Walks in Nottingham | Bulwell Hall Park Short Walk (Route + Map)

Bulwell Hall Park woods Nottingham

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If you have read posts on my website then you’ll know I love hiking. Prior to UK restrictions, I was out regularly walking in the Peak District and our other beautiful National Parks.

Although the guidelines for getting outdoors and exercising have changed, I’m personally not comfortable in pushing the boundaries, which means, for now, I’m going to continue my local walks.

That means you’ll get to discover my favourite walks in Nottingham.

I’m starting with this short walk, it’s a local route in Bulwell Hall Park, a beautiful green space about 5 miles north of the city centre.

Here I will include the walk information, including route details, walk map, facilities and public transport options.

You can also watch my short YouTube video of the walk (scroll to the bottom).

Pond in winter at Bulwell Hall Park Nottingham
Pond in winter with a scattering of snow

Bulwell Hall Park information

Where is it?

Address: Bulwell Hall Park, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8BE

Bulwell Hall Park is about 5 miles north from Nottingham city centre, nestled in between Nuthall and Bestwood.

How to get here?

Bulwell has a tram and train station, but these are closer to Bulwell town centre. It’s about a 1-mile walk from the station. There are buses that leave from the bus station (no. 17 or no. 68), but these both involve some walking too.

If you’re driving there is a small car park, with a few extra spaces further along the road into the park.

Bulwell Hall Park facilities

During normal times, the park has a small play area, with slide, zip-wire and also an outdoor gym area (both are closed at the moment).

Within the park, there is also Bulwell Forest 18-hole golf course which has clubhouse facilities open to non-members.

Wildlife and nature

Bluebells at Bulwell Hall Park
Bluebells in spring

Bulwell Hall Park has a small pond which you’ll see a few visitors – Mallard ducks, Mute swans, Greglag geese moorhens and coots.

But there are plenty of other birds too, blackbirds, blue-tits, as well as a few birds of prey including Buzzards and Sparrow Hawks.

The park has plenty of wildflowers, plants, hedgerows and trees in the park, a perfect habitat for insects and butterflies. The fields are full of ox-eye daisies, buttercups and dandelions, and there’s a beautiful oak tree in the main field. 

In spring, you’ll see the ground covered in wood anemones, bluebells and wild garlic. Or, if you’re visiting in autumn months then be sure to look out for different types of fungi growing on the trees too.

There’s also a rare orchid known to be found in the area, called a Bee Orchid, although, I’ve not yet spotted one!

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   Nottingham walks - Forget-me-nots in Bulwell Hall Park

Bulwell Hall Park | Nottingham Walks

Distance: 2.3 miles/3.7 km

Walk time: 1-1.5 hours 

Walk map

Bulwell Hall Park Walk Map Nottingham
Bulwell Hall Park walk map

View the walk map here

Walk route

Stage 1 

From the main entrance leading into the car park at Bulwell Hall Park, take the path on your left. Heading into Barker’s Woods.

Please note – If you’ve driven you may need to walk back towards the entrance.

Follow the narrow trail, then take the first path heading off to the right. 

Bulwell Hall Park woods Nottingham
Barker Woods at Bulwell Hall Park

Follow the trails through the woods, there are a few paths but keep heading north parallel to the road and you can’t go wrong.

Once you reach the sign for the north entrance of the woods, turn right and follow the path up the slope onto the road.

Stage 2

Next walk past the metal barrier and down the path towards the huge tree stump.

From here, turn right and walk on the path next to the field. As you go back into the trees you then want to turn left into a second wooded area, with a second large tree trunk!

Walk along the narrow path all the way through the woods until it comes out in a field. Then follow the path as it bends round to the right, heading towards the small ponds.

Look out for different birdlife in the ponds, you’ll often see ducks, swans, geese and coots swimming about.

Coot at Bulwell Hall Park Nottingham
Coot at Bulwell Hall Park
Stage 3

From the ponds walk down the path in between the fields, then turn right onto the main path.

Continue until you reach a stream, cross the path and turn left. (This is where you’ll see a wooden carving).

Walk along this section then as the path bends to the right, you want to turn left, over a small wooden bridge then turn right through the woods.

Wild garlic flowers at Bulwell Hall Park
Wild garlic flowers

This is great for foraging wild garlic, between March-May.

Follow the path all the way to the end, where you’ll reach a boundary wire fence.

Stage 4

Turn left here, walk towards Bulwell Forest Golf Centre, you’ll see it through the trees.

Then take the path with the wooden owl carving. Follow this until a small opening, then turn right and immediate left here.

This will take you all the way to the point where you turned near the pond. Turn right and follow the path, then road all the way back to main Bulwell Hall park car park.

Extend the walk

Fancy a longer route? Check out this walk here which adds an extra section on to the walk.

Distance: 4.1 miles/6.6 km

Walk time: 1.5-2 hours

View the map here

More Nottingham walks

Watch the Bulwell Hall Park walk here

I hope you found that walking route useful. I will be adding more Nottingham walks to the website so please let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any recommendations where I should walk next.

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Nottingham walks - Leaves in Bulwell Hall Park
Nottingham walks - Daisies in Bulwell Hall Park

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