Eskdale Walk, Hiking to Ravenglass (+ Steam Train) | Lake District

Looking for some walks to do in and around Eskdale in the Lake District in the northwest of England?

This Eskdale walk to nearby Ravenglass also has the bonus of a ride on a steam train. It’s a win-win, enjoy a beautiful walk from Eskdale then you can catch the train back to the station at Dalegarth Eskdale.

After hiking to the top of Scafell Pike the day before I was looking for an easier walk to do in the Lake District.

At Eskdale Campsite in Boot where I had been staying in a cool camping pod, I chatted with the owner Martyn about the best Eskdale walks in the area.

the best Eskdale walks in the area

As soon as he told me about the Eskdale to Ravenglass walk I couldn’t resist it. A 7-mile hike, fairly easy terrain and a bonus ride back on the steam train sounded like a great walk.

Here’s a detailed description of my walk from Eskdale campsite to Ravenglass train station.  

Also included is information about Ravenglass to Eskdale steam railway, which I caught back.

Eskdale Walk (to Ravenglass)

Start point: Eskdale Campsite, Boot

End of walk: Ravenglass Train Station

Trek Distance: 11.5 km/ 7 miles

Hiking Time: 3-4 hours

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Map: OS Explorer OL6 – The English Lakes (South-western area)

Eskdale Walk – Eskdale Campsite Campsite to Low Wood

Stage 1

Eskdale walk to Ravenglass hike
Start of the Eskdale walk – pretty good path!

Distance: 2.5 km/ 1.5 miles
Time: 35-45 mins

Starting out from Eskdale Campsite my home in a camping pod for the last two nights.

You turn right out of the campsite on to the road. After about 100 m turn left onto a footpath at Brook House Inn. This is signposted to St Catherine’s church.

Read about my camping pod experience at Eskdale Campsite here.

Keep walking past the church house on your right. Then go through a gate on your left signposted Gill Force and Girder Bridge 400 yds.

Turn left and follow the path with the river on your right.

Eskdale walk to Ravenglass - girder Bridge
Beautiful woods to explore near Eskdale

You’ll arrive at Girder Bridge, go across and turn immediate right. ( I wasn’t paying attention as usual and went straight on here – it is very pretty but ultimately the wrong way haha).

Follow the path and turn right at the next sign. Now continue along the footpath for 50 m and turn left at next sign to Dalegarth Falls, about 1/2 mile

Cross a tiny narrow wooden bridge. Keeping straight and following the sign for Dalegarth Station 1/2 mile (this is where you catch the train back to).

There’s a small pond on your right, go through the gate and keep straight, signposted ‘Forge Bridge 1 mile’.

Follow the path around as curves to left. You’ll now see the official signs for the Esk trail (also known as the Eskdale Trail).

Eskdale walk to Ravenglass hike
Beautiful views of the Lake District on the walk

Eskdale Walk (shorter options)

  • If you prefer a shorter walk from Eskdale (approx 3 miles) this area is perfect for a circular loop through the woods and back round to Eskdale Campsite.

Low Wood to Forge Bridge

Stage 2

Forge Bridge on the Eskdale to Ravenglass hike - Eskdale walk
Forge Bridge on the Eskdale to Ravenglass hike

Distance: 2 km/ 1.25 miles
Time: 30-40 mins

After about 10 minutes the path forks off to the left but keep to trail straight on through Low Woods. There’s a cute mossy stone wall as you follow the path through the woods.

Once you are out of the woods the river comes into view on your right.

Keep straight at the farm. Following the river as it twists and turns on your right. After another 5 minutes of walking, there’s a beautiful stone bridge called Forge Bridge.

Make sure you stop for a quick photo of course!

Now turn left on to walk on the road.

Forge Bridge to Fell Lane

Stage 3

Eskdale walk to Ravenglass - gravel track
Eskdale walks in the Lake District

Distance: 5.5 km/ 3.5 miles
Time: 11.45 turn off road-13.00.

This is the longest section of the walk from Eskdale in the Lake District, but also the most straightforward! After 200 m turn off the road onto a footpath. Keep walking for about 1 km, past a bridleway path on right.

At High Eskholme, first, keep straight then turn right walking up the gravel path, (pictured above) and follow the path uphill for about 15-20 minutes. (This is the only uphill section on the whole walk).

Walk until you go through a gate signposted Eskdale trail. After 5 minutes you turn left on to a wider track (which thankfully is now downhill).

On a clear day, you can see right out to the Irish Sea, which is a welcome view.

Listen out for grouse scurrying around in the bushes too!

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Fell Lane to Ravenglass Steam Railway

Stage 4

Eskdale walk to Ravenglass train station
Crossing the railway bridge at Ravenglass Station

Distance 1.5 km
Time: 20 mins

Now the final part of the walk and the easier bit. Turn left on to the road (not literally there is a path!)

Continue for about 10 minutes until you see a signposted for the Ravenglass station 1/2 mile onto a minor road.

Then on the corner by Camping and Caravan club. Take the narrow footpath on the bend in the road. Then turn left after 50 m by play park and you’ll see the beautiful Ravenglass train station appear.

Eskdale walk to Ravenglass hike
The perfect way to end your walk from Eskdale haha!

It really is a very quaint train station so be sure to plan enough time before your train. Or you can even spend longer exploring the town as Ravenglass is the only town in the Lake District on the coast!

I arrived at the train station at 13.20, half an hour before my train.

There was plenty of time to buy my ticket, take some photos and watch the train arrive and turn, using the turning circle, which is pretty cool. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then go I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Top Tips for your Eskdale walk (+ Ravenglass Steam Train)

Eskdale walk to Ravenglass train station
Watching my steam train on the turning circle

In order to get the best experience make sure you check the train timetable before your walk. Why? Because some of the trains are pulled by diesel engines instead of the steam ones so to get the full experience you really should opt for the steam train.

Click here for the Ravenglass train timetable

Allow extra time

Firstly, I allowed just under 4 hours for my hike, which for a straightforward route is plenty of time. However, I did not factor in (going the wrong way – which I did at the beginning) and also stopping for snacks and water on route.

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The walk was beautiful but I did spend the entire time looking at my watch to check progress. It was like a race the train competition. Although the stupid thing is there was another train an hour later (and one an hour after that). I think my competitive streak took over haha.

Take some light snacks and drinks on your walk. There were no shops on the route.

Look out for birds and wildlife, you might even see buzzards in the sky, I spotted two on my walk.

More Hikes in the Lake District

Are you planning a trip to the Lake District or staying at Eskdale Campsite in Boot?

Ask me any questions about Eskdale Walks or more walks in the Lake District in the comments below.


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Eskdale walks - Eskdale to Ravenglass walk Lake District
Eskdale walks - Eskdale to Ravenglass walk Lake District
Eskdale walks - Steam train at Ravenglass railway station

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