Mount Toubkal Trek | Why You SHOULD Go Hiking in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains

Climbing Mount Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains-2

My Mount Toubkal Trek was one of my Morocco highlights. After spending 4 days hiking in the Atlas Mountains and reaching the summit of Mount Toubkal  (4,167m/13,671ft). I had so many amazing photos of the trip.

Although Morocco is a popular destination, not many people take on the challenge of climbing a mountain on their trip! Well, I can understand why but here I am hoping I can tempt you to take on the challenge to book the Mount Toubkal trek in the Atlas Mountains.

Toubkal is not only the highest mountain in Morocco but it is also the highest mountain in North Africa. The trek begins with gradual uphill which does get steeper after a while. Don’t worry there are plenty of places to stop on the route for snacks and water. And of course, to catch your breath!

The Mount Toubkal Trek to the summit does involve some high altitude

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Hiking in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains doesn’t need any technical climbing or special equipment during the warmer months. Just a good pair of walking boots and some determination to keep you going to the top of the mountain.

The Mount Toubkal trek to the summit does involve some high altitude. However, over the 4 days of staying in the Berber villages, in the Atlas Mountains, your body acclimatises and you get a great idea of life in the up high in mountains.

You can opt for a one-day trek and have a flavour of the Atlas Mountains. However, I chose a 4-day hike on a group tour with  G Adventures starting and finishing in Marrakech (7-day tour).

This way you experience more of what the Atlas mountains has to offer, including reaching the summit. There are also tours in winter, which would be a completely different experience. Check out other trekking options here with Toubkal Trekking.

Why would I recommend the hiking the Mount Toubkal Trek? Here are my favourite photos from my Atlas Mountains Trek.

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Mount Toubkal Trek in Morocco’s Atlas mountains

1. Away from the craziness of Marrakesh the Mount Toubkal trek starts with nature around you

Atlas Mountains - Mount Toubkal Trek - day 1 starting off
Starting the Toubkal Trek (in very hot temperatures)

2. Friendly mules to help on the trek with your duffel bags

Atlas Mountains - Mount Toubkal Trek - mules on the trek
Our mules on the trek carrying our duffel bags

3. Mount Toubkal trek day 1 with stunning views after a few hours

Atlas Mountains - Mount Toubkal Trek - beautiful views
Views of the Atlas Mountains

4. Locals open up their shops especially for you

Mount Toubkal Trek - local villages
Plenty of breaks on the Toubkal Trek

5. First-hand experience what it’s like living in the Atlas Mountains

Mount Toubkal Trek - local Berber villages
A local Berber Village

6. Mount Toubkal Trek – learning about the farming challenges on a mountain

Mount Toubkal Trek - farming
Farming in the Atlas Mountains

7. The rest stops after the big uphill climbs are so worth it

Mount Toubkal Trek - day 2 on the trek
Day 2 on the trek – the highest point that day

8. Exploring the Berber villages and experiencing local life in the Atlas Mountains

Mount Toubkal Trek - Berber villages
No room for cars in the Berber Villages

9. And getting lost in the Berber villages – it all looks the same!

Mount Toubkal Trek - Berber villages
Enjoying some time at the end of the day’s hike to explore

10. Each day on the trek brings even more gorgeous views

Mount Toubkal Trek
Day 3 on Mount Toubkal Trek

11. And you get to meet the local wildlife whose home is in the Atlas Mountains too

Mount Toubkal Trek - Moroccan goat living in Atlas Mountains
Friendly goats on the trek

12. Camping sites don’t get much better than this

Mount Toubkal Trek - Basecamp
Basecamp for Mount Toubkal Trek

13. Reaching Mount Toubkal summit feels amazing

Mount Toubkal Trek - Mt Toubkal summit
Yes, I made it to Toubkal summit!

14. Would you believe it… there’s a great gym at Mount Toubkal summit too!

Mount Toubkal Trek, Atlas Mountains
Getting some funny looks haha

15. So what are you waiting for……..

Mount Toubkal Trek - Mt Toubkal summit views of the Atlas Mountains
Views of the Atlas Mountains from Mt Toubkal summit

Read my full post here on trekking in the Atlas Mountains

My tour was booked with G Adventures, a group tour company that is passionate about working with local communities and employing staff from the area. So no British tour guides here! All tour guides will be from Morocco and have great local knowledge of the area.

If you’re planning a winter trip read my packing list for winter here

Want to find out more about their group tours?

Would you love to take on the Mount Toubkal Trek in Morocco’s the Atlas Mountains? Ask me any questions about the trek or reaching the summit in the comments below. 

