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Becky at Cheddar Gorge

Hi there,

I’m Becky (you probably knew that), thanks so much for visiting my patron page. 

I’ve created this as a way to help fund the content that I create but also as a way to thank you to people that have supported my website.

Have you read one (or more than one) of my website posts that have helped you with trip planning or a hiking adventure? Or maybe I’ve answered your hiking and travel questions via my social media channels. 

I’m totally happy to keep helping you with any questions and I’ll still write travel and hiking guides for my website but if you can help me that would be amazing 🙂

Here is where you can help support my small business but also enjoy a few benefits yourself, depending on which tier on Patreon you select.

But first, why? There are three reasons I’ve set up a patron page:

1. The money (yes, obviously, but let me explain)

If I’m honest, the recent pandemic had a massive impact on my income. I’m reaching out to those of you that like and use my website regularly. If you’re still a position to do so (financially speaking), I’m hoping that you might be able to support the work I do.

Alternatively, you could do a one-off thank you, via Paypal. Send me a payment gift here

2. Say ‘hi’ to the people that love reading my website

After several years of sharing travel and hiking tips, guides and destinations I’ve had some lovely messages from my loyal readers but I’m sure there are more of you out there that I don’t know.

Here’s your chance to let me know who you are so I can say thank you for supporting me by reading the posts that I share on my website and social media posts.

3. Sharing my skills

Becky the Traveller has been set up all by me! I have created my own website, social media and Pinterest, I’ve learnt many new skills along the way and I’ve taught myself everything, spending hours researching and reading many ‘how-to’ guides. There’s also been a lot of shouting at my laptop!

But I’m now at a stage where I am comfortable to share my skills and knowledge further afield. You can also read my post on how to start a blog/website if you want a few tips to get you started.

I would say my knowledge is more targeted best for beginner level. That’s not to say I’m not confident in sharing more advanced skills, for example, SEO tips but I’m not qualified (thought I’d mention that now).


Anyway, if you’d love to support please click my Patron page here for more details.

If being a Patron isn’t your type of thing, I know I prefer saying thank you with a gift rather than money. Why not check out my Amazon wish list where you can thank me in a more personal way 🙂




Mam Tor Patrons

Thanks so much to Skye Steffans for being my very first Patron. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @acrossthepondigo