Hostel Dorms | What To Expect Staying In Your FIRST Hostel Dorm Room!

Friends Hostel Dorm Room Budapest

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Hostel dorm rooms are fantastic for travellers. Not only are they cheap accommodation but they are a great place to meet people too. So how do you feel about staying in a hostel dorm and sharing your space with complete strangers?

Sounds a bit daunting, if you’ve not tried it before. Not to mention all those hostel horror movies. Which I daren’t watch because I would probably never sleep in a hostel ever again!!

East Seven Hostel Berlin
Hostel social area at East Seven Hostel Berlin

The best bit about the dorm room is that you meet like-minded travellers almost as soon as you set foot in the room. And within 5 minutes, it’s the usual travel banter. ‘Where are you from? When did you arrive? Where are you going next?’ But hey nothing wrong with that to start the conversation. And pretty soon, you’re off exploring your new destination together, more than likely searching for food and drink!

‘the cheaper the accommodation, the more money you have to spend on experiences and adventures’

I don’t think I would have been able to travel to as many places over the last 8 years if I hadn’t stayed in hotels all the time. For me, the cheaper the accommodation, the more money you have to spend on experiences and adventures in that country you are visiting.

Hostel dorm rooms can cost as little $5, depending on where in the world you are travelling. Even the more expensive countries, staying in a hostel dorm will make quite a difference to your budget. Generally, the bigger the dorm the cheaper the cost! Also, mixed dorms are generally cheaper than single-sex dorms.

Check out comparison prices via or

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What is a Hostel Dorm Room?

Friends Hostel Budapest Hungary - Dorm room
8-Bed Dorm room at Friends Hostel Budapest

Hostel dorm rooms come in all shapes and size. There are the cute 4-bed ones and the massive 20 plus rooms. Most hostels opt for bunk beds as these simply take up less space but you might find the odd smaller dorm that has single beds. Are you a top or bottom bunk person?

I have to admit both have their benefits but normally I opt for the bottom. You can also select female-only dorm rooms or mixed dorms.

Booking your hostel dorm room bed

  • If you have a preference for top or bottom bunk, be sure to ask when you check in to the hostel.

Are you curious about what it is really like? Are you thinking about staying in your first hostel dorm room?

Maybe you decide dorms rooms aren’t for you?

Well, how about Airbnb?

Check out my list of top 15 things you might encounter whilst staying in a hostel dorm room. And let me say, even though I have experienced all but one of these, none of them would stop me from booking a dorm room.

East Seven Hostel Berlin
East Seven Hostel Berlin

Tell me in the comments if you have experienced any of these whilst staying at a hostel?

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Top 15 Things You MIGHT Experience Staying in a Hostel Dorm Room

1. Snoring in Hostels

Yes, unfortunately, you will hear this if you sleep in a hostel dorm room. You have found the perfect hostel, a comfy bed, now it’s time to sleep. But no, you have someone in your room that resembles a runaway train. I admit some tend to be louder than others, there are the little snorts that you can cope with.

But if you are really unlucky there’s the snoring that you need to bury your head under the pillow to block out the noise. I had a bad snorer when I stayed at 36 Rooms Hostel in Berlin (but thankfully he only stayed one night!)

Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Always keep earplugs under your pillow. Sometimes the snoring starts at random times during the night so be prepared to block out that noise!
‘in the middle of the night. ‘I love you, I love you’, followed by some mmm noises’

2. Sleep Talkers

Slightly less annoying than snoring but can be a bit freaky when you first experience it. Most are mumblings that make no sense but I have shared hostel dorm rooms where full conversations occur.
My most memorable was when someone started declaring their love repeatedly in the middle of the night. ‘I love you, I love you’, followed by some mmm noises. No guessing what they were dreaming about!
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips

3. Hostel Dorm Room Power

By that, I mean the electricity. Some dorm rooms, in particular, the more modern ones have one per bed which is fantastic and saves a lot of hassle. But if you are in one of those dorms with one powerpoint for the whole room, it’s an on-going queue to charge all your equipment. And let’s face it, you don’t really want to leave a phone charging whilst you aren’t in the room.
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Read hostel reviews beforehand or simply find a plug elsewhere in the hostel so you can socialise and charge at the same time.

Buy a power bank to charge your phone and avoid the stress!

4. Late Arrivals in the Dorm

36 Rooms Hostel Berlin (3)
8-bed dorm room at 36 Rooms Hostel Berlin

In a dorm room, you can expect arrivals at all time of day and night. Especially in a city with a major airport eg Bangkok. It is normally the start or end of a trip and can mean early or late flight times. Always a challenge arriving in a pitch-black dorm room, trying to locate an empty bed and unpacking your essentials as quietly as possible.

Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • If your flight really does arrive at a crazy time of night, consider booking a private room for the first night. A bit more expensive but means a more relaxing start to your holiday and guarantees you can have a little lie in to catch up on sleep.
Check out this great hostel in Berlin – EastSeven Hostel review

5. Early Leavers in the Dorm Room

Friends Hostel Budapest Hungary
Friends Hostel Budapest Social area

Again similar to the late arrivals, except the challenge is trying not to wake everyone in the room as you gather your belongings and made a sneaky exit. This is where most belongings get left behind too. A top that fell behind the bed or book you had under your pillow. I managed to leave my travel towel behind on one early departure from a dorm room, which meant for the rest of the trip I was using a t-shirt as a towel!

One of my favourite hostels was Friends Hostel in Budapest

Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Pack as much as you can the night before and try to just leave the essentials out. The beer can wait another 10 minutes! Also, a quick scan with a torch around your bed to do a final check is always worth doing.

6. Plastic Bag Rustlers

Forget for one moment how bad these are for the environment. Actually, don’t, I will discuss that in a minute. There’s always one person who keeps everything in plastic bags. Not an issue you would think.
But imagine snoozing in the early hours of the morning and all you can hear is some idiot rustling plastic bags in their rucksack trying to find something. All I want to do at this point is tell them to shut the @*&%$ up. Ok, I am not a morning person but still, you have to admit it is annoying!
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
‘Most drunken travellers staying in a hostel dorm room try to be quiet but normally fail.’

7. Drunken Dorm Mates

This is one that you will definitely experience. It’s the early hours of the morning. There are either giggles or bangs as someone tries to find their bed but walks into everything instead. Most drunken travellers staying in a hostel dorm room try to be quiet but normally fail. But pretty quickly they are passed out on the bed…. fingers crossed they don’t start snoring!
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips

8. Mobile Phone Glow

It’s amazing how powerful our little phones are. That tiny screen is so bright. You’ve read how mobile phones are not great before bed, the blue light tends to wake you up instead of sending you to sleep. But after a day away from the hostel, it’s the perfect time to catch up on Facebook or Instagram.
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Turn your brightness down to low so you aren’t dazzling fellow travellers. And if the light bothers you then grab yourself an eye mask or use a scarf.

9. Hostel Locker Challenge

YHA Castleton Losehill Hall
Dorm room at YHA Castleton Losehill Hall in the Peak District

Living out of a backpack containing all your worldly belongings can mean you worry about losing items. Some people are forever playing the locker challenge. This is trying to fit everything they own in the dorm room locker.
Now, these lockers come in all shapes and sizes so can result in some serious battles to retrieve your bag back. There’s plenty of room at the end of the bed for your bag.
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • If you are going to use the locker, save it for your valuables. Honestly, no-one wants to search through your (possibly) stinky clothes to steal your belongings.
  • Trust your dorm buddies. I always have and its worked for me.
  • Buy a multi-code padlock ready for your trip
 ‘the dorm room resembles the Arctic as someone has turned the air con down low’

10. Temperature Control – Too hot or too cold

This is similar to the office environment. The guys are too hot and the girls too cold (well that’s true for me). Same scenario staying in a hostel dorm room. The temperature outside is 35 degrees, yet the dorm room resembles the Arctic as someone has turned the air-con down low. And you know there’s no point in changing it because 5 minutes later someone else will have fiddled with it!
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Not much you can do if it’s crazy hot. You don’t want to open all the windows and let the mosquitos in. Then you will be really unpopular. I tend to sleep with a top or scarf to wrap around me if the temperature drops too much in the night.

11. Seeing Things You DON’T Want to See in the Dorm

If it’s hot, this generally means fewer clothes. But because it’s hot doesn’t mean everyone else in the dorm room wants to see your ass or even worse, as you trying to keep cool. I am still scarred from my experience in Buenos Aires. Waking up to be met with EVERYTHING hanging out of the guy’s boxers shorts in the bunk opposite me. Not a pretty sight!
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Boys – boxers shorts that fit please or failing that wear some shorts. Girls – same again really, I know we are all gorgeous but I still don’t want to see it!

12. Hearing Things You DON’T Want to Hear in a Hostel

Yes, I am talking naughty business here – the hostel room hookups!! After 8 years of travelling and sleeping in dorm rooms, I can honestly say I have never heard anyone having sex in my dorm room. Maybe it’s just the amazing earplugs I have or I have been really lucky. But I am sure you have all read the stories where all of a sudden a pair get a bit carried away….
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Just ‘get a room’ people. And by that, I mean a private room and not a dorm room. Most hostels will have a mix of dorm and private rooms so all you need to do is ask. Failing that how about the shower. Well at least it’s private and the water can hide the noise.
 ‘if you’re going to have your underwear on show I guess it’s good for it to be clean.’

