BEST Spreewald Day Trip From Berlin (+ How To Get There)

Spreewald from Berlin day trip

Spreewald is the perfect nature getaway and makes a wonderful day trip from Berlin.

If you are looking to experience a different side of Germany on your Berlin holiday, then this is the destination for you!

You can jump on a train direct from Berlin and take a day trip to Lubbeanau and explore beautiful Spreewald. It’s a wonderful day out and worth adding Spreewald into your Berlin itinerary.

Spreewald From Berlin

Where is Spreewald?

Spreewald is situated in the state of Brandenburg, a place called Lubbenau.

You can escape the busy city of Berlin for a day trip and immerse yourself in Germany’s beautiful nature and wildlife in Spreewald’s natural environment.

jump on a train and take a day trip from Berlin city to Lubbeanau and explore Spreewald

Spreewald village in Germany
Cute houses in Spreewald village in Germany

In 1991, Spreewald was named a UNESCO biosphere reserve, over 400 km of natural and man-made waterways.

Since then the plants and wildlife have grown and it’s become an idyllic place to visit by both local and foreign tourists from Berlin as a day trip and further afield.

Not only do you get to enjoy the natural beauty and calm of the Spreewald area but you can experience some great German traditions.

From the trying the famous Spreewald pickles (they are delicious) to the local boat postal service that delivers mail to the islands in Lubbenau. How cool would that be to get your post delivered by boat!

Read about my Spreewald day trip from Berlin to Lubbenau, including the best things to see and do, top tips + how to get to Spreewald from Berlin.

Ask me any more questions about the day trip in the comments below.

Spreewald from Berlin day trip
Spreewald a perfect day trip from Berlin

How to get to Spreewald from Berlin (Lubbenau)?

The easiest way to visit Spreewald for a day trip from Berlin is via public transport is the catch the train.

The RE2 takes you from Berlin-Lichtenberg station to Lubbenau/Spreewald stop in about 52 minutes. There is also another stop called Lubben (one stop before Lubbenau so don’t confuse the two!)

Berlin-Lichtenberg is east of the city centre depending on where you are staying it might be easier to travel to Königs Wusterhausen (you can see where it is on the map below) if you are staying west or south of the centre.

The train to Spreewald takes 30 minutes and leaves from 7.11 am (then every hour).

I stayed south of Berlin city centre at Huttenpalast caravan hotel, it was easier to catch a train S-Bahn to Königs Wusterhausen.

I used my Berlin Welcome Card which includes travel within zones A, B and C so I didn’t need to buy a ticket for that part of the journey.

My return ticket from Königs Wusterhausen (outside Berlin city centre) to Lubbenau/Spreewald cost 17 EUR*.

How to book your Spreewald tickets?

You can book your day tickets online here but I found it easier buying straight from the ticket office when I arrived at the station. Königs Wusterhausen is a small station but Berlin’s main station is much busier.

Spreewald waterways
Spreewald waterways

Arriving in Spreewald at Lubbenau Station

Distance to Spreewald: 1 km walk

Once off the train, follow the welcome sign and multicoloured walls out of the station. You start feeling the love for Lubbenau. 

Cross the road (there’s a Netto/Vodafone shop on the corner) and follow Poststraße for about 10-12 minutes. Down this street, you’ll walk past a green open space with gorgeous wood carvings on each side of the road.

you already start feeling the love for Lubbenau

At the end of the road turn right into Ehm-Welk-Straße. You’re now in the main square of Spreewald with a beautiful church, a few cafes and the famous Spreewald metal statues which make for a perfect selfie!

Metal artwork in Spreewald centre
Metal artwork in Spreewald centre

Lubbenau is a beautiful small town in Europe that you might not have thought about visiting before!

To reach the river Spree you simply turn right after the church onto Dammstraße, you’ll see lots of cute little shops and the main marina area is on your left near the main market area (and all the Spreewald pickle stalls!)

Best Things to do in Spreewald

On a day trip from Berlin it’s hard to fit all the best things to see and do in Spreewald but here are my recommendations on how you can spend your visit.

From relaxing on a punting trip to exploring the local shops in Lubbenau, there’s plenty of things to do on your day trip from Berlin. Plan your visit now and don’t miss out on the top attractions.

Visit Spreewald Market + Local Shops

Visit Spreewald Market
Visit Spreewald Market + treat yourself!

Start your trip by visiting the local Spreewald market and shops in the village. From different local food and drinks to traditional German gifts you can buy as souvenirs on your holiday there are lots to see.

These are close to where the punting tours go from the centre of the village.

Go Punting in Spreewald (a perfect day trip activity)

There are a few different options for punting tour on your day trip. The one you book will depend on your budget and how long you have to spend in Lubbenau, Spreewald. Here are the choices:

  • 2-hour punting trip
  • 3-hour punting trip (with 1-hour stop at Lehde village)
  • 8-hour full-day option
Punting boats on the River Spree
Punting boats on the River Spree

I went for the 3-hour punting tour, a leisurely trip to the village Lehde, an hour stop off and then return journey. 

All the punting boats have little benches with tables. Plus I spotted a few umbrellas so don’t let a bad weather day stop you from exploring!

Climbing aboard is a delicate operation, it’s a little wobbly but take your time and you’ll stay dry. Passengers are strategically placed to ensure even weight distribution.

Chilling on the punting trip
Chilling on the punting trip

I ended up sitting in the middle seat between a German couple with their son and daughter-in-law opposite on a day trip to Spreewald.

