How Good Are ArcticDry Waterproof Walking Socks? (REVIEW)

ArcticDry waterproof walking socks

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How much consideration do you factor in when choosing your hiking socks? If you’re anything like me then maybe it’s not that much. So having the opportunity to try out ArcticDry waterproof socks really got me thinking. Why on earth have I not taken more care of my feet in the past?

I have good hiking boots, but as for socks, I have a few good pairs that my sister bought me for my birthday but no really good quality walking socks! For someone with odd feet, (I had an operation so now have different sized feet, only by half a size haha) I should have done more sock research as I regularly suffer from blisters, ouch!

Generally, if it’s pouring with rain then you might not consider going out hiking, but sometimes the rain seems to magically appear from no-where and decides to soak you to the skin. I remember hiking in Snowdonia last year and the weather wasn’t kind to me. I ended up doing a full outfit change back at my car.

Then a snowy hike in the Peak District resulted in full feet submerge into icy water as the snow hid a wet and boggy patch! So it’s good to be prepared with the right socks.

Read my full and honest ArcticDry hiking socks review to see what I thought and whether I would recommend them for your hiking gear list.
Arctic Dry Waterproof Socks (10)

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Who is Arctic Dry?

ArcticDry is a UK based company specialising in outdoor sports clothing. They are located in the centre of the UK in Birmingham, not too far from my home in Nottingham! Although don’t worry they do send their products in the post!

They have a range of different products from knee-length waterproof socks, waterproof gloves (coming soon) and cycling shorts.

ArcticDry socks and waterproof products are designed for anyone who loves the outdoors, whatever the weather! They are not only suitable for people that love hiking adventures, but cyclists, skiers or snowboarders too. I certainly have a few friends that have mentioned how great it would be to have dry feet whilst out cycling or hiking. There’s nothing worse than wet feet.

What sock sizes are available?

There are three sizes of waterproof socks you can choose from small, medium or large. Small is for shoe sizes 4-8 (37-42), the medium is 8-11 (42-46) and large is 11-13 (46-48)

I’m a size 7 for shoes, although my hiking boots are an 8. Does anyone else always get a size bigger for hiking boots or is it just me? Anyway, I opted for the ‘Small’ size.

I was nervous whether they would fit comfortably but I didn’t need to worry they fitted perfectly. The best way I can describe putting them on is they feel a bit like wetsuit socks but not as tight.

My first hiking trip wearing ArcticDry waterproof socks

Arctic Dry Waterproof Socks (8)

Challenge 1 – How was I going to try out waterproof socks on the hottest day of the year?

It was a special occasion, my birthday, another year older, arhh! But never mind, it was time to try out my new walking socks. I had been wild camping in the Peak District and woke to a beautiful sunrise from my little tent. The ground was still damp from the morning due and normally I would be putting my hiking boots straight on. But I decided to put the ArcticDry socks through their paces from the start.

I cooked breakfast, made myself a cup of tea, wandered around the tent trying to find my spoon for breakfast. All whilst wearing my socks on the damp ground. To touch the socks felt damp but due to the triple layer design, my feet were lovely and dry.

Test 1 complete, but now for a real waterproof challenge!

How waterproof are ArcticDry socks?

Peak District - Edale via Kinder Downfall

Is it true, waterproof socks? Well, I will tell you how I tested them out and you can see for yourself!

I hiked from Edale via Kinder Downfall in the Peak District in a circular loop past Kinder Reservoir and back via Jacobs Ladder. I will be sharing a full post on my walk so keep reading for more hiking routes!

On the way down there was a lovely stream, with stepping stones to cross. But in official test mood, I stood in the water for over 2 minutes to give my socks a real challenge.

Did they get wet and soggy? Nope, they were awesome. Did I get random looks from other hikers? Yes, but I have thick skin so I can cope with that because yippee my feet were lovely and dry.

I continued this on the way down the path, jumping in and out of the stream like some crazy women who wanted to get wet feet. But each time I failed, dry feet (see photo above!)

At the end of my hike, I finally took my hiking boots off, such an amazing feeling. Then off came the socks, they felt damp on the outside but my feet were dry, yippee, sock success!

How do you wash ArcticDry socks?

Ok, let’s keep it simple!

Step 1 – Take socks off
Step 2 – Turn inside out (you may have already done this when taking them off!)
Step 3 – Hand wash or use a ‘hand or wool wash cycle’ on your machine
Step 4 – Hang out to dry

No special washing powder needed.

Don’t try on radiators or another heat source. The socks dry really quickly anyway so this isn’t a big issue

These instructions are on the back of the packaging or on the ArcticDry website but you can always click back here to check!

Final thoughts on ArcticDry waterproof socks and would I recommend them?

Arctic Dry Waterproof Socks (3)

I admit, when I first read waterproof socks I initially thought that’s impossible. But how wrong I was! ArcticDry socks were fantastic. I admit I’ve still not tried them out in traditional UK rainy conditions but I think the full stream submerges did a good test.

My second and longer adventure wearing the ArcticDry socks was in the Lake District. Another Bank holiday in the UK where the weather was crazy hot, I’m not complaining. I wore the socks over two long days of hiking. (Yes, the same pair over the two days because I was wild camping and every gram counts when you are carrying your own kit!)

Day 1, I found the socks very comfortable and breathable, considering how much I was sweating. Again I enjoyed wandering around on the top of Sheffield Pike on the ground with only my socks on.

The hike on day 2 seemed even hotter and when I finally returned to my car, I did find that they were slightly damp inside from all my sweat (yes I know that’s a disgusting thought). If I’m honest, these would not be the socks I would choose for a hot sunny day’s hike and probably not what ArcticDry had in mind when they were designing them. However, blister count of the two days was zero!

In their element (ie a rainy day hike) ArcticDry socks would be amazing and would keep your feet lovely and dry, ensuring your feet were free from blisters which is the main point.  I would love to try them out in the snow. Next winter in the UK I will certainly be wearing them on my hikes.

And finally, if I could change one thing, black and grey socks, come on guys where are the pink socks, you know that’s my favourite colour!


For more information or to buy your very own pair of ArcticDry waterproof socks click their website here

Or you can go shopping on Amazon and pick yourself a pair!

You can also follow ArcticDry on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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ArcticDry waterproof walking socks
ArcticDry waterproof walking socks
ArcticDry waterproof walking socks

*ArcticDry provided me with these waterproof socks for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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2 thoughts on “How Good Are ArcticDry Waterproof Walking Socks? (REVIEW)

  1. Robert Wilson says:

    Those socks sound ideal for hiking. I take size 10 for shoes and boots, and I have wide feet.
    Having different sized feet would not be an issue when wearing walking boots and socks, but have you had any issues when wearing trail shoes and normal socks?

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Yes, they are great for hiking trips Robert. I also have wide feet haha so normally buy a size above my normal size so I’m a 7 but buy a size 8. I’ve only worn them with my hiking boots so far because generally when the weather is bad I want more support on slippy rocks.

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