My Salomon Kit + What Are My Favourite Items?

Becky wearing Salomon Out Night Backpack

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Wow, it’s almost been 2 years since I joined the UK Salomon Ambassador team so this post is probably long overdue! 

One of the MASSIVE benefits of being a Salomon ambassador is that I get the fun job of trying out lots of different hiking footwear, clothes and backpacks. 

Salomon hasn’t asked me to write this post but since I receive messages and comments about what hiking gear I wear and use I thought it would be handy to pop it all in one place.

If you want to know more about my Salomon Ambassador role you can read more about it here. It includes how I became an ambassador and some tips and advice on how to become one should the opportunity arise. The team aren’t recruiting at the moment but I’ll let you know when they are.

Here I’ve included all the Salomon gear I own and have put to the test whilst hiking in the UK, mostly in the Peak District and Lake District, but I’ve also visited Snowdonia and Scotland too!

Ask me any questions in the comments below about the Salomon gear and I’ll let you know my honest opinion.

March 2021 update – Salomon Festival

Salomon Festival is happening on 7th August 2021 in the Chilterns. There will be trail running, hiking adventures, music, yoga and loads more.

If you’re interested in going then I have a 50% discount code for the tickets. Valid until 31st March 2021.

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Book now before they sell out. See you there 🙂

My Salomon Kit

I’ve added links to all the kit I own so you can easily see the exact items. The majority of the clothing and backpacks are only available from website. However, you’ll have probably spotted Salomon footwear in outdoor shops so worth shopping around for a good deal.

The Salomon website does still have a few items on sale, I’ve noticed that often the unusual or brighter colours are sometimes on offer. For example, the Wayfarer Short have a lovely peach colour in the sale which I reckon would look fab in summer but the black pair are not discounted!

Becky wearing Salomon shorts and t-shirt
Salomon Wayfarer shorts + Comet Tee

Hiking + outdoor footwear

Note – GTX stands for Gore-tex which is the waterproof membrane inside the shoes and boots that makes them waterproof.

Salomon hiking boots

If you’re looking for an all-round hiking boot the Quest would be the best option. I sometimes prefer a mid-hiking boot which is lighter but still keeps my feet dry in boggy conditions, although the Quest isn’t known as a heavy boot.

*The Outback GTX aren’t currently not available from

Becky walking on hill in Peak District
Salomon Outward GTX hiking boots plus Out Day Pack and 360 3L Shell 

Salomon hiking shoes

Salomon trail running shoes

*These are no longer available from but I’ve found on Cotswold Outdoor website. Alternatively, there are loads of trail running shoes on the website. Get in touch and I’ll recommend one of the Salomon running ambassadors to give you some bespoke advice.

My favourite Salomon footwear

An easy decision for favourite hiking boots, the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX are brilliant for rugged mountains and boggy terrain. There’s something satisfying about going out on a rainy day hike and not getting wet feet.

As you can see I own both the Salomon XA Pro v8 with and without Gore-tex. I wore the XA Pro v8 for my long-distance hike in 2019 and I absolutely love them, which is why I also have the Gore-tex version too. Although the Outline Prism GTX that came out this year is a great hiking shoe.

Salomon XA Pro 3D
Salomon XA Pro v8

Hiking + outdoor clothes

Salomon hiking jackets

Salomon hiking + outdoor tops 


Short-sleeved + sports bra

Person filling up water from waterfall
Salomon Comet Tee, Outspeed Shorts + XA Pro v8

Salomon trousers + leggings

Note – AS stands for Advanced Skin Shield – this is a technical fabric which is designed to improve comfort by keeping you dry, warm and protected, it’s not waterproof but works well in light showers.

One good thing about the Wayfarer range of trousers and pants is they have plenty of pockets in them. Although, one negative is they very rarely do any colour other than black – if you like black you’ll be fine!

Salomon shorts

I love hiking in shorts until it gets cold so these are essential kit items for me. I’m a size 10 and for most of the Salomon gear everything fits fine but I probably could do with a size 10 for the pull-on shorts so get them over my hips!

*These are no longer available on but they are due to return next year (fingers crossed because they are fab).

Becky wearing Salomon Tights and Beanie
Salomon Wayfarer Tights + Ivy Beanie

Salomon gloves + hats

*These two hats (Kuba Beanie and Ivy Beanie) are similar warmth but if you have a small head (like me) the Kuba Beanie is slightly smaller and fits me better.

Becky stood on stone cairn wearing Salomon top and shorts
Salomon Outpeak Wool Hooded Top + Wayfarer Shorts

My favourite Salomon clothes

The Outline Down Jacket is a great mid-layer and I love the colour too, sometimes it’s all about the colour – it’s red wine by the way!

A top that I have worn almost every hike including my Bob Graham Round hike since I received it is the Outpeak Wool Hooded Top – a lovely thin layer but with a hood and also thumb hoops, it’s a fab top.

On the bottom half, I’m a huge fan of the Salomon Tights (or leggings) Wayfarer AS Tight and Agile Warm Tight. They are both really comfy to hike in the Wayfarer ones have the advantage of deep front pockets but for my autumn/winter walks the Agile ones keep me nice and cosy.

Out of the shorts, my favourite is the Outspeed Short, a shorter version of the Wayfarer pull-on ones, but the Wayfarer Pull On Short don’t have pockets which is a pain. The Wayfarer Short are great and I wore them a lot in the warmer months!

Salomon accessories

Salomon backpacks

The backpacks are extremely lightweight and also have great features like hip pockets and also exact pockets in the straps too. This does mean if you fill the larger pack there’s less padding around the shoulders so I found it a little uncomfortable.

Salomon hydration

Becky walking wearing Salomon Backpack and clothes
Salomon Out Day Backpack + Wayfarer pull on shorts

My favourite Salomon accessories

If I could pick one of the three backpacks it would be the Out Night 28+5 Backpack, maybe that’s because I pack too much stuff when I go hiking but I find the side pockets larger on this backpack and they fit my water bottles better.

Any Salomon questions

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about particular items or you’re unsure about sizes, I know that’s a real pain when you’re buying online!

I hope you found that useful. Happy hiking 🙂


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