How Did I Become A Salomon Ambassador? (2023 Applications Now Closed)

Wearing Salomon gear in Peak District

I’ve been a Salomon Ambassador since 2019 and here you can find more about my role.

After spending the weekend at my first Salomon Summit Event with the full team, I had more questions about my role as an Ambassador, which is why I wrote this post. 

The most common question, as you might guess is ‘How did I become a Salomon Ambassador?‘ which I will certainly answer, but I’d like to share more about what I do and why I’m loving my new role.

I’d also like to add that I’ve not been asked to write this post by Salomon. I’m sure you know that I like to share my own opinion on things and will be totally honest.

Please feel free to ask me any more questions via the comments below.

Or you can get in touch via my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

***Applications for 2023 are now closed*** – Visit in 2024 to see when they are open again.

Salomon Ambassador Role

Did I choose Salomon or did they choose me?

Houndkirk Hill - Peak District circular hike (near Hathersage) (141)-4
Summer adventures in the Peak District (Wearing Salomon Speedcross 4)

How did it all begin? 

It started with a simple Instagram message from the Manager of athletes and ambassadors for Salomon and Suunto in the UK. He invited me to have a chat about working with the brand.

I was intrigued to know more (as I guess most people would be) so the following day I started an email exchange, which lead to a phone conversation to discuss the Salomon Ambassador programme in more detail.

We had a great chat on the phone, I was keen to understand what my role would be but also wanted to share to talk about my plans, including organising Peak District walks for beginners.

The Ambassador role is a year’s commitment so I wanted to be happy I was making the right decision.

The most important thing was that I worked with a brand that I liked, but also had the clothing and gear that would stand up to my outdoor hiking adventures and the British weather!

Brassington + Harborough Rocks
A sunny winter hike in the Peak District

What did I already know about Salomon?

Earlier in the year, I bought a pair of Salomon Speedcross 4 for an Obstacle Course Race last May, two days before running 20 miles and 200 obstacle course.

Yes, a bit stupid, haha but the trail shoes were amazing, I absolutely loved them and no blisters. Following that, I ended up wearing them on lots of my summer hikes and they were perfect, super lightweight and comfy.

Having this previous knowledge of wearing Salomon footwear gave me confidence that I liked them but also that they fitted me comfortably too.

In addition, I also spoke to a few fellow hikers who were already working as Salomon Ambassadors to ask about the clothing and footwear. Fellow influencers who I trust and will say it like it is!

You can take a look at their full product range here to see what you think.

Lake District Crinkle Crags

Why did Salomon pick me?

If you asked me this at the time, I might have said it was because of my Instagram, Facebook or even my website, which I’ve been building up over the last two years.

But after spending a weekend with like-minded Ambassadors from the outdoors and running community I realised it was because of me.

Yes, Salomon liked me as a person and how I inspired other people to get outdoors and have fun! Their brand is all about having adventures in multi-sports but not just the pro athletes, their light innovative designs suit everyone.

Salomon supports some top athletes, including Ricky Lightfoot @rickylightfoot, Beth Pascall @beth_pascall and many more but they also work with communities as well to encourage people to have fun and get outdoors.

Watching the Salomon promotional videos I could see myself in so many of their videos, laughing, smiling, being silly and certainly not acting my own age.

Go check them out for yourself, maybe you too could be a Salomon Ambassador one day.

Salomon provide serious gear for fun people! And yes, that’s me. I love getting outdoors, having fun, sharing my stories, tips and mistakes to inspire more people to get outside, which hopefully, is one of the reasons you are reading this!

What are the Perks of Being a Salomon Ambassador?

Salomon Ambassador Summit, Peak District

Ok, to be totally upfront. The biggest and most awesome perk is receiving all the latest hiking gear, shoes and boots for my adventures.

As you might imagine, I had my own gear but it does get worn a lot and much of it needed replacing.

My very first Salomon item I received was a new pair of hiking boots, the Mid GTX boots. At the time, my own ones had big holes in them and I was desperate for some more! So it really was perfect timing.

But having the gear isn’t the only perk. I’ve now met a whole new group of like-minded (#timetoplay) runners, hikers and general outdoor geeks who I have so much in common with, not to mention matching outfits when we pick the same items in the same colour!

We share the same passion for getting outside and loving the outdoors, well it is pretty awesome you can’t argue with nature!

What are the Downsides from Being a Salomon Ambassador?

Glen Nevis Campsite - my Vango Banshee
Camping at Glen Nevis campsite before climbing Ben Nevis

I initially thought there weren’t any downsides and for most Ambassadors, there certainly aren’t.

