Visiting The Beautiful Reynisfjara Beach | Vik Iceland

Reynisfjara Beach or Black Beach in Vik Iceland

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You hear some amazing things about Iceland. It’s been on my list for a while and my upcoming trip is looming. Picture a beautiful beach in your head, you might think golden sand and crystal clear turquoise waters. Well, Reynisfjara beach is the complete opposite.

Black sand with the ferocious waves crashing on to it showing the pure power of the ocean. I can’t wait to visit. I will definitely take Steph’s tips on board and make sure I visit early, well maybe not too early, I do like a good lie in!

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Reynisfjara beach from Steph at The Pink Backpack

Reynisfjara Beach Iceland

“Regardless of the season, a trip to Iceland’s famous Reynisfjara beach is a trip to remember. Situated just 2 hours from Reykjavík and 10 km from the South Western town of Vik. Reynisfjara is must-do and can easily be done on an excursion from the capital or pit-stop during a road trip around the island.

The beach offers unique black sand and stunning rock formations that tower over the tumultuous water. The Icelandic legend goes that two trolls attempted to tow a ship to shore, but at sunrise they were turned to stone, forming the coastal towers.

Regardless of what you believe, with views like this one, it’s no wonder why tourists, photographers and nature lovers alike flock to the beach to admire its beauty. But make no mistake, the waves are extremely dangerous and should not be entered. Overall Reynisfjara is definitely worth exploring – but do yourself a favour and go early to avoid the crowds!” Steph

Meet the Photographer

This week’s photo of Reynisfjara beach comes from Steph of The Pink Backpack and was taken using a Canon Rebel T3i with a sigma 18-250mm lens.

Steph is a Canadian blogger with passions for travel, adventure and all things pink! With 36 countries under her belt, Steph most recently explored the jungles of Tanzania and Belize’s blue hole. Her blog includes tips on how to travel affordably, authentically and adventurously.

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Visit the stunning Reynisfjara beach a few hours from Reykjavik. A must stop for anyone taking a trip to Iceland to see this beautiful natural attraction.

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