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Top Budapest places to visit and cool things to do (& Free activities!)

Firstly, however many days you’ve booked in Budapest you’ll probably end up not doing everything you want to. Budapest is awesome, there are so many things to see and do. If you’d like a detailed itinerary, then check out my 3 days in Budapest guide. Or if you like more flexibility and want to pick and choose what cool things to do and Budapest places to visit then keep reading. I will give you suggestions so you can tailor your Budapest trip to what you like to do (and at a price that suits you).

Most of these places to visit and things to do are on the Pest side of the Danube. So worth bearing in mind when you are planning where to stay. My accommodation was close to the Jewish District and pretty central to most places. Check it out here – Friends Hostel & Apartments. 

Free things to do in Budapest

Winter views of the Danube and Houses of Parliament from Buda side - Budapest places to visit and things to do

Go on a FREE walking tour

Cost – Free (tip optional)

There are numerous companies that offer different free walking tours in Budapest. During my time I tried two tours with different companies. I’m going to recommend the tour company I had the most enjoyable tour with which was Trip to Budapest. (Oh and don’t read different leaflets and go to the wrong start points… yes I did that oops!!)

  • Original Budapest walk – 10.30 & 14.30 (2.5-3 hours)
  • Street Art & Urban Budapest tour 10.00 & 15.30 (2-2.5 hours)

They also do a couple of additional tours which I didn’t get chance to try

  • Jewish District tour 10.00 & 15.30 (2-2.5 hours)
  • Communism walk tour 10.00 & 15.30 (2-2.5 hours)
  • Evening walk 18.30 (1-1.5 hours)

Please check times here, depending on the time of year you are travelling some tours are not available all year.

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Walk along by the Danube River

Cost – Free

You can walk on either side of the river. The Pest side is a nice walk as you can walk directly next to the river. There is also a Holocaust memorial a short walk from the houses of Parliament. Here 60 pairs of bronze shoes are lined up against the edge of the river, representing those who lost their lives in WWII. I’ve never been moved so much by a memorial, but standing here on a cold winter’s day, looking into the murky Danube it’s a shuddering thought of the last thing many people saw before the river washed their bodies away.

On the Buda side, there’s a main road in between the pavement and the river. Once you’ve walked along the river by day, it’s also great to return at night. The whole area looks completely different, with the bridges and buildings lit up.

Spot the awesome Street Art

Cost – Free

As above, you can go on the Free Street Art walking tour. But you can explore for yourself, there are lots to find in the Jewish District, although the bonus of the Street Art tour is you learn a little bit about the background too. The very first piece was created in 2012 on the Fire Station. Interestingly, street art in Budapest is controlled by the government so there’s less freedom of what is on display.  My favourite was one close to St Stephen’s Basilica, on the corner of Arany Janos street and San street (pictured above) that has a secret…

Becky’s Tip – Download an App called the Lara App. And when you see the street art above point your phone at the art and watch it come to life! It’s really cool I stood there for at least 5 minutes!

Cross the Chain Bridge

Cost – Free

I must have walked over the Chain Bridge several times on my trip. By day you can see the structure of the bridge that links Buda and Pest. And by night it looks pretty all lit up. If you don’t want to walk (or it’s too cold you can jump on the number 16 bus – advance single 350 HUF)

St Matthias Church & Fisherman’s Bastion

Night view of St Matthias Church - Budapest places to visit and things to do

Cost – Free (280 HUF to go to the highest tower in Fisherman’s Bastion)

St Matthias Church is another stunning building in Budapest, Hungary seriously there is so many of them you can’t get bored. During the daytime, you can see the beautiful tiled roof of the church and by night the church is lit up and look absolutely gorgeous. Please note if you go in winter (like I did) then you might not see the tiles due to snow!

Go to Budapest City Park

Cost: Free

Before you arrive here, stop off at Heroes Square, the largest square in Budapest created in 1896 (to celebrate Hungary’s 1000 anniversary). Then you can walk around the pretty gardens around the Castle, maybe in summer have a picnic (