Half Moon Caye, Belize | A Mini Stop – Things to Do

Half Moon Caye Belize

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Half Moon Caye is a tiny island about 2 hours from mainland Belize, close to the famous Blue Hole dive site. I spent less than an hour on it so it might seem a little strange to write a post about my experience.

Well, it could have been longer because I did nearly miss my boat oops! More about that later. I want to tell you about Half Moon Caye, Belize in case your visit is as short as mine was so you don’t miss out.

Half Moon Caye is part of Belize’s Barrier Reef Reserve System, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Am I tempting you a little more to explore this island?

Half Moon Caye, Belize Stop-Off

I booked a full day diving trip from Caye Caulker, including lunch. After our second dive, we then pulled up at a little jetty, alongside 2 or 3 other boats on Half Moon Caye. This pretty little island was our lunch stop. And I was lucky enough to see my first halo around the sun, a full circle caused by clouds that contain millions of tiny ice crystals.

Sorry, I can’t guarantee you will see this when you visit the island!!

A halo on Half Moon Caye
Halo appearing in the sky on Half Moon Caye

After enjoying a lovely lunch. Rice and beans (a Belizean favourite) with chicken and salad. Very tasty, although you’ll need to get used to this combo as it was served on pretty much every trip I did the entire time I was in Belize! It was time to explore Half Moon Caye.

A few of our boat who had snorkelled close to the island had already had a chance to wander and told me of an osprey’s nest down one end of the island. It doesn’t take long to walk down to explore.

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A hurricane-battered lighthouse

Historic lighthouse on Half Moon Caye Belize
Half Moon Caye Lighthouse (the remains of)

It was only a little walk down the beach but as I got closer I noticed a lot of debris in the water. A brick structure that had collapsed and something rusty in the water. I had no idea what it was but it intrigued me. Later I found out it was the remains of Half Moon Caye’s historic lighthouse.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are common in this area, sadly in September 2010 ‘Storm Matthew‘ caused this historic structure to topple over into the sea. Although, there was something beautiful about seeing the waves gently crashing over the lighthouse on the shoreline.

A new modern structure is now in place on the island. This is where the new nest was. However, after a full 360 degrees walking around I can safely safe the osprey did not want to say hello to me haha! It was still cool to see. Back to the picnic area I then hear about the ‘Bird Tower’ on Half Moon Caye.

More birds – off exploring again on Half Moon Caye

Exploring Half Moon Caye, Belize
Exploring Half Moon Caye, Belize

I make my way down the winding path, it’s cool as the trees create shade from the sizzling sun. I’m enjoying the walk on the sandy ground, hearing the odd rustle in the bushes.

For a wildlife lover, it’s great, I am the only one on the path so it’s nice and quiet.  As I turn a corner who do I see but an iguana sunbathing right in front of me. He’s a pretty big guy, initially not that bothered by me being there! I do some good stalking…. to photograph him, then decides he’s had enough of being a celebrity and disappears off into the jungle.

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Half Moon Caye, Belize - spotting iguanas
Half Moon Caye, Belize – spotting iguanas

It takes me nearly 10 minutes to reach the ‘Bird Tower’, including my little stops on the route. Before I even climb the steps I can see birds nesting very close so I am pretty excited.

Now at this point, I might mention I am still barefooted, perfect for a sand island. But NOT for steps that have heated up in the sun. Wow was I in for some serious pain climbing those steps. I sprinted to the top, a wooden platform so I ripped my top off and used that to stand on. Haha, those birds were in for a real treat, I stood there in my bikini!

Visiting the bird tower


My first treat was coming close to close with Red-Footed Booby, I’d seen the Blue-Footed Booby in the Galápagos Islands so it was great to see these beautiful birds. My trip to Belize was in May, this was the perfect time to see the Red-Footed Booby chicks too.

How cute is this guy :)?