Sharing my boat with local German tourists was wonderful, they were so friendly and even chatted in English with me. I confess my German is not great so it was very kind of them to make me feel so welcome.

English tour guides are available; however, as I was travelling solo I was happy to jump aboard with the German guide.

Top Spreewald punting tip

  • The punting tours stop off on the route at little stalls along the waterside.
  • You can buy traditional local pickles and wait for it, pickle beer! I promise it tastes amazing on a hot day.
  • Be sure to take some Euros with you as they don’t accept card payments.

Visit Lehde Village in Spreewald

Visiting Ledhe village in Spreewald
Visiting Ledhe village in Spreewald

If you have the chance to visit Lehde village in Spreewald on your punting trip then you are in for a treat.

The small village has restaurants or you can simply have a refreshing drink right on the waterfront. You can sit back, enjoy the sunshine, watching the skilled stand-up paddleboarders, canoeists gliding past you or even the local ducks!

My favourite place was the open-air museum at Lehde.

Ledhe open-air museum
Lehde village open-air museum

They have wonderfully captured the detail of traditional German village life, including the Sorbs, who have their own Sorbian language and it was so interesting to learn about. There is information in both German and English, plus you might spot a few of the staff dressed in traditional outfits. 

Top tip for the Punting Trip

  • If you are on a punting tour, check where your boat leaves from.
  • You might need to retrace your steps and go back out the entrance of the museum (I don’t want you stranded!)

Try a Spreewald Canoeing Adventure

Canoeing in Spreewald
Off on my canoeing adventure in Spreewald

After my punting trip and some food from one of the many Lubbenau restaurants. I decided that I was ready to explore the waterways of Spreewald on my own.

My train was at 6.30 pm so I had two options to spend my time. 1. Hire a bike for a few hours, or 2. Head back on the water in a canoe. I opted for the canoe.

Arriving at canoe rental place I asked if they had any canoes for me, at first he showed me a super sporty slimline canoe, great for getting up some good speed. Then when I said I was a total beginner he pointed me toward this larger (and more sturdy model).

Perfect for beginners and meant both my camera and I would stay dry!

Canoeing in Spreewald
Enjoying a quieter route on the River Spree

I was given a laminated, hand-drawn map (the official one was on the other side but the hand-drawn one was much easier to follow). I only had a couple of hours so the tour company gave me a route that would take about an hour and a half.

Steering the large canoe took me a minute to work out what I was doing but then I was on my way.

Hiring a canoe later in the day means the waterways were quieter than the morning. I had also been recommended less-popular routes to paddle down away from the punting boats.

Top tip for your Kayaking trip

  • Take a dry bag with you to keep your camera and phone dry from the paddle splash water!
  • These can be hired if you don’t have your own

Wildlife Spotting in Spreewald

Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is a haven for wildlife and nature.

The area is famous for kingfishers, although I didn’t spot any on my trip. I saw lots of snakes, both in the water and on land, they were really cool to see both basking in the sun and gliding through the water.

I saw lots of snakes, both in the water and on land

My favourite wildlife encounter of the day trip was seeing my very first beaver. I was enjoying the peace and quiet in my canoe, then I spotted two floating logs, or were they!

I adjusted my eyes and wondered if they were otters but then I realised they were two beavers.

Spotting beavers on my canoeing trip
Spotting beavers on my canoeing trip

Of course, I had to stop paddling to take a quick photo, although my canoe kept gliding in the water and seemed to be heading straight for them. A speedy reaction and the crisis was averted, phew!

Try the Local Favourites – Spreewald Pickles!

Spreewald pickle market stall
You must experience the Spreewald pickles

One thing that I had been told to try on my Spreewald trip was the famous Spreewald pickles. If you go on a punting trip then you can have a chance to try them if you stop on the journey.

They might offer you a Spreewald Pickle Beer to go with it. The pickles and pickle beer was delicious, worth trying some on your trip!

If you don’t get a chance to try them on your punting trip then look out for the pickle stalls at the local market. I promise you won’t ever see that many in one place!

My day trip to Lubbenau/Spreewald from Berlin was recommended to me by Susanna at Wandering Chocobo (including the Spreewald pickle beer!) I liked it so much that now I’d love to recommend it to more people visit.

I hope you like my tips, especially the Spreewald pickle beer! Let me know if you try it too.

More Things to do in Spreewald

Historic city of Spreewald
The historic city of Spreewald

On a day trip from Berlin, I didn’t have time to do everything in Lubbenau.

Here are some more suggestions for things to do on your visit to Spreewald.

  1. Explore the historic town centre of Spreewald – you walk through here on the way to the punting trip
  2. Visit the Spreewald Museum – Check whether this is available in English, the website is all in German
  3. Go on one of the many nature trails in the area.
  4. Hire a bike and explore more of Spreewald
  5. Feeling brave? Why not try stand-up paddleboarding on the River Spree
Stand-up Paddleboarders on the River Spree
Stand-up Paddleboarder + Dog on the River Spree

More things to do in Berlin

Are you planning a day trip to Lubbenau Spreewald from Berlin?

Let me know if you have any questions about Spreewald or more things to do on your Berlin holiday in the comments below.


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Spreewald Berlin - day trip Spreewald to Berlin

Spreewald Berlin - day trip from Berlin to Spreewald

Spreewald Berlin - day trip from Berlin to Spreewald

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