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Erewash Canal on Erewash Valley Trail Nottingham

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Here’s a new Nottingham walk for you, this one starts in the beautiful Bramcote Hills Park, then takes you up to the Hemlock Stone and Stapleford Hill.

From there, you join up with the Robin Hood Way and Erewash Valley trail walking along the disused Nottingham Canal and finally the Erewash Canal. 

This 6-mile walk takes you through parks, woodlands, fields and canal paths then loops back to the start. It’s a beautiful springtime walk to do as you’ll see plenty of wildflowers as well as plenty of waterfowl with their young on the canals.

I’ve included all the information about the walk, where to start, what you might see on the walk plus a few other useful tips. Feel free to ask me any more questions in the comments below.

This is part of my new Nottingham walks series – check out another short walk here Bulwell Hall walk.

You can also watch my short YouTube video of the walk (scroll to the bottom).

Bramcote Hills to Erewash Canal Walk information

Following the Erewash Canal in Nottingham
Following the Erewash Canal in Nottingham

Where does the walk start?

Location: Bramcote Hills Park, Ilkeston Road, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3JT

This is a lovely park to explore in itself, with a mix of woodland hills and green space to explore. There’s also a mini-gym and a playpark (both currently closed) but it’s a lovely Nottingham park to spend some time and even take a picnic for the day.

The car park is fairly small considering how popular the park is, but many people use it for dog walks so you can normally find a space quite quickly.

How to get there?

From Nottingham city centre, Bramcote Hills Park is about 5-miles west. There are a couple of bus routes that go pretty close to the park, either the i4 or no. 20 services which are run by Trent Barton.

Facilities on the walk

As regards to the facilities on the walk, they are fairly limited, there are no public toilets at the start or entire route. 

When I did the walk a few months ago, I used the pub toilets about halfway round (The Festival Inn), which would also make a good place for a drink and something to eat (obviously when it’s open again).

As you would expect, both the Nottingham Canal and Erewash Canal sections are pretty open spaces, no secluded spots in case you need a wild wee! 

Wildlife and nature in Nottingham

Field Sow-thistle growing by the Erewash Canal
Field Sow-thistle growing by the Erewash Canal

I did this walk during spring so as you can imagine there’s an abundance of luscious green plants, hedgerows and trees on the walk. 

You’ll also see plenty of wildflowers on the walk Forget-me-nots, Herb Roberts, Red Campions and more. In Stapleford Hill woods there were bluebells hidden amongst the trees. And along the canal paths, the hedgerows are full of beautiful Hawthorn bushes and trees.

Bramcote Hills Park woodlands are brilliant for bird spotting, if you watch the video, you’ll hear how many there are!

Then on the canal sections of the path, I saw plenty of ducks, including ducklings, as well as some lovely Moorhens with their chicks (again you can see them in the video).

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Nottingham Walks - Erewash Canal

Bramcote Hills, Stapleford Hill, Nottingham Canal + Erewash Canal | Nottingham Walks

Distance: 6 miles/10 km

Walk time: 2.5-3.5 hours 

GPX file

Walk map

Nottingham Walk Map Bramcote to Erewash Canal route
Nottingham Walk Map Bramcote Hills Park to Erewash Canal route

View the walk map here

Walk route

Stage 1 (Bramcote Hills Park)

Start from Bramcote Hills Park main car park and head towards Bramcote Hills via Bramcote Gardens, towards the top of the car park. Take your time as you walk through there are some lovely flowers.

Once you reach the end, go through the gate, then up via lots of steps, listening out for all those beautiful birds as you go. At the top, turn left over the stile and follow the path as it loops around the woods. 

Bramcote Hills Park woods in Nottingham
Bramcote Hills Park woods

Once back into the woods, turn right, then continue straight heading uphill (you can find your own way as there are many routes) so don’t worry too much.

At the top, there’s a beautiful open space, complete with a rope swing for that added sense of adventure. Then head back down meeting up with the main path back into the car park.

Stage 2 (Hemlock Stone + Stapleford Hill)

Now from the car park, you want to head out of the park at the side entrance, crossing over the road next to the sign for the Hemlock Stone and Stapleford Hill.

Hemlock Stone in Nottingham
Hemlock Stone in Nottingham

Walk down the road for a short distance before going through the gate. Walk uphill via the woods and you’ll come out at the Hemlock Stone (you can’t miss it, it’s huge).

Once you’ve explored around the stone, including reading out on the information board, then back into the woodland paths. Take the path heading uphill, avoiding the bike trail initially, but then as you reach the top of the hill, bear right up a steeper path.

Stapleford Hill at sunset in Nottingham
Stapleford Hill at sunset in winter

As you’ll notice there are bikes but you can see from the bike tread lines which routes they use. And then, you’ll be at the top of Stapleford Hill, marked with a trig point.

You can retrace your steps or alternatively, continue and follow the paths through the woods (these are pretty steep some not great on a wet day!)

Stage 3 (Nottingham Canal)

Once you’re back down from the hill, you’ll pick up the Robin Hood Way trail, taking you across a small wooden bridge, into a field and up some steps that bring you out next to the railway line which is part of Pit Lane recreation area.

Pit Lane recreation area in Nottingham
Pit Lane recreation area

Next, cross the bridge over the train line and take the next left alongside the disused Nottingham Canal, this section is very pretty, lots of green and it really feels like a wonderful haven for nature and wildlife. 

Follow it around, past the garden centre, cross over the road, then back onto the path, it takes you under the M1 motorway, then all the way until you a bridge in Trowell.

From here, there’s a short section on the road, down to the church and turn right, next to The Festival Inn. Over the road, then by the bus stop, you’ll spot the path. Follow this path, over the train line and all the way until it brings you out at the Erewash Canal.

Over the train line heading back to the Erewash Valley Trail
Over the train line heading back to the Erewash Valley Trail
Stage 4 (Erewash Canal)

You’ll come out onto the Erewash Canal at one of the beautiful locks, the is the easiest bits of the walk to navigate because you simply follow the canal.

However, it’s also one of the popular sections as well, used by walkers and bikes, since it’s part of the National Cycle Network.

Erewash Canal on Erewash Valley Trail Nottingham
Erewash Canal with views to Sandiacre Church in the distance

Continue walking all the way to bridge no. 12. At this point, you turn off the canal path, back over the train line on a crazy long bridge, then down through some fields, over a small bridge.

Then it’s the least fun part of the walk, through some short alleyways then back to Bramcote via a longish road. Yes, not great, but it does mean you have more easy navigation and of course, the rest of the walk is so pretty you won’t remember this bit!

Options for the walk

Fancy a shorter route? 

There aren’t loads of options to make the walk shorter, you could miss off Bramcote Hills at the beginning and explore another time, this would save about 1 km.

Bramcote Hills Park Nottingham
Bramcote Hills Park Nottingham

Or alternatively, you could simply walk from Bramcote to Stapleford Hill area, then return the same way. At the point where you turn off onto the road, this is about 4 km, so as long as you turn back before here you’ll be shortening the walk!

You could also try this 2.5-mile walking route around Bulwell Hall Park or this 6-mile loop around Wollaton Park + Highfields Lake.

Feel free to ask me any questions about alternative Nottingham walks in the comments below.

Watch the Bramcote to Erewash Canal walk here

I hope you found that walking route useful. I will be adding more Nottingham walks to the website so please let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any recommendations where I should walk next.

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Nottingham Walks - Erewash Canal
Nottingham Walks - Hemlock Stone

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