Platypus Quickdraw REVIEW | Is this the BEST Water Filter for Hiking?

Platypus Quickdraw set next to water

Are you struggling to find the best water filter for your next adventure? Here I review the Platypus Quickdraw filter and answer your questions to help you make the decision whether it’s right for you.

Over the last few years I’ve increased my amount of hiking and wild camping trips. In 2019, I tried out my first filter water bottle for my E2W Challenge, hiking 950-miles across Britain and it was a total game-changer!

Now 3 years on I’ve used a few different water filter products and recently I was asked to test out the latest Platypus Quickdraw water filter. As I had a long distance hike planned it was a perfect opportunity to use and test the filter over my Pennine Way multi-day hike.

I’ve used Platypus products for 10+ years, my first time was on my New Zealand trip, I used a Platypus 2-litre hydration pack with lid as an extra water carrying vessel. More recently I’ve used the Platypus GravityWorks system on multi-day hikes and now it’s the turn of the Platypus Quickdraw!

Here I will include what I loved and didn’t like about the Platypus Quickdraw. If you’ve read my reviews before you’ll know that even though I’m sent these products to test I’ll give my honest opinion and I’m happy to answer any other questions! Pop them in the comments below.

You can also read the questions and answers from my Instagram ‘Question box’ on my stories @beckythetraveller. Scroll down if you asked a question 🙂

Platypus Quickdraw Review

Platypus Quickdraw review
Filtering water at my wild camp spot on the Pennine Way

About Platypus

Platypus focus on all things water related for your hiking or camping adventure. From water filters, water bottles, hydration packs, drinks tubes and cleaning kits. 

If you’re looking at lightweight, robust and non-plastic tasting water carriers then I’d certainly recommend Platypus. They design their products with a double layer film which means you don’t have that plasticy taste and they are also durable and they have a lifetime warranty on all their products.

You can view the range of their different products here.

About the Platypus Quickdraw set

The Platypus Quickdraw set includes the microfilter (the blue section) and a 1-litre reservoir system. 

The filter has a grey screw lid at both ends, one covering the filter (known as the dirty end) and one that you pour or drink the water from (the clean end). 

And the 1-litre hydration pack also comes with a grey cap so you can either use on it’s own to carry water or with the filter. I did a mix of both on my Pennine Way trip.

Weight of the Platypus Quickdraw

  • Microfilter = 95 grams
  • 1-litre hydration pack = 40 grams

Total weight Platypus Quickdraw set = 135 grams

Platypus Quickdraw review
Platypus Quickdraw filling up at a water source

Using the Platypus Quickdraw on the Pennine Way

I had used the Platypus Quickdraw before my Pennine Way trip to test it out but this review and my thoughts are based on my 13-day trip.

Reasons it was perfect for the trip:

  • Lightweight filter
  • Water hydration reservoir also lightweight
  • Pack doesn’t take up much space and reduces the more you drink!
  • Fitted into my side pocket
  • Option to drink directly from filter
  • And option to filter water into separate container
Backpack with water filter in side pocket
Platypus Quickdraw packed in my side pocket on my Pennine Way trip

I set off on my Pennine trip hiking the first 2-day section which is known for no water sources directly on the route. All my water carriers were filled with tap water from the local pub (The Border Hotel at Kirk Yetholm). I had a 500 ml soft flask, 1-litre and 2-litre Platypus hydration packs so 3.5 litres in total.

By using the Platypus reservoirs and soft flask by total weight for the water containers was about 200 grams, then with 3.5 litres of water (3.5 kg) the total weight was 3.7 kg.

If I’d have taken traditional water bottles, firstly, it would have been harder to fit them in due to their shape and secondly, they would have been heavier. For example, my 1-litre water bottle weighs 142 grams so three of those would have been 426 grams, with 40 grams for the soft flask my total weight with the same water would have been 3.9 kg.

Only 200 grams but when you think in terms of food that’s 6 breakfast bars!

How I used on a daily basis on the Pennine Way?

Each day I would find the nearest water sources on the map, maybe a stream, spring or brook and few treat stops (pubs and cafes) where I could get tap water!

At each water source, I’d firstly, drink roughly 500-1,000 ml of water direct from the filter to try and keep hydrated. Factoring in I managed to pick the UK heatwave to do the hike I was conscious about not getting heat stroke or dehydrated due to the miles I was doing each day!

Then depending on where the next water source was I’d fill the 1-litre reservoir and maybe my 500 ml one too, if it was a distance to hike.

For my wild camps in the evenings I’d find a water source and fill up both water reservoirs so I had plenty for when I got to camp overnight and enough for my morning coffee.

becky drinking from water filter
Drinking direct from the Platypus Quickdraw

What I loved about the Platypus Quickdraw?

By now you’re realising that I love the product based on the amount I used it but here’s a quick summary:

  • Lightweight water carrier was a bonus especially for my Pennine Way walk in the UK heatwave!
  • The filter system is so easy to use and I loved how it was versatile so you could switch to how you wanted/needed to use it at a particular time.
  • As a solo hiker it was great that I could hike with less water and then filter on the go. But I was also able to help a few fellow hikers who were low on water during the hike, especially when the weather was insanely hot.
  • The water filters at a good speed! No waiting around for your water, you can fill, filter and drink!
  • The loop by the lid makes it easy to fill without a fear of letting go and losing your reservoir downstream and it’s handy to use to hold it too.
Water filter next to mug
Platypus filter next to my camping mug for size comparison!

What I didn’t like about the Platypus Quickdraw?

Ok, there are a few things that I didn’t completely dislike but I reckon there are a few tweaks that could make it even better!