A baby red-footed booby on Half Moon Caye island
A baby red-footed booby on Half Moon Caye island

The second bird nesting and swooping low over your head was the Magnificent Frigatebird. There were a few nesting but plenty of birds flying overhead, it was a great sight.

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A Frigatebird flying overhead on Half Moon Caye island
A Frigatebird flying overhead on Half Moon Caye island

After 10 minutes (or maybe more) taking photos, I need to head back to the boat. I have no idea what time it is leaving and anyway I don’t have a watch. I start a quick walk back to the jetty. But wait who else is on the path? It’s a hermit crab.

So torn between the decision of the dive boat leaving or photographing the hermit crab. Yep you guessed it I chose the hermit crab, I watched him scurrying about and capture a few pics.

Hermit crab stop

Hermit crabs on Half Moon Caye island
Hermit crabs on Half Moon Caye island

Ok now I am really late, I start running back down the path towards the lunch spot and then on to our boat. Oops, it’s actually pulling away from the jetty. They were messing about but if I had done a leisurely stroll back I wouldn’t have been so lucky!

Good job I opted to run back after exploring as the boat was literally just pulling out. Oops, well time does seem to run away from you when you are exploring!

If you’re booking a diving trip during your time in Belize make sure to check whether this island is on your itinerary.  Or if you’re interested in staying a little longer check out these options for staying on Half Moon Caye. You might like to read 5 reasons to stay at The Phoenix Resort in San Pedro, Belize

Becky’s Tips for Half Moon Caye, Belize

  • Even if you’re diving for the day, pack your camera with you to take on the island.
  • Start exploring as soon as you arrive on the island (especially if you are only there for a lunch stop).
  • Wear some sandals/flip-flops (thongs/jandals – whatever you call them!) to save your feet burning on the sand and steps!
  • Keep as quiet as you can when walking the path to ‘Bird Tower’. You have a better chance to spot the iguanas.
  • Wear a watch and find out what time your boat leaves the island!
  • Enjoy the wildlife :).

Would you like to visit Half Moon Caye, Belize? Ask me any questions in the comments below

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Half Moon Caye beach

Half Moon Caye Belize - hermit crab

Half Moon Caye Belize - red-footed Booby

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20 thoughts on “Half Moon Caye, Belize | A Mini Stop – Things to Do

  1. Renee says:

    Your story is wonderfully described and with beautiful pictures as well you’re making me wish I was there. You have a similar writing style to mine as well, which is probably why I enjoy reading it.

  2. Dawn says:

    I loved seeing your wildlife pics. Oh and that beautiful blue water of Belize. I have only been to Nicaragua in Central America and Belize is definitely high up on my list of places I would like to get to soon.

  3. Lapinayviajera says:

    I don’t mind extending my diving surface interval time if I have the chance to explore this place. It looks like a beautiful untouched island.

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Yes it was truly lovely island. I think it’s just about knowing what there is to do there. On arrival it didn’t look like much but as you can see I found quite a bit in a short space of time!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Oh, I’ve never seen a sun halo, much less photographed one – very cool! And so happy you made your boat back, that would have been such a different adventure otherwise!

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      I know me neither, I thought it was a rainbow at first but then when I researched after found out what it was. Pretty cool to see although can’t guarantee it will be there on a visit to the island!

  5. Alicia says:

    Aww, well you got the pic of the hermit crab and the boat so no harm done! haha Wow, that halo around the sun is amazing, it must have been quite the sight! I was also thinking that the lighthouse debris looked kind of cool, but it is sad it was caused by a hurricane.

    • Becky the Traveller says:

      Ha ha yeah only just, but hey that’s what counts I guess. Good job the hermit crab was behaving and not hiding from me ha ha. Yeah I know what you mean about the lighthouse. I didn’t realise how common they were around this part of the world and they sure do some damage when they attack.

  6. Lisa says:

    What a magical sounding little lunch stop! Missing my boat to check out/photograph some critters is definitely something I would do. Glad you weren’t marooned!

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