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Mount Toubkal Trek in Morocco - Mount Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains is Morocco's highest mountain. Check out these great reasons to add this hiking challenge to your bucket list. Trekking | Mountains | Adventure | Challenge | Toubkal trekking | Toubkal trek | Atlas Mountain trekking | Atlas Mountain Trek

*I booked and paid for the Mount Toubkal Trek, Morocco independently through G Adventures

19 thoughts on “Mount Toubkal Trek | Why You SHOULD Go Hiking in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains

  1. Kiara Gallop says:

    I’m a lover of hiking too and this one has been on my travel hit list for soooo long! I did a bit of hiking through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco many years ago, and absolutely adored the Berber hospitality so I can’t wait get back to the mountains of North Africa 🙂 I’m actually contemplating doing this hike in a long weekend (I work full-time too so only have a limited amount of leave), what do you reckon?

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah that’s great to hear Kiara. Yes totally agree the Berber hospitality was fantastic on route and I loved staying in the little villages. I know you can start the hike from a different place which might reduce the time hiking but I really liked this route and you got to spend longer in the mountains so that was a bonus for me!

  2. Kelly says:

    This looks like an amazing way to experience the authentic culture that Morocco has to offer. I am not gonna lie, I would be terrified to hike for four days but the pictures make me want to face the fear!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah thanks Kelly. Morocco is really a beautiful country so I would recommend visiting. I hope that you do get to face your fear because it’s really a fantastic hike. There are lots of rest stops and you go at a slow pace too 🙂

  3. The 5 to 9 Traveller says:

    Ooo so glad you posted about this! Been thinking of doing this hike with GA Adventures so its good to hear some positive feedback about them as I’ve never used them before. And the views look lush!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah yes they are a really good company to book with, I have done a few hikes with them and would highly recommend. I’ve written another post about my hike so feel free to check that out too for a more detailed perspective 🙂

  4. Cory Varga says:

    We are moving to Spain and we are thinking of driving to Morroco to make the most out of the country. Obviously, it would be quite a task, but we kinda like the idea. And what would be better than climbing a mountain whilst we are at it?

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ah that sounds like a fantastic idea Cory, I have only explored Marrakech and Essaouira so far but loved the country and would want to spend more time there. Ironically there is a road that can take you some of the way but I think hiking is a much more beautiful way to see the mountains.

  5. Kellie says:

    Wow looks like an incredible trip! I haven’t been hiking in a while but really want to get back into it. If I ever travel to Morocco this is now on my list. I pinned this to my bucklist.

  6. Christie says:

    This looks like an amazing trip! The views looks beautiful and I love the look of the Berber villages. I would love to visit Morocco and I’ll definitely have to see the Atlas Mountains when I do!

  7. Su Nanayakkara says:

    Hi Becky,
    I work for 360-Expeditions who offer 6 day trip to Toubkal summit. So when I came across your blog I was really interested to see what you thoughts were on this beautiful trek, and I have to say that I really liked your post on Toubkal!!. The list of 15 reasons alongside 15 great pictures really does get you thinking about going on a trip to Morroco 🙂 Nice work.

  8. imlil says:

    I work as tour Guide in atlas mountains and i climb mount Toubkal once a week
    its very nice to find people saying very good tings about my area, its attract more tourist
    thanks a lot for sharing this with world

  9. Emma says:

    I liked your post but think it’s slightly misleading. You hiked up a mountain with a group of Brits on a UK organised holiday. Wouldn’t it have been better to book directly in Imlil? There’s lots of guides and local tour companies offering to take tourists up Toubkal. And then at least you’re funding the local Moroccan economy and cutting out the British middle man. Also letting a donkey carry your bags up a mountain? That’s just rubbish advice. Carry your own kit.

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Hi Emma, thanks for your thoughts. I don’t feel I’ve been misleading, I’ve talked about my personal experience hiking Mt Toubkal which was via GAdventures (a Canadian based company, so yes spot, on not Moroccan, but not British). Our group was people from all over the world (USA, Canada, Brits and Europeans – I can’t remember them all!!) If you take a look at GAdvenutures you can read how they are a very ethical company, all the guides and team are Moroccan, we also stayed at Moroccan accommodation. I appreciate your comments regarding kit; I now might consider carrying my own kit but that’s a service that is offered as part of the tour and very common in Morocco. I guess it’s the equivalent of sherpers in Nepal or the porters who carried my kit on Kilimanjaro. For some people carrying their own kit would mean they wouldn’t be able to do the hike at all. Many of the people in the group work really hard so why not treat yourself when you’re on holiday and support the local economy by employing people to walk with the donkeys. I appreciate you have your own thoughts on the matter, but if I can inspire people to take a trip to somewhere they might not have thought of then surely that’s a good thing. Have a lovely day. Becky 🙂

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