 13. Is it a Hostel Dorm room or is it a Laundry room?

It’s common for beds to be turned into fancy clothes dryers. From the towels to underwear, clothes will be draped across the beds in the on-going challenge of clean clothes. Well if you’re going to have your underwear on show, I guess it’s good for it to be clean.
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • Just be considerate where you are hanging your laundry. The steps to the top bunk are not great if you are occupying the bottom.

14. Questionable Dorm Bedding

 Now please don’t cringe when you read this, but it does happen. You’re tired and just want to crash out for a bit. And that’s when you see it, the mark on your pillow or sheet. If you’ve travelled a while you become hardened to these type of things. It’s never that bad. Although I remember a very dodgy room in Thailand, thank goodness I was only staying one night.
Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • If it’s the pillow, just turn it over haha! I always travel with my silk sleeping bag liner. Sounds luxurious for a traveller, doesn’t it. It’s a great purchase so add it to your packing list.

15. Treating the Hostel Dorm Room like your own Personal Room

One of the great things about a dorm room is that you meet so many people. Sometimes you’ll meet people who have only just started travelling and others have been nomads for years. But how annoying is it when someone seems to empty the entire contents of their bag all over the room. You know there’s just a pile of crap creeping all over the place.

The only time that this is acceptable is when you have that exciting moment of having the hostel to yourself. Bonus hostel experience.

Travelling in off-peak in the UK I had consecutive nights in a row with my own dorm room at three hostels at Hafren Bunkhouse, Star Bunkhouse and Caerhafod Lodge (All in gorgeous Wales)

Becky’s Hostel Dorm Tips
  • A little bit of tidiness is always appreciated by your fellow travellers

Where to Find your Perfect Hostel Dorm Room?

Caerhafod Lodge - Pembrokeshire Coast (4)
Caerhafod Lodge Dorm Room in Wales

Hostels are perfect for last-minute bookings unless you are visiting a city or town at a really busy time of year! Word of mouth and recommendations are always great for deciding which hostel to book but if you want to plan in advance then check out these sites:

  • Or alternatively, you can find some great accommodation on Airbnb

Have you experienced staying in a hostel dorm room? Did you encounter any of these in your hostel or maybe something I have missed off? Tell me about in the comments below.

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First time in a hostel? Read about what you can expect staying in a hostel dorm room. Plus a few tips to ensure you are the perfect room mate.

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42 thoughts on “Hostel Dorms | What To Expect Staying In Your FIRST Hostel Dorm Room!

  1. Thomas says:

    Hey Becky!

    Great tips, couldn’t agree more with that. Especially the silk sleeping bag is a pro tip. Got one for myself, needs almost no space in the backpack and I was always thankful to have it when things turn out to be a bit different than expected 😉

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Hi Thomas, thanks glad you agree!! Yes I love my silk sleeping bag liner, used it so many times too. Plus it does save your sleeping bag a bit, I bought a nice down one last year so make sure I sure my liner to keep it fresher!!

  2. Kelly says:

    That was hilarious. So glad I got to read that. Dorm rooms are so not my thing but I understand why people do it. Love all the things to expect because they’re so true!!! Great post!!

  3. Lena from fouronaworldtrip says:

    oh wow .. I think I experienced all of the listed above during my one night stay recently in London.. the night was shorter than expected and the sleep the worst… I always stayed in hostels but I figured that I might be too old for a 16 bed mixed dorm now.. will go for the 4 bed dorm next time 🙂

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Wow Lena, that it pretty unlucky. I think I came close to experiencing them all in a huge hostel in Buenos Aires I stayed in. I mostly stay in 6 or 8 bed ones now but I think the experience depends on whether it’s a party hostel or not!!!

  4. Ellie says:

    Number 3 – my solution is to travel with a high capacity power bar that has at least two charging cables. That way, I can charge the bar during the ‘quiet’ times, and then use it to charge all my gear when everyone else is fighting over the one outlet in the room!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah that’s a great idea, I have seen a few people with those but I always travel pretty light, my rucksack is only 55kg so that would get thrown out during the packing stages. Maybe I should try and find a small one?

  5. Anisa says:

    Very interesting! I have never stayed in a hostel before, I guess the closest I have come was a Fire Island share house. You do have lots of great advice, but I just feel like I wouldn’t really be able to relax with strangers sleeping in the same room and there are so many weirdos. I can see how you save a ton of money though!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ha ha Anisa are you calling me a weirdo for sleeping in a hostel!! Honestly, it is just normal people that want to save a few pennies. I don’t think I have met anyone that I would class as a weirdo on my travellers, everyone I have met has been lovely 🙂

  6. Justine Cross says:

    I’ve never slept in a hostel before – I must confess those horror stories you mentioned did put me off. Plus I’m a VERY light sleeper so I might struggle with them. But your tips in this post are totally useful… maybe ear plugs would be enough for me? Your article has convinced me that I should at least try one day 😀

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Yeah give it a go, it does depend a lot on what hostel you book. If it’s a huge one in the middle of the city centre that does beer pong games every night then yes you might encounter more of the things I mentioned but a smaller hostel would be ok. Go on give it a go 🙂

  7. Lia says:

    I’ve definitely experienced all of these! One thing to add to the bright screen glow is the NOISY TAPPERS. You know, the ones who don’t put their phones on silent and then lay in bed all night long texting and all you hear is TAPTAPTAPTAPTAPTAPTAP BRRRING TAPTAPTAPTAPTAP oh my godddddd!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love hostels… but be considerate, y’all!

