60+ BEST Gifts For Hikers – (Awesome Gifts UK Hikers Will Love)

Best gift ideas for hikers - Snowdonia

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Do you need some inspiration for what hiking gifts to buy? Maybe you have a hiker friend or family member that you have no clue what to get them for their birthday (or Christmas!)

Practical gifts are always well received in my opinion, something that the person will love and use, instead of putting it in a drawer and forgetting about.

This list of awesome present ideas is made up of a lot of products, clothes and gear that I use whilst on my hiking and camping trips in the UK and abroad.

Basically, all these gifts ideas for hiking come from someone who loves hiking.

The majority of these hiking gift ideas are perfect for men or women.  There are no ‘gifts for her’ or ‘gifts for him’ sections as I guarantee all hikers will love and use this equipment.

Tell me what gift you’d love to get this Christmas?

Do you need some inspiration for what hiking gifts to buy?

The only exception is some clothes where both options are available. Or if you’re buying a rucksack. I would stick to the men/women’s bags since they are designed for men with broader shoulders and women with wider hips.

Click your favourite gift section below or scroll through for lots of awesome hiking gifts ideas and hopefully, you’ll find the perfect present.

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Best ‘Practical’ Hiking Gifts!

Starting with all those essential hiking gifts, that you might not think are that fun but any regular hiker will love them!

Here you’ll find hiking backpacks, hiking clothes and lots of useful hiking gear that will make the best gifts for hikers.

New hiking rucksack

Gift budget: £30-£65

Salomon OUTNight Backpack in Peak District
A new backpack makes a great gift

The person you’re buying a hiking gift for might own a rucksack. But as a fellow hiker, I love having a different range of rucksacks.

One for short summer day hikes, one for longer day hikes and even a different one for my wild camping trips and multi-day hikes!

You can never have too many rucksacks so it makes the perfect gift!

The rucksack I am using (pictured above) is the Berghaus Freeflow design. This exact model is no longer available, but the Turquoise rucksack pictured below is very similar.

The Freeflow design which has a curved design (saves a sweaty back) is a great feature and would make a lovely hiking gift.

This bag is great because it has hooks to add my hiking poles, two side pockets for my Sigg water bottles and I can also attach my lovely Vango Banshee 200 tent too!

Hiking Socks (honestly it’s a great gift)

Gift budget: £12-£20

Hiking in mud
Bridgedale waterproof socks kept my feet warm (and dry ish)

Everyone needs and loves new hiking socks so treat the one you love to the best hiking socks! I recently tried out a pair of waterproof socks from Bridgedale and they would make a lovely stocking filler.

Here are a few more gift options to stock up your hiker’s sock drawer!

A lovely new hiking jacket

Gift budget: £85-£140

First hiking trip in Berghaus Paclite 2.0 jacket
Wearing the Paclite jacket in the Peak District

Everyone loves a good quality jacket to go hiking, both waterproof ones and ones that keep us warm.

In winter, I often wear my North Face Jacket Thermoball Hooded under my Berghaus Waterproof Jacket (pictured below in turquoise).

Find out what your hikers favourite colour is and buy them a jacket – it’s a great gift.

Read my review of the Berghaus Paclite jacket here

Borrowdale Walks via Fleetwith Pike Fell, Lake District - 8K Flexwarm

Or treat your loved one to this cosy warm hiking jacket. Show the person you really love them with the best hiking gift – a heated jacket!

You can read my review and check prices here.

Hiking Water Bottles + Flasks

Gift budget: £9-£32

Sigg Hot and Cold Flask - Budget Travel Gifts-2
Sigg Hot and Cold flask

I took the Sigg Hot & Cold flask (pictured in purple below) on my Iceland trip and it was fantastic on the glacier hike. It’s also fantastic for winter hikes in the UK and in abroad in colder climates.  

Treat the one you love with this perfect present to keep them warm 🙂

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Water-to-Go filter bottle on a Lake District trip
Water-to-Go bottle

A perfect gift for hikers and travellers is the Water-to-Go filter bottle.

