King Penguins in Chile - Where to see King Penguins in Chile. Is it just me that's a little bit in love with penguins? Read about my experience in Patagonia visiting these beautiful and funny birds. Includes top tips on visiting and also some of my favourite photos from my trip.

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Where to see King penguins in Chile – (Warning cute photos!)

Is seeing King Penguins in Chile on your bucket list too? I openly admit that I am a penguin addict. In fact, I would love to see every species of penguin in the world. So far it’s three species, Little (or Blue) Penguins in Australia, Galápagos Penguins and of course, the King Penguins in Chile. It’s not a challenge I’m planning on doing quickly. Wildlife experiences are there to be enjoyed at any time of life, but it doesn’t hurt to start planning your penguins encounters sooner!

Over Christmas and New year holidays, I’d booked a trip to Patagonia with Tucan Travel. Spending 3 weeks travelling around Chile and Argentina. The main reason I had selected this tour was that it included a penguin stop on the itinerary. You have to know where your priorities are!!

Read about my experience seeing the penguins in Chile to ensure you don’t miss out.

King Penguins in Chile

King Penguins in Chile

An encounter in the wild with King Penguins was one of my highlights of my trip to Chile. There’s something about their comedy clumsiness on land that puts a huge smile on my face. Then in water, they swim effortlessly (I was lucky enough to snorkel with a penguin in the Galápagos Islands). It is an amazing thing to see with your own eyes.

Day 1 during our tour welcome meeting, we were told the Magellanic penguins in Chile we were due to visit was no longer an option. But, we had an option B. To drive an extra long day and visit a King penguin colony. Everyone in the group agreed. And I was even more excited…. King Penguins, I was going to see King Penguins!!!

Arriving to see King Penguins in Chile

After a really long drive. I can’t remember how long as I fell asleep, but it was several hours we arrived at Parque Pinguino Rey (King Penguin Park). I’m not sure what I expected but it was a small area with a few cabins and toilet. Anyway, I was here to see King penguins, not the facilities!

I patiently listened to the briefing talk. Then we were split into two groups to watch the penguins at two different places. The main colony and the beach.

As I was walking down the path it was important to keep really quiet and move slowly so as not to alarm them. I vividly remember walking closer towards them and inside I wanted to break into a run, but that’s a big NO! I managed to keep calm enough until I reached the colony.

So many King Penguins!

King Penguins in Chile

Our group went to the main colony first where the King penguins were hanging out, doing not a lot to be fair!! There were over 50, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I never expected to see that many. They were grouped close together and you could actually see them balancing eggs on their feet. It was amazing. There’s a barrier in place so you can get pretty close to them but not so close as to disturb them. Which for me is so important, the last thing you want is people frightening them.

After seeing so many I didn’t think it could get any better. But when I swapped to go to the beach, the penguins seemed to be putting on a real show.

Walking up out of the sea, three penguins caught my attention. They followed each other up until for some reason the one in front stopped suddenly and the other two crashed into him. It was like something out of a comedy sketch like they didn’t have any brakes top stop themselves.

As well as those three, there were numerous King Penguins lying on their tummies, scratching their wings and generally being pretty awesome. As we were part of a group and still had to drive to Tierra del Fuego. After an hour it was time to leave. I genuinely could have stayed and watched them all day.  Looking at the photos takes me back to that moment in an instant so for me it was totally worth the visit.

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Why chose Parque Pingüino Rey in chile?

King Penguins in Chile

Parque Pingüino Rey in Chile gives you an amazing chance to get up close with these beautiful birds in their own habitat.

However, they, more importantly, promote the protection of the penguins and conservation of the area.

Now if you’ve done your research you might have read reviews on Trip Advisor that say you don’t get close enough to the King penguins in Chile. But for me, it’s more important not to disturb wildlife that is in its own environment. Treat yourself to a good camera instead!

The only downside is that the park is a considerable drive. But for a penguin lover like me, it was all worth it. Plus I wasn’t driving haha!

For detailed directions how to get to the park. Click here

Top tips for visiting King Penguins in Chile

  • Enjoy the experience – it’s great to capture the moment but it’s not all about the photos.
  • However, if you do want to take photos I would recommend a zoom lens.
  • Visit the main colony but remember to pop and visit the beach – this is where all the action is happening!
  • Binoculars would be handy if you want to see the penguins closer.
  • Remember not to disturb the penguins, keep quiet as you don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone that’s visiting.

Do you want to know about my experience seeing penguins in Chile? Ask me any questions in the comments below

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King Penguins in Chile - Where to see King Penguins in Chile
Visiting King Penguins in Chile


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  1. Hey Becky! This kind of thing would be up my alley too – I honestly love scenery and nature and I will do anything to have these kinds of experiences. I heard King Penguins can be up to 1 or 2 metres tall, is that true?

    1. You sound very similar to me Phoebe 🙂 The King Penguins are the second tallest in the world and can grow up to about 1m, the Emporer penguins are slightly taller about up to 1.3m. I can’t imagine a 2-metre penguin, that would be taller than me!! 🙂

  2. I love penguins!! I actually have a small penguin that I bring with me on my travels and take photos of (he has his own Instagram). This must have been a fantastic experience for you, and I will absolutely head that way when I visit Chile!

  3. I too love penguins, sadly I only saw them once at the Vienna zoo and not in their *natural* habitat. Chile is surely added to my bucket list for another amazing reason 🙂

  4. I love everything about this post! I never even knew visiting penguins in Chile was a thing! That’s incredible! I’ve only seen the little blue penguins in Australia, but now I want to see them all!

  5. Beautiful! I didn’t even know you could see penguins in Chile. This definitely made me put Chile on my bucket list!

  6. I’m a huge wildlife fan; anything involving animals and nature usually ends up being the highlight of my trip, so I loved this! And like you say, who doesn’t love penguins? 😀

  7. So cute! I got to hang out with penguins in South Africa and I didn’t realise how adorable they would be. Will definitely need to see them in Chile. Your pictures are so great!

  8. Hi Becky lovely post and great photos! I too am a big penguin lover and I am heading there this year! May I know what is the focal length of the lens you used? I have a 70-300mm lens and I wonder if it would be adequate.

    1. Hi June, thank you so much, they are so photogenic! I also have a 70-300mm lens (Tamaron one) with my Nikon D3300. If you’re looking to capture similar photos to mine then that would be perfect. I hope you have a fantastic trip. Becky 🙂