  8. Isadora says:

    To be honest I have never been to a hostel before but thats exatcly for these reasons loool I imagine it might be amazing to jave contact with like minded people but I know myself, and I know how picky I am and how easy it is for me to get annoyed 🙁

  9. Katalin says:

    We used to stay in dorms a lot, and you got to the point! I am a light sleeper and never could understand why people stay in dorm rooms if they pack their plastic bags all night/being drunk and loud… not to mention the sex part. (I can’t stand earplugs…) Lately, we prefer private rooms (or 6-bed dorms at the top) where possible. We got old, haha 🙂

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Yeah I tend to pick slightly smaller dorms now but I defintely think it depends on the type of hostel you stay in, you can normally get a pretty good idea from the reviews people leave beforehand so I always have a quick look before booking anything 🙂

  10. Kris says:

    Great tips. I’ve never been able to talk my travel companions into staying at a hostel, but I’m looking into it for some solo travel I have planned later this year.

  11. Penny says:

    I’ve always wanted to stay in a dorm room atleast once. It’s one of those things you know. Not that I haven’t lived in a hostel while studying. That I feel is a totally different experience. My fear… Getting robbed!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah you should give it a go Penny, it’s a great experience. I have never, touch wood, been robbed whilst staying in a hostel. There are normally lockers for your valuables and really I don’t think anyone else would want what’s in my bag!! Hope you give it a go at least once 🙂

  12. Katrina Luder says:

    Hahaha the snorers, sleep walkers and the plastic bag rustlers!! So true! Hostel dorm rooms are awesome – if you know what to expect (like your article helps us to understand)… then they’re fantastic ways to meet people and also really really fun.

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Yeah plastic bag rustlers drive me insane, at least if you’re snoring it’s not generally something you can control but plastic bags arhhh!!! Yeah I love hostels, great to meet new people and I have had some awesome fun with people I have met there.

  13. jaimee says:

    OMG the ear plugs tip is gold! I’ve never stayed in a hostel but I’ve heard just about every story from hookups to snoring to someone in the hostel with night terrors even.
    This was such an interesting read because I’ve never experienced hostel life before!

  14. Kyntra Strickland says:

    Staying in two different hostels this summer and I’m a little nervous! I’ve always had great experiences in hostels, but I’ve never been in one during the busy season. Thank you for sharing these great tips!

  15. Karen says:

    Maybe I’m horribly unhappy, but I’ve heard too many things I haven’t wanted to hear. My worst when I was sick in Barcelona and this girl woke the entire room up at 4am. So inconsiderate. Great tips!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah that’s just the worst, you know it’s bad if they manage to wake everyone up. I think majority of the time I seem pretty lucky but some people do tend to go a bit crazy away from home. I am sure if people were staying with friends they wouldn’t go waking everyone up in the middle of the night!

  16. Chloe says:

    I have experienced nearly all of these things when staying in a dorm room, no joke! Although having ear plugs is literally the best thing you can do for yourself! I wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Great post and so accurate.

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Thanks Chloe, I can imagine but I think as long as you don’t experience them all on the same night then it’s not too bad!! I love my ear plugs they save you from all sorts, always take them on the plane too so I can get a good sleep 🙂

  17. Mark says:

    Another great tip to avoid all of the above issues is rent the whole dorm, you can sleep in a different bed each night and no one bothers you like a hotel room with lots of beds

  18. Erin says:

    This was really useful! It sounds a ton like college before you know your roommates enough to tell them to shut up or turn the AC down! :p Definitely helpful tips here and good to know about the lockers!

  19. Rachelle Gordon says:

    This is fantastic! I’m taking my friend to her first hostel stay and have sent this to her for recon! Love the tips you include, because I’ve definitely experienced each of these during my travels!

  20. Inge says:

    Great and comprehensive list 🙂 Sleeping in dorms has values and annoyances, but it definitely has some travel charm and saves you some money. I like the top bunk better since it’s usually quieter in the morning when people are moving around below.

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Thanks Inge. I know what you mean about the top bunk but I think I just love being able to get up without doing the ladder challenge every time!! Although I do prefer top bunk if the bottom one is really low 🙂

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