The Salomon range of hiking clothes and footwear are all fantastic and the way Salomon work I don’t feel under any pressure to post or share content that I don’t believe in.

For me, as I make a living from my website and social media it does limit who else I can work with. (You can read How to Start a Blog here).  

The Salomon Ambassador programme is not a paid, yes you receive the awesome gear but of course, I can’t go shopping and pay with a pair of hiking boots hehe!

For example, if I was contacted by another hiking boot brand to write a paid for review on a new product, under the Salomon contract I’ve signed I would have to decline.

But that was my choice. Salomon has a fantastic range of clothes and footwear, but at the moment they don’t as yet sell tents, sleeping bags or camping equipment so hopefully, I can still work with other brands I love.

Working as a Salomon Ambassador certainly has many more positives and I’m totally thrilled to be working with them 🙂

What are Salomon’s Expectations?

Enjoying the views in the Peak District
Enjoying the views in the Peak District

This was another common question from you all via Instagram, what do you have to do and what does Salomon expect from you? I hope this answers it for you. Feel free to ask me any more questions in the comments or via my social channels.

When I chatted with the Salomon Ambassador Manager regarding what he would like me to post, it was a simple answer – ‘Keep doing what you’re already doing’.

Salomon isn’t looked for identical people but individuals who share their story in a fun and playful way (as well as being badass at times haha)

For me, that’s posting on Instagram regularly but also sharing on my other social platforms – Twitter and Facebook.

There are a few hashtags linked with the brand, the obvious #salomon but also #timetoplay which you will probably spot and tagging @salomon as well.

These aren’t compulsory, as ambassadors we know our audience and will share, tag and use the hashtag when it’s relevant so as not to bombard you with SALOMON!!!

Striding Edge, Lake District
Hiking along Striding Edge in the Lake District

Recently, new guidelines came in regarding disclosure and advertising, which are long overdue in the UK. They focus around when a post is an advert and when it’s not!

It’s pretty complicated stuff but the majority of the time you won’t see adverts from Salomon from me, you’ll see me wearing and using the gear and telling you what I think. If it is an advert then I will be expected to clearly use #Ad at the beginning of my post.

There are also other events that we might be asked to get involved with all over the country, these can be anything from in-store training at retail shops around the country, to running or outdoor festivals and larger shows.

For example, you might remember in my Insta Stories I attended the Go Outdoors event in Doncaster, which was a fantastic event.

Not only did I get a few freebies haha, but I learnt more about the products, which in turn helps me answer questions. Are our boots vegan? What chassis do the boots have? Oh, and what colour do they come in hehe!

There are Salomon Ambassadors dotted all over the UK so depending on your other commitments you might be asked to join and help out. But they will never force you to help at an event in Scotland if you live in Devon (I hope haha).

Tips for Becoming a Salomon Ambassador

Salomon Ambassador Summit, Peak District
Loving the outdoors #timetoplay

Firstly, I have no influence over who becomes an ambassador. Secondly, if you want to try and bribe me… I like chocolate and red wine, hehe, only joking I’m afraid.

Here are my personal tips for what I think you could do.

Again, I have nothing to do with the recruitment process of ambassadors, but since this was one of the common questions I wanted to share my thoughts and tips!

  1. Have fun, go on adventures and share your photos.
  2. Don’t expect these things to happen overnight – I’ve had my website and Instagram since 2017 and I have worked really hard (sometimes a little too hard).
  3. Salomon is looking for people who fit the brand #timetoplay so don’t try and be someone you’re not.
  4. If you have Salomon footwear or outdoor gear, post photos and use the hashtags (#salomon #timetoplay #SalomonWMN) – everyone can use them.
Helvellyn Lake District #timetoplay
It’s always a #timetoplay day – Helvellyn Lake District

What Do the other Ambassadors Think About Being a Salomon Ambassador?

Don’t just take my word for it! I’ve asked a few of my fellow Salomon Ambassadors, a few hikers and runners how they feel about being a Salomon Ambassador.

Do they enjoy it? What is there favourite part?

Feel free to check out their Instagram and other socials, I love them all. Just click the links 🙂

Rory Southworth @RorySouthworth

Rory Southworth - Salomon Ambassador-2
Rory doing what he does best – loving the outdoors

“Last summer I attended the Edinburgh Salomon Trail Running Festival, where I spoke to some of the Salomon team and ambassadors.

Maybe they saw my passion for the outdoors, or they liked my running stories, but later that week I received an email from Salomon Running asking if I wanted to become an ambassador.

