Top tips for preventing jet lag

If you’ve ever suffered the after-effects of a particularly brutal case of jet lag. Then you know how draining it can be travelling a few time zones. Not only can jet lag be responsible for lost sleep (I know this all too often!) But it can lead to changes in mood and even physical symptoms such as problem with digestion. I always take peppermint tea bags when I travel to help settle my stomach.

So understanding what causes jet lag and how you can counteract it can be helpful to getting on your feet. Both whilst travelling or when you return home and have to start doing boring things…. like going back to work!

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Take, for example, travelling in an easterly direction. Some people believe this is more likely to cause jet lag than traveling west. But cross a lot of time zones and you’ll be hit hard, too. And unfortunately, the older you are, the worse jet lag can be. But a bit of jet lag isn’t going to stop me!

Here are some simple steps to help combat the worst parts of jet lag. No matter your age, where you’re going, or what direction you’re travelling. What should you do? I hope you find these tips useful for your next trip!

Happy travels 🙂

What’s been your worst case of jet lag? Tell me about in the comments below: