Is This The Quirkiest Hotel In Berlin? – Huttenpalast Hotel (REVIEW)

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin - Caravan hotel

I love finding anything different and quirky when I’m travelling. Berlin certainly has plenty of places to visit around the city like that. But I think Huttenpalast Hotel is one of the quirkiest places you can stay in Berlin. Why? Well, this is no ordinary hotel in Germany, it’s a hotel with a twist!

Huttenpalast Hotel has taken the caravanning concept to the next level. Walking through the front door it seems like any normal hotel you might stay at. But after you’ve gone through the garden. the next door leads you into a space filled with caravans! And this is where you sleep, in your very own caravan!

I spent one night at Huttenpalast Hotel in Berlin, although I wish I had stayed longer (isn’t that always the case!) If you are wondering what it’s like sleeping at a caravan hotel then keep reading. I will tell you about my night at Huttenpalast in the ‘Caravan Hotel’ and what I really thought.

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Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Information

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin review - my caravan

Hotel Address:

Hobrechtstraße 66, North Nuukolln, 12047 Berlin


Huttenpalast Hotel is located in north Neukolln, not far from popular Kreuzberg. The area has a lovely Berlin vibe with numerous restaurants and bars close by. I can highly recommend H&D Chay, a Vietnamese vegan restaurant a few minutes away. In fact, it’s one of the up and coming hippy areas that are not as often talked about. I think that makes it an even better place to stay!

The hotel is south of Berlin City Centre, about 15 minutes on Berlin’s U-Bahn on U8 and you’re at the central location of Alexanderplatz. This where the Sky Tower is, which you can see from most places in the city.

The two main airports Tegel and Schonefeld in Berlin are in opposite directions but both about a 45-50 minutes train journey, via public transport (buy your tickets at the station or buy the Berlin Welcome Card).

Hotel facilities:

  • Breakfast available
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Large relaxing garden area
  • Bike rental available
  • Shared bathroom


  • Bed linen and towels provided
  • Various storage space
  • Secure caravan and room
  • Separate seating area


Rooms from €70-€100 per night*

*Prices at range due to occupancy and time of year. All rates correct at time of writing. For latest rates click here Huttenpalast prices

About Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin inside the caravan hotel

Huttenpalast Hotel initially had three caravans, along with the traditional (and boring) hotel rooms. But the caravans proved incredibly popular, with people wanting to stay in a caravan instead of a ‘normal’ hotel room. Huttenpalast now has a mini-fleet of 8 caravans and 3 huts that you can stay in, as well as hotel rooms too.

Each caravan is unique and has been lovingly restored on the inside and out. The benefit of restoring caravans for an indoor space is that they don’t need to worry about waterproofing them. Some caravans do look like old, (in a good way) and I’m not sure they would cope with the outside elements. It’s a great place for these caravans to end up, I’m sure in most cases they would be sent for scrap but this is a way of recycling them.

Another thing I love about Huttenpalast Hotel is their ‘green’ attitude, guests are encouraged to turn off lights before leaving the caravan area and think a bit more about the environment.

Arrival and check-in

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Garden

Arriving at Huttenpalast Hotel, there’s a sign on the door saying to call when you arrive. Two minutes later I’m shown in and have a mini-tour of the accommodation and my own caravan for the night including how to get in and out via the back gate.

I’m also told about the breakfast options, in the morning there’s a small breakfast area set up, including tea/coffee, croissants and fruit. Then the main breakfast buffet is served in the breakfast room from 8-11 am.

My caravan

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin - relaxing by my caravan

My caravan is a traditional white model, built in the 1960s (yes older than me before you comment!) It’s called the Swallow Nest and outside is a small table and chairs with a retro-style red lamp. Up a little step into my van, each window has matching curtains. There’s also a small table with seats either side and my double bed takes up most of the caravan.

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For storage, there’s a tardis cupboard next to the door, with a mirror on the outside. Inside there’s hanging space and room for my rucksack, with a few shelves above. Of course, I try out the bed for comfort. Yep, I could probably fall asleep pretty quickly here!

The bed although very comfy was a tiny bit short for me, at 5″7 I’m average height. As I was alone in my caravan, I solved the issue by sleeping diagonally! Out of all the caravans, mine seemed like the smallest bed (my bed measurements were 140 x 180 cm).

Top Tip

Breakfast Time

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Breakfast buffet

Breakfast, as promised, comes in two parts. When I wake up there’s tea/coffee, some little croissants and apples. It’s like Santa has been in the middle of the night and left treats for you!

A new experience is the coffee pouches, a fellow caravan neighbour thinks they are tea bags and it makes a very questionable cup of tea! I have to admit I probably would have done the same too, in my half-asleep mood!

After your starter breakfast then comes the main act! Tea and coffee is served to you and you can help yourself to fresh orange and apple juice. A buffet style set up with traditional German meats and cheeses, olives and different bread. Plus there is also eggs, fruit, nuts and cereal options.

Overall thoughts of Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Caravans

Overall, this hotel fits with the style and vibe of Berlin. The owners are friendly and welcoming and it’s the perfect choice if you want to sleep in a caravan but without the hassle of getting up in the middle of the night and needing to go outside to use the toilet!

In keeping with a normal caravan park, you have the extra sounds of people opening/closing their caravan doors at night but since there are only 4 or 5 caravans and huts this isn’t a big deal. If you’re a light sleeper you may wish to take some earplugs as a backup option.

One thing that’s different about Huttenpalast, unlike a normal hotel when you don’t normally speak to another person the entire night (if you’re a solo traveller like me!) But at Huttenpalast Hotel you have a lovely mix of different guests staying and people to chat to. I even became the photographer for a lovely couple staying on their two-year anniversary trip.

Would I stay at Huttenpalast Hotel in Berlin again?

Yes, I’d definitely stay here again. The bed was comfy, the staff were friendly and welcoming, plus they spoke good English (with my terrible German, sorry) and I loved having the caravan to myself. Although next time, maybe I would like to try a different caravan, there was nothing wrong with mine I just think it would be fun trying a different one!

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Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin review
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin review
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin

More photos of Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin

Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Garden
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin- inside my caravan
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin- inside my caravan
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Caravans
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Royal Hall Hut
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Shared Bathroom
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Breakfast Station
Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin Breakfast Buffet

*I was a guest at Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin. However, all views and opinions are my own.

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12 thoughts on “Is This The Quirkiest Hotel In Berlin? – Huttenpalast Hotel (REVIEW)

  1. Claudia says:

    Wow this is so cool and a perfect reflection of the German Wohnwagenkulture (caravan culture) 🙂 Would love to check it out. I work in a hotel in Cape Town. For me, the best and most vibrant hotel ever but the design and style of the one in Berlin tops it actually.

  2. Anna says:

    Wow! This is awesome! I’m a regular Berlin goer/fan (though I’ve been living in Thailand for 18 months but now on a holiday in Europe for the summer) and I’m so gonna save this. So unique and quirky!

  3. Nicole Wilson says:

    This looks so cool! I love Berlin and I love the idea of staying in caravans and trailers but not the idea of being in a camp site so this is perfect.

  4. leanne says:

    Ah I love quirky places! This place looks awesome! And I need to visit Berlin! I was born there but havent been back…!

  5. Mayuri says:

    I was just talking to my husband about traveling to Berlin and this hotel is so unique
    Lovely pictures and the interiors are stunning
    Will definitely try this place! Thanks for sharing

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