campervan viewpoint stop

What storage space is there in the campervan?

At first glance, you might not think there is much storage in this campervan. But actually, it had many hidden areas!  The back had a great storage area, with pull out boxes to store dry food and cooking equipment. It also included a pull-out table, which came in very handy providing shelter from the wind when cooking. It was also perfect for stopping and preparing sandwiches for lunch.

At the front, there’s plenty of space to keep your maps and small items. And there was a top storage area above our seats which we didn’t find until day three! During the daytime, we used the sleeping area for storing our bigger bags. And moved them to the front seats at night time.

*Check prices for Iceland flights now: Skyscanner

Do you need a 4WD for driving Iceland’s Ring Road?

Although our campervan was a 2 wheel drive, the vehicle was more than able to deal with the varying road surfaces. You’ll drive on a few gravel roads whilst you in Iceland. And as long as you slow down when the road changes you’ll have no trouble.

In winter, it’s a completely different experience with snow and ice to contend with. Be sure to chat with your rental company to make sure you have the right campervan to suit your needs

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The Iceland campervan experience

Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Go Campers Iceland review - Campervan lunch stop

Overall, I found my experience hiring a campervan with Go Campers Iceland to be very good. I was impressed at the quality of the campervan including the cleanliness and equipment included. It’s great how the vehicle is full of fuel when you pick it up so it means you can start your adventure straight away. For me having the campervan really made my Iceland trip a very special and memorable one.

The best thing was being able to stop off at every beautiful spot on Iceland’s Ring Road. We didn’t need to worry about where we were going to eat or sleep. Simply enjoy the moment and the beauty that I will always remember as ICELAND. 

For more information or to book your adventure simply click here www.gocampers.is

Are you planning on hiring a campervan in Iceland? Or would you like to know more about my Go Campers review Iceland experience? Feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Facebook

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Hiring a campervan in Iceland – Go Campers Iceland review
Go Campers review - hiring a campervan in Iceland - Waterfall
Go Campers review - hiring a campervan in Iceland - canyon

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    1. Hi Nicola, there are dedicated camping sites which they recommend that you use. I understand that there has been a few issues with wild camping in Iceland and people not respecting the area which is sad. I stayed at camping sites the majority of the time, with the exception of one night when we ended up too far away. I also had a few afternoon naps in car parks as was travelling through the night on some days 🙂

    1. Ah thank you Kristi, that’s a great question! I showered at the local swimming pools, there’s one in nearly every small town and it doesn’t cost too much. You have options to pay for a shower or you can include a swim and shower (this is what I did most of the time!) Hope that helps 🙂

  1. How tall are you both? My wife and I are 5’11 and 6’4 respectively and wondering if we will be able to sleep comfortably.

    1. Hi, I’m 5″7 and I found the campervan fine for me, Tessa is also a similar height. I would say it might be a little bit tight for you AT 6″4, in the model we had but the campervan company had different models and I saw some of the others in the same price bracket that would have been fine for you. I hope that helps.