I love the family vibe that being an ambassador has. We all chat regularly, share tips and encourage each other.

Salomon Ambassador Rory - time to play
Rory is always full of energy

Salomon has a history of Innovation in running and I love that I can genuinely be inspired to do a challenge from their products. The SLAB XA Alpine 2 shoe made me think a multi-day winter high-level run across Scotland could be comfortable.

The ADV Skin 12 Set pack made me think about carrying an axe and being able to run winter ridge lines fast and light. I feel their kit opens up possibilities through their design innovation.”

You can follow more of Rory’s adventures on Instagram

Laura Kitching @KitKatBoro


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Laura Kitching (@kitkatboro) on

“I was contacted by Salomon through Instagram with their offer of support – I think it took me about 30 seconds to reply with a massive YES! I couldn’t believe it was really happening, just a normal girl, working 9-5, taking photos on her phone!

It has been fantastic to meet so many talented and inspirational people and I cannot wait to learn more from them in the future.

Being a Salomon Ambassador is an incredible honour, and something I am proud of every day.”

You can follow Laura’s adventures via Instagram

Nicola Hardy @Adventurer.Nic

Nicola Hardy - Salomon Ambassador-2
Adventurer Nic, enjoying the beautiful Lake District

“The invite to become a Salomon Outdoors Ambassador hit me completely out of the blue.

I’d always loved going for runs in my Salomon Speedcross 3 trail running shoes, however, I was primarily a walker/peak bagger and I had no idea that Salomon had such a wide range of footwear and clothing for adventurers.

When the Influencer Manager approached me via Instagram, he explained that Salomon is an all-mountain brand with a wide range of footwear and clothing designed for women just like me.

He said it was clear from my social media accounts that I already spent all of my free time having fun in the mountains and that I would be a great fit to represent the brand whilst taking on my outdoor challenges.

I think Salomon picked me because of the enthusiasm and positivity that shines through my social media channels and when people meet me face to face. In the last year, I’ve brought around 100 fellow hill walkers together via Instagram to share adventures in the UK and overseas.

After each event, I share highlights on social media and encourage others to take part.

I am no fair-weather walker and spend a huge amount of time outdoors in all conditions. The result is that I’m a natural gear tester, my outdoors kit simply has to prove its ability to withstand the often harsh conditions the UK has to offer.

Salomon can rely on me to put their gear to test in the environment it’s designed to work well in, and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Nicola Hardy - Salomon Ambassador 2
Nicola Hardy – Salomon Ambassador

The pros of being a Salomon Outdoors Ambassador are multiple. The first is the feeling that I’m part of a community of like-minded individuals, all signed up to the #TimeToPlay ethos that Salomon promotes.

Effectively, we’re all adults who still love to play outside! Salomon orchestrates opportunities for us to get together and have fun in the outdoors and do new activities like abseiling (and even mountain yoga!) that I otherwise might never have tried.

The second would be that as a lover of outdoor gear and kit in general, I get to be one of the first to put my hands on new releases of footwear and clothing. There’s no better feeling than opening a box for the first time and seeing a new pair of boots and imagining the adventures you’ll take them on.

Thirdly, I have a sense of pride in supporting a brand I wholeheartedly believe in, which listens to its customers and is innovative and forward-thinking.

How does it make me feel being a Salomon Outdoors Ambassador? This sums it up perfectly – when I’ve got the Salomon ‘S’ on my chest I feel like I’ve got mountain climbing superpowers! I think I’ll need it when I tackle all the Scottish Munro mountains this summer!”

Update – Nic is no longer a Salomon Ambassador, due to personal reasons, but you’ll still spot her wearing Salomon clothes and footwear!

You can follow Nic’s awesome adventures on Instagram

Click here to go to Salomon’s website for hiking boots, gear and clothes – just to see what you think 🙂


2023 Salomon Ambassador applications are now closed

How to apply for a Salomon Ambassador role?

Here are the criteria from the last application process that you were required to meet to be able to apply for the Salomon ambassador role. 

  • Must have a public Instagram account
  • Your Instagram page shows your passion for the outdoors
  • Business/Creator Instagram account type (you can easily switch to this if you don’t have)
  • Open to share product reviews
  • Open to work at events (I’ve done numerous Guided hikes and helped at festivals too)
  • Ability to follow and complete campaign guidelines
  • No purchased followers and engagement/no bots
  • At least 18 years old

Click here to apply – Salomon Ambassador application (now closed)


Do you have any more questions about my role as a Salomon Ambassador? Ask me in the comments (or on Instagram)

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How I became a Salomon Ambassador

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