Budget Accommodation On Hadrian’s Wall Walk | (Greenhead Hostel Review)

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Looking for some budget accommodation on Hadrian’s Wall walk in the north of England? A hostel seems the obvious choice if you are travelling on a budget. Greenhead Hostel is a unique place to stay at. Well, the accommodation is a converted Methodist Chapel!

There is a huge social area with a high ceiling and a kitchen that is great for catering in large numbers. Ignoring the fact that it’s an electric hob! I don’t seem to be able to cook well on electric but hey it’s better than nothing!

Both the hostel and Greenhead Hotel across the road had been taken over by new owners (I stayed in September 2017). You can see that the hostel has great potential but the giant space felt a little unloved when I stayed. The brightly coloured walls definitely helped though.

Greenhead Hostel - social area
The very large social area at Greenhead Hostel

On arriving, in torrential rain, I first had the challenge of getting into the hostel. The door has a security code but the only way you can get that is by checking in at the hotel across the road. A little unclear when you first arrive and nothing a little sign wouldn’t sort out. To be honest it wouldn’t have bothered me had I not been getting soaked haha!

Again once in the hostel, the signs were missing telling me where my room was so I was wandering upstairs before I came across my room (actually downstairs!) The dorm room was spacious and had 6 beds to choose from. Bedding is provided but you’ll need to make your own bed up. Something that I’m completely happy doing in a budget hostel but a bit of a pain if you’re late arriving!

Greenhead Hostel Information

Hostel Address

Greenhead Hostel and Hotel, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 7HB


Greenhead Hostel is the best location if you want to explore Hadrians’s Wall in Northumberland National Park. You can either use the hostel as a base to explore different sections of the wall, heading east and west. Or alternatively, it can be a stop off point for completing the entire walk (normally between 4-5 days).


  • Dorm style beds
  • Social/dining area with pool and table football
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Hot showers
  • Breakfast and meals available (at Hotel)


  • Dorm rooms – 6 rooms (40 beds in 6/8 bed dorms)
  • Hotel rooms – 4 rooms (2 family, 1 twin and 1 double – all ensuite)
  • Self-contained flat for 5 people


  • Hostel – £15 per person per night*
  • Please check the website for hotel and flat costs

*All rates correct at time of writing.

Greenhead Hostel Overall Thoughts

Greenhead Hostel - dorm room
6-bed dorm room at Greenhead Hostel

My overall thoughts from Greenhead Hostel is that it was a great location. But it’s not what I love from a hostel. The social area was so big that you felt a little bit lost! On the flip side I can imagine in peak season when the hostel is busy it has a different feel to it. With the pool and table football games being regularly played!

The hostel can be hired out in its entirety. For organisations and groups, this would be a great place to stay. And the large space would become a positive thing so there’s enough space for everyone.

My dorm room was spacious. I was worried that it would be cold, with high ceilings it’s harder to heat. But as soon as the heating was turned on my room was lovely and warm. Being an old converted church one this that is in limited supply is the charging points. I only found one in my room but since I was the only one it was fine. Maybe an extension cable would be a handy addition for when the room is full.

And finally, the Hotel and bar across the road is a perfect place for breakfast and hot meals if you don’t want to cook. And a pint of beer from local brewers Corby Ale in Carlisle. A welcome treat after a long day’s walk on Hadrian’s Wall.

Would I stay here again?

Maybe – I loved the location, it was great for exploring Hadrian’s Wall but the hostel vibe was missing. I’m putting maybe as the owners were new so I can imagine more improvements to the hostel.

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Greenhead Hostel More Photos

Greenhead Hostel kitchen
Greenhead Hostel kitchen including electric hobs!

Greenhead Hostel - dining area
The dining area which is part of the large kitchen

Greenhead Hostel and Hotel - the hotel and pub across the road
Greenhead Hotel across the road

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*I was a guest at Greenhead Hostel. However, all views and opinions are my own.

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