Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill Walk from Hollinsclough | Peak District

Parkhouse Hill walk from Hollinsclough

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The Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill walk is one I’ve wanted to do for ages. A classic must-do Peak District walk, complete with a fascinating history of the area as the two hills made up part of the coral reef.

Only a short drive from Buxton in Derbyshire, Hollinsclough is a small village located across the county border in Staffordshire Peak District and makes this a perfect start for this walk.

After seeing many wonderful photos on Instagram of the Dragon’s Back shape of Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill I wasn’t disappointed. But these two hills only make up a short section of this walk from Hollinsclough.

Here is my route for the 6-mile walk that I did from the village of Hollinsclough, ending my walk with climbing up the iconic Peak District hills – Chrome Hill then Parkhouse Hill. You’ll also find useful tips and the full route of the walk that I did do you can do your own self-guided walk.

Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill Walk
Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill Walk in the Peak District

The Chrome Hill walk goes in a clockwise direction from Hollinsclough, first taking you away from the hills but the beauty of this means you get to keep seeing them pop up in the distance. It’s always good to have something to aim for.

And this walk certainly saves the best for last!

Planning on doing the Chrome Hill walk including Parkhouse Hill or any other Peak District walks?

Ask me any more questions in the comments below.

Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill Walk

Walk Information

Start point: Hollinsclough Village, Staffordshire

Route: Circular medium walk + option to extend with scramble

Walk distance: 6 miles/10 km

Walk time: 2.5-3 hours

Total ascent: 545 metres

Walk highlights: Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill

Map: OL24 Peak District – White Peak Area

Walk start point + facilities

Car Parking

Hollisclough Village, Hollinsclough Rake Buxton, SK17 0RQ (please note this is the nearest postcode to the village, not the exact car parking spot!)

There’s no dedicated car park here but there is parking available on the road opposite Hollinsclough Methodist Church. And more spaces further up Hollinsclough Rake near the phone box.

I did this walk on a Saturday afternoon, but I can imagine Sunday mornings might be busier for parking, due to the location

Facilities on the walk

On the walk, there are no toilet stops. The nearest toilets for this walk are at Longnor (approx 2 miles down the road), where there is a car park and public toilets available. 

Alternatively, if you want to treat yourself at the end of the walk there’s a lovely pub at nearby Earl Sterndale – The Quiet Woman, hmm an interesting name!

Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill walk map

Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill walk map
Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill walk map

Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill Route

Stage 1 – Hollinsclough to Hollinsclough Moor Trig

Distance: 1 mile/1.4 km

From Hollinsclough village, take the track heading west, almost immediately opposite the Methodist Church.

Bizarrely there are two large boulders blocking the track. These are to stop off-road bikes using the track as a shortcut. But they are easy to climb over, then continue following the track. 

Start of the walk in Hollinsclough
Start of the walk from Hollinsclough

No surprise, there’s another boulder at the top of the track too. Climb over and continue on the road that forks off to the right.

After another 300 metres, you’ll reach another road. Turn right, then immediately look for a footpath on the left. Follow this track for about 500 metres, where it meets another road. A nice easy start to the walk, in terms of navigation!

In the field on your right, you’ll spot a stone trig point, at 424 metres high on Hollinsclough Moor, one of the highest points in the area.

Often there are spectacular views where there’s a trig point but this one is an anti-climax. It’s pretty but you can’t really get a good view of Chrome Hill or Parkhouse Hill. But don’t worry, that will come later on the walk!

Spotting Pixie Cups Lichen on the walk
Spotting Pixie Cups Lichen on the walk

Stage 2 – Hollinsclough Moor Trig to Tenterhill (Stone Bridge)

Distance: 1.5 miles/2.3 km

From Hollinsclough Moor trig pint, turn right along the road for a short distance, past a road on your left. Then shortly after there’s a footpath taking you across near Hill Top Farm. Turn right here.

As you cross the field look for the small stone stile that’s almost hidden, before Hill Top Farm.

You’ll then cross the field, which can be boggy, skirting around Willshaw Hill before descending gradually towards Moorside Farm.

The path then takes you across a hill, watch you footing here as it can be difficult walking on a slope. Then you go through another stone stile in the wall.

After a few hundred metres you’ll reach a beautiful stone bridge. 

Crossing the stone bridge
Crossing the stone bridge
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Stage 3 – Tenterhill (Stone Bridge) to Chrome Hill

Distance: 2 miles/3.1 km

Cross the bridge and continue following the track as it winds uphill.

Continue on the track all the way up to Booth Farm. At this point, in the distance, you will see the first of the two iconic hills, Chrome Hill.

It’s great to see if from a different perspective, as you get closer the shape changes but still looks awesome.

Views towards Chrome Hill
Views towards Chrome Hill

After Booth Farm, you’re now heading towards Stoop Farm and Tor Rock beyond. And Chrome Hill beyond that, if it’s a clear day!

Follow the boundary all the way along past Tor Rock, through a gate then start descending downhill, before reaching a gate and a narrow path that takes you up Chrome Hill.

You’ll first head up a steep section, watch your footing here, but then the climb becomes more gradual.

Look out for a few caves and nooks along the way to the summit. In fact, there’s a great place to stop right before the summit, it doesn’t offer any shelter but it’s fun to explore.

Then onwards to Chrome Hill summit, at 425 m/1,394 ft high!

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Walking across to Chrome Hill
Walking across to Chrome Hill

Stage 4 – Chrome Hill to Parkhouse Hill

Distance: 0.6 miles/1 km

After a stop at Chrome Hill summit, a few photos, maybe a flask of coffee and some cakes to give you energy for the final section of the walk.

The path takes you down fairly steeply from the summit, take your time on the way down and don’t forget to look across to Parkhouse Hill a short distance ahead. 

Chrome Hill to Parkhouse Hill walk
Giant mushroom on Chrome Hill with Parkhouse Hill beyond

Parkhouse Hill is 65 m shorter than Chrome Hill, but it’s still an impressive sight.

As you descend there’s a great spot to stop for an iconic photo of Parkhouse Hill. Before you reach the tree near the gate, grab a photo.

Continue all the way down to the road, cross over, then you can choose which route to take up Parkhouse Hill.

Steep climb up Parkhouse Hill
A steep climb up Parkhouse Hill

You can see eroded paths that lead to the top from the base on left-hand-side of the hill. Or you can opt for a rocky, steeper hike to the summit on the right of the base of the hill.

Either way, you’re in for a short and steep climb to the top.


Stage 5 – Parkhouse Hill to Hollinsclough

Distance: 1.5 miles/2.4 km

From Parkhouse Hill summit at 360 m/1,180 ft, again stop and enjoy the views, catch your breath from that steep walk up!

Now continue walking east, following the path back down from the hill. You’ll intersect with a path that you then walk back past Parkhouse Hill on your right and then crosses the road between the two hills.

Once you’ve crossed the road, keep walking in a westerly direction and then the path will take you back to the road and the village of Hollinsclough.

Parkhouse Hill walk
Walking past Parkhouse Hill

Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill Circular Walk – Top Tips

  • Take a warm jacket, it can be cold on the summits of Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill.
  • Save enough time for the end of the walk, hiking up and down the hills is great fun.
  • Don’t forget some water, hiking uphill is thirsty work!

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Do you have any questions about this Peak District walk?

Ask me any questions about the walk or any other ideas for walks in the Peak District in the comments below.

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Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill walk

Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill walk

Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill walk

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