When using the hydration pack during the hike it would have been handy if the bottom of the pack had a wider base so you could easily stand up without it falling over and spilling water!

Drinking directly from the hydration pack via the filter was fiddly at times especially when it was full. It wasn’t possible to drink on the go and I needed to stop to drink directly from. Not necessarily a bad thing as it meant I had a break.

How much does the Platypus Quickdraw cost?

You can buy the Platypus Quickdraw from a few different outlets, here are a couple of options.

Base Camp Food has some good details on right now or you can purchase from Amazon*

Platypus Quickdraw + 1-litre hydration pack – £40.95 (currently on sale from Base Camp Food)* or from Amazon £45

Platypus Quickdraw microfilter £32.49 (currently on sale from Base Camp Food)* or from Amazon £34.50

Platypus 2-litre hydration container £13.49 (currently on sale from Base Camp Food)*

*Prices correct at time of writing

Your Questions (from Instagram Stories)

During my Pennine Way hike I had a lot of questions about what water filter system I was using so I added a ‘Queston box’ on my Instagram Stories to find out what questions you all had about the Platypus Quickdraw.

Is the Platypus Quickdraw expensive?

I’ve added the costs above for the Quickdraw filter and Platypus 1-litre reservoir. In terms of comparing against like for like filters I’d say it’s pretty similar price point. A filter water bottle would be a cheaper option, however, you’ve got less versatility as you can only drink directly from and not use  for filtering other water.

How many litres of water does it filter?

The tech spec for this filter states 1,000 litres of water so if you roughly filter 2 litres of water every day you’re hiking then that’s 500 hiking trips! That’s like me hiking the Pennine Way trail 40 times so I reckon you’re good to go for a few hikes!

Platypus filter with cap open

Is the water filter easy to use?

Yes, there’s not really much you need to do other than fill the reservoir, screw the filter on and turn upside-down, gravity does the rest for you!

To clean you simply shake or backflushing clean water through the filter. Full instructions can be found on cleaning the filter when you buy the product.

Have you ever had a dodgy turn when using a water filter?

I’ve been using water filters since May 2019, when I did a 2-month hike using one, since then I’ve tried and tested a few different filter systems and bottles and I can 100% say I’ve not been ill from drinking filtered water.

Please note, I always filter from free-flowing water sources instead of still pools.

Backpack with water filter in pocket
Platypus Quickdraw in my backpack on Pennine Way

How fast does it filter the water, what’s the flow rate?

I would say it’s a great flow rate, I never felt I was waiting for the water to filter and I also used to filter water for other people on the trail and it quickly filled up several water bottles in a short amount of time.

The packaging stats up to 3-litres per minute, however, I tested at home, it took 50-75 seconds (3 tests) to filter 1-litre so the packaging is a little exaggerated. I’d say this is partly due to when you’re squeezing the water it becomes slower as there’s less water in the reservoir, compared to maybe factory testing?

But either way, it’s fast enough for what I want!

Does the water taste funny or is it just off colour because of the peat? Does it make peaty water clean?

I’m afraid the filter is good but it doesn’t turn dirty (muddy/peaty) water into clean water by sight!

If you’ve drank filtered peaty water depending on the colour of the water you can notice a slight soil taste, but it’s not something I’ve ever been bothered about, the darker the colour the stronger the taste of peat you’ll notice. 

As someone that hikes in the Peak District this is something I’ve got used to! But I appreciate it’s not for everyone. In the instance of being dehydrated or drinking peaty water I know which option I’d choose!

Please note, using peaty/muddy water can increase the chance of the filter getting blocked so it’s important to clean after you’ve filtered dirtier water. PS I didn’t have an issue with this but just to be aware.

Platypus Quickdraw with peaty water inside
Topped up from a peaty water source on the Pennine Way

Does it remove viruses?

The filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa. It does not remove all viruses.

How easy is the filter to replace?

You can buy the filter part separately so you’d be able to replace that and keep your reservoir. 

Do you still use filter water bottles or is this a better option?

The Platypus Quickdraw is a better option for my multi-day adventures and long distance hikes. I’ve also started taking with me on my long walks too. I’ve not taken the filter on day hikes but I have been taking the reservoir to carry an extra 1-litre of water as it’s nice and light and fits easily in my pack.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Oh, great question, the packaging is environmentally friendly, cardboard and no plastic. All Platypus hydration products are 100% BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free, and do not use polycarbonate. 

Overall thoughts on the Platypus Quickdraw

Platypus Quickdraw filter
Platypus Quickdraw water filter

This Platypus Quickdraw is a great piece of adventure kit, it’s ideal for solo hikers off on multi-day trips or wild camps, friends or groups who want to ensure everyone has plenty of water as you can filter into any container.

The filter is easy to use on the trail as well as simple to keep clean too, it’s lightweight and takes up minimal space in your pack!

You might consider an expensive piece of kit but if you’re planning on doing lots of long distance walks or multi-day adventures then I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with this piece of kit.

Would I recommend the Platypus Quickdraw?

I’d happily recommend this water filter for multi-day adventures and longer walks. It’s a brilliant piece of lightweight kit as well as it’s versatility for different uses, I will certainly be packing for all my long day hikes, multi-day adventures, long distance walks

I’d say, if you’re just looking for something for shorter day hikes as a back up to the water you’d already be carrying then I’d probably opt for a cheaper filter water bottle instead. Unless you’re a hike leader or hiking with a family and want the confidence to not only have enough water for yourself but for your hiking buddies and family.

Do you have any more questions about the Platypus Quickdraw microfilter? Feel free to ask me in the comments below

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