I Bet You’ve Done At Least ONE of These Things Whilst Hiking!

Scotland, UK - Conic Hill

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There seems to be a list for everything at the moment!

100 top photos you must take before you die, 25 amazing castles/beaches/cities/waterfalls you must go to, 30 countries you need to visit before you’re 30, 20 awesome hikes to do in the world (haha oops I’ve actually written this one).

But what about a list for all those awesome things you do whilst you’re out walking? Where’s the list recognising all those epic hiking challenges? Drum roll, please…

Whether you’re a beginner hiker or someone who goes hiking every weekend, there should be at least one thing on this list you have done. And if not then I challenge you for the remainder of the year (or set yourself a challenge for next year) to tick at least one of these off your list!

Here are the top 30 things you can do whilst you are hiking.

How many of these epic hiking challenges can you tick off?  Let me know in the comments how many you’ve done!

30 epic hiking challenges (aka things to do whilst hiking)

1. Put on a pair of hiking boots

Malham Cove - Yorkshire Dales
Views from the top of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales

What! You’ve not put on a pair of hiking boots yet! You’ve never lived hehe. Get yourself down to your near outdoor shop (or even a charity shop) and get yourself a pair.

Ready for those awesome hiking adventures!

2.Tried to use a compass

Peak District Hayfield walk
My attempt at map reading in the Peak District

A point here for the emphasis on trying to use one because I’m no expert when it comes to reading a compass and map reading.

A compass is pretty cheap to buy so get yourself one for your next trip (If anything, you look like you know what you’re doing when you have one)

3. Stood on a trig point (half a point if you have tried to get on one!)

Bwlch hike - Brecon Beacons
The famous Welsh dragon on a trig point in Wales

Trigs or trig points are scatted all over the UK countryside, they are used to triangulate distances for surveying.

But, secretly they are just fun to stand on and get a better view. Watch out on windy days, you don’t want to get blown off.

4. Got a little bit lost on a hike

Castleton in The Peak District
Having a moment to study the map (after going wrong)

Are you even a real hiker if you haven’t got a little bit lost before! As mentioned I’m not fantastic at map reading, purely because I get distracted a lot when I’m hiking.

It’s all about learning when you go out hiking (um, learning not to get lost).

5. Sat on the ground and got a wet bum

Peak District Edale via Crowden Rocks - Snow
Yes, I can confirm sitting in snow will give you a wet bum!

You know the ground I mean, that tempting grassy patch or mossy ground that looks so comfy. But as soon as you stand back up again you realise that lovely warm feeling has now translated into a wet bum.

No excuse for sitting in the snow, that was always going to end badly.

6. Seen a waterfall on a hike

Aysgarth Falls
Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales

Waterfalls are perfect for wet weather hiking. If you want to see an awesome waterfall then simply go for a hike in the rain (and near a river or stream of course)!

Planning a trip to York in the UK then you can visit Aysgarth Falls on a day trip from York.

7. Climbed over a stile

Norber hike - Yorkshire Dales - R (3)

Stiles come in all shapes and sizes, some with handy steps, some with secret wooden slats that lift up and special stiles for dogs too. If you’ve not climbed a stile on a hike yet then get out there are see what you can find.

The excitement of climbing your first one is simply AMAZING!

8. Met some friendly sheep

Redmire Falls hike (3) (1280x736)

Bonus point if you always say hi to the sheep too, baa 🙂

9. Climbed some steps (for an awesome view of course!)

Malham Cove - Yorkshire Dales
Steps up to Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales

Yes, I know those flats walks alongside rivers are beautiful but for the epic views, you sometimes need to climb a step or two.

10. Attempted a yoga move pose on your hike

Atlas Mountains - Mt Toubkal
Yoga and mountains are a great combo!

Seriously, I thought everyone did this. What, it’s just me? No, surely not, there must be some more yoga (attempted) hikers out there!

Tag me on Instagram and I will give them some love @beckythetraveller

11. Gone hiking in the snow (bonus point if you’ve fallen over too!)

Peak District Edale via Crowden Rocks - Snow
Hiking/ falling over in the Peak District

It’s snowing, it looks pretty, a white scattering of snow on the ground. What next? Go hiking of course! Watch out for the deep snow drifts that you sink into!

Yes, this is me demonstrating how not to walk in the snow!

12. Crossed over a train line

Castleton in The Peak District (24) (1280x851)

Safety first, look left and right and then right then left.

13. Saw some weird mushrooms growing in the woods

Ben Lomond (13) (1280x853)

Hiking through the woods, check out trees and mossy ground for some weird mushrooms (I think these ones are actually edible – any mushroom experts out there?)

14. Put a rock on a cairn (that big pile of stones)

Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall hike
Stones tumbling off the cairn

Those big piles of stones you see are so handy when the weather is bad and you can’t see more than a few metres in front of you. Help a fellow hiker and add one to the pile!

15. Still been out hiking when the sun is setting

Houndkirk Hill - Peak District circular hike (near Hathersage)
Houndkirk Hill in the Peak District

Now, this could be because you have ticked off number 4 on the list and got lost or maybe it was planned. Whatever the answer, hiking at sunset is awesome and you’ll be rewarded (unless it’s pouring down with rain!)