This handy water bottle is perfect for hikers as you can fill up from streams without worrying about bacteria. And just look how clear that water is!

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Discount available on both hiking bottle 0.5l and 0.75l, plus extra filters too.

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More Practical Gifts Ideas for Hikers

Gift budget: £22-£75

Compasses, gas stoves and power bank might not seem like exciting gifts ideas.

But a compass stops your loved one getting lost. The Jetboil ensures your hiker can have a lovely cup of coffee or tea. And a power bank means they can take awesome photos to share with you!

See they are all a win-win gift!

Best Gadget Gift Ideas for Hikers

Gift budget: £8-£43

Yes, we all know that hikers love their gadgets so what a better present to buy them is that hiking gadget they have always wanted!

Here you’ve got hiking tripods to capture all those awesome photos, penknives for that emergency situation, watches to track their every move and GPS gadgets to stop them from getting lost!

Hiking tripods

Gift budget: £8-£35

Best ideas for hiking gifts - Hiking tripod
Hiking tripod makes a perfect gift

Whether you hike solo, in a couple or a group there will also be a need for a hiking tripod to capture that shot with everyone in it.

It really is the best gift for hikers and photographers.

Penknife (with so many gadgets)

Gift budget: £14-£33

A penknife is a great gadget for hiking & camping trips. I have a Swiss Army knife (the camping one) and I love it.

Although I’ve not used all the tools it’s great to have on my hiking trips but also makes a lovely and thoughtful present too.

More Gadget Gift Ideas for Hikers

Gift budget: £93-£239

A few gifts for hikers that are a little more expensive but of course if you have a hiker in the family then they will absolutely love this gift! 

Budget Gift Ideas for Hikers

Gift budget: £2-£27

A budget gift doesn’t have to be a boring present, there are plenty of awesome gift ideas out there if you love hiking.

Ok yes, I will admit, you might think some of these are boring gifts but to a true hiking addict, they will love them.

Here you will find budget and practical gifts from maps and books to sporks (keep scrolling if you have no idea what they are!)

Hiking Maps & Books

Gift budget: £2-£27

Practicing map reading in Lake District
Practising map reading in the Lake District

Maps are an awesome present to buy someone who loves hiking. Technology is great for map reading but should never be solely relied upon for getting out of tricky hiking situations.

Here are some of the maps (click the map links to buy them directly from Amazon.co.uk) that you (or whoever you are buying the hiking gift for) would need if you planning to do some hiking in the UK awesome National Parks.

Buy a map for the next place your hiking friend or family member wants to visit, it’s the perfect gift and useful too!

Or maybe your hiking friend, mum or dad are thinking about taking on one of the awesome UK hiking challenges?

Completing all the Wainwrights in the Lake District or maybe a long-distance hike, so many to choose from, (Hadrian’s Wall, Coast to Coast, South Downs Way, Pembrokeshire Coastal Path).

These books are perfect presents for them to plan their adventures.


Gift budget: £2-£12

Yes, please I would love a Spork as a gift (the lightweight Titanium one for me please). It’s a fun present but very handy and lightweight too for those wild camping adventures.

Update – I treated myself to the spork as a gift to myself and it’s great!

More Budget Gift Ideas

Gift budget: £7-£17

Osprey dry sacks
Osprey dry sacks – packed for my Bob Graham hike

How about a hiking mug as a gift?

Gift budget: £5-£8

Fun & cool gift ideas for hikers

Gift budget: £8-£13

Hiking Books (a gift everyone will love)

Gift budget: £6 – £10

Books are a wonderful gift for any hiking or outdoor lover. My favourite movie is Into the Wild but I’d love to read the book too!

  • To check the prices, read the book review and order, simply click on each book image to go direct to Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com 

Has that given you some good inspiration and gifts ideas for your hiker friend or family member?

If you have any more great ideas for hiking gifts please let me know in the comments.


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