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Exploring the Canadian Rockies and Lake Agnes

The photo I have chosen for this week’s ‘World Travel Inspiration’ is my second one from Canada. As a lover of adventures and mountains, this captures the perfect combination. But what I love most about this picture is the reflection of the mountains and autumn trees in Lake Agnes. You immediately feel a sense of calm from the stillness of the water. I can imagine sitting here admiring the view all day.

It’s become a habitat of mine when I see a body of water, whether it’s a stream, lake or ocean. I grab my camera. You can really capture some beautiful shots by crouching low and getting the full shot.

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Lakes Agnes from Laura at One More Step

Lakes Agnes Canada

Autumn colours at Lake Agnes, Canada

When you visit Lake Louise, you might already know what to expect – emerald water, hordes of tourists and the enormous Fairmont Chateau overlooking it all. It’s often touted as the highlight of a trip to the Canadian Rockies – but that’s not all to see.

Hike upwards a few kilometres for more beautiful scenery at Lake Agnes! It might be a little colder if you visit in autumn, but with fewer crowds, the end of September is a great time to visit the Rockies and see some of the fall colours.

Get to Lake Louise early – before 8 am preferably – and don’t stop to gawk at the lake along with everyone else. You’ll have a chance when you get back. Instead, walk past the Fairmont Chateau and start your journey up the Little Beehive hike. It’s about a 3-hour return hike. But it’s a popular one so don’t dawdle too much or you risk being overtaken by the morning crowds.

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Go to the summit first for some wonderful views over Lake Louise and more astonishing landscapes. Then about 600m on the way back down detour to the Lake Agnes teahouse. It’s here you’ll find the perfect reflections of the mountains in Lake Agnes shown in the picture above.

In autumn it was incredible, with snow topping the rocky peaks and orange pines littered among the green. Pick up a refreshment from the teahouse (the hot chocolate is great) and settle down to admire the view.

‘WOrld travel inspiration’ – meet the PHOTOGRAPHER

This week’s photo comes from  Laura at One More Step  and was taken using a Panasonic Lumix G5 with 20mm F1.7 lens.

Laura is a self-published author, history graduate and travel aficionado, currently fitting travel in between a 9-5 day job. She loves historical and literary destinations plus anywhere she can take a good photo – the Canadian Rockies in September 2016 definitely lived up to that!

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Have you visited Lakes Agnes? What time of year did you go? Tell me about your experience in the comments below

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Exploring the beautiful Canadian Rockies to Lake Louise and Lake Agnes. Plus some tips for when the best time to visit and capturing a great shot.. Canada

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  1. This is a reminder that I need to travel around in Canada more! So far I’ve only been to Quebec, to Montreal and Quebec city. Sometimes I forget you can travel somewhere and not go to the major cities!

  2. Great post showcasing something else to discover at Lake Louise! Sometimes it just takes a little more effort to get past the crowds and the tourist hotspots and see something most people don’t get to see. And that’s a great photo – even if the reflection does mess with my head!! 🙂

  3. Hehehe, I have the same habit, I just love water in any shape! 😀 You are so right, there is some specific feel of peace when being next to it. And I love this photo, amazing reflection, nice job! 🙂

  4. Oh, Lake Agnes looks absolutely stunning! I love the mix of autumn colors, it looks surreal and would love to do this hike one day. Cheers!

  5. That shot is Beyond Stunning. Canada seems like the distant cousin of the U.S. and feels so far from Los Angeles where I grew up, but it’s full of beauty, full of natural and untouched beauty.

  6. Great tips! I wish I had read this before I did this hike just last week (July long weekend).. I went to Plain of 6 glaciers first and then to Lake Agnes on my return. Mind blowing scenery! And it feels like you are describing me when you talk about reaching for the camera everytime I see a body of water! 🙂