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16. Met a cute dog on your hike

Alport Castles hike from Ladybower Reservoir

So many cute dogs in the world and they love hiking too.

17. Sat down to enjoy the view (and eat snacks)

Cadair Idris - Snowdonia Wales (15)

Hiking is great, but wow those views are stunning. Sit, chill and eat cake (that’s the reason you’re hiking in the first place!)

18. Taken a jumping photo whilst hiking

Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall hike (45)

Ok, maybe this is just me and a select few energetic hikers. But I promise you it’s great fun. Go on give it a go 🙂

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram for any of your cool jumping shots too @beckythetraveller

19. Found a cool shelter

Haytor walk - Dartmoor
Cool shelter in Dartmoor National Park

You never know when you might need to shelter from the rain or wind so keep an eye out for some cool shelters whilst you are hiking.

20. Crossed a bridge (with a dog optional!)

Cadair Idris - Snowdonia Wales
Hiking across the slate bridge on the route back from Cadair Idris

Slate bridges, wooden bridges, stones bridges, metal bridges and even stepping stones (hmm do they count as a bridge!)

21. Opted to go downhill on your bum

Tryfan Snowdonia
Scrambling down from Tryfan mountain in Snowdonia

It could be that moment when you’re legs have given up on your or the ground is really that slippery or you just want a secret rest. If the ground is a little damp then you could even tick off number 11 at the same time hehe.

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22. Seen a rainbow on your hike

Falls of Dochart Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park
Beautiful rainbow at the Falls of Dochart in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

With rainy day hikes, you sometimes have the added bonus of a rainbow (if the sun decides to be kind to you!)

23. Tried to balance on a tree trunk (without falling off)

Harting Down - South Downs (64) (1280x853)

Yes, I know my talents are endless haha! But come on, this is an easier ish one to tick off. (Please don’t try it with branches attached!)

24. Met goats on your hike!

Atlas Mountains - Mt Toubkal
Friendly goat in the Atlas mountains in Morocco

Goats are known to be a little more chatty than sheep. Although, they have a scary resemblance to a crying baby so don’t go searching for a missing child when it might be a goat.

25. Ran out of water on a hike

Bwlch hike - Brecon Beacons
Pretending to drink water, when really it’s an empty bottle haha

Disaster strikes, it’s a hot sunny day and you’ve not taken enough water. Don’t drink from that puddle, it’s really not a good idea.

But us hikers are very lovely, ask a fellow walker and they might be kind enough to give you some water.

26. Bumped into a seal sunbathing

Porthgain to Abereiddi walk
Mr or Mrs Seal on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path in Wales

Ok, bumping into is not the best way to meet a seal and even though they look cute they have scary teeth so say hi from a distance (or use a big zoom lens!)

27. Almost got blown over in the wind

Whitesands Bay to St Davids Head
Those coastal winds can be pretty strong!

You expect it to be blowy at the top of a mountain but there are some pretty strong coastal winds too. Always keep your hand on your hat (and skirt!)

28. Eaten too much cake on a hike

North York Moors - Rosedale Railway (203) (1280x802)

As mentioned the whole point of hiking is so that you can eat lots of cakes. If you’ve not ticked this off your list then really there’s something wrong! Tell me what your favourite hiking cake is in the comments. Also happy to accept free samples!

29. Had to go on a detour (bonus point if it was because of cows)

North York Moors - Ravenscar to Robin Hood's Bay
Cows versus hiking through a field in North York Moors (the cows won)

Detours can occur because of numerous reasons, a flooded field, roadworks or even a heard of cows. Is anyone else scared of cows? Just look at them, they are huge!

30. Gone for a wild wee

Hafren Forest - River Severn trail Wales
Nature’s toilet door (a tree)

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go! Woods make a great spot for a wild wee (although these trees won’t hide much). But if you’re not close to woods then a big rock is great too! Remember to leave no trace :).

How many of those epic hiking challenges (aka things) have you ticked off? Tell me in the comments I’d love to know who’s got a full house!

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How many of these hiking challenges have you done
How many of these hiking challenges have you done
How many of these hiking challenges have you done

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8 thoughts on “I Bet You’ve Done At Least ONE of These Things Whilst Hiking!

  1. Henry says:

    Great photos, i’ll hold my hand up to many of the things, but my most embarrassing without doubt is No. 29 haha

  2. Josy A says:

    Lol yep, I have done all of these…although I’ve not bumped into a seal quite that close!! I’ve seen them from a distance.

    I’d add:
    – Fallen into a bog
    – Held down barbed wire so you can clamber over it
    – Snagged your clothes on brambles

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      haha, that seal was on a beach in Wales, he was so camouflaged I nearly didn’t see him! I admit I’ve fallen into a bog too and on my recent trip I didn’t snag my clothes but my legs got a hammering from all the brambles!!

  3. Katie says:

    Wow, I’ve actually done over half of these! Maybe I am a hiker after all!
    Can I count ran out of water if I never packed any in the first place? Oops! I’ll never do that again, haha!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Haha I guess you must be then if you’ve done over half! Yeah, I reckon not packing water counts as running out! I regularly see people out walking with no bags or water, I guess sometimes a short walk turns into a long one when around the next corner it’s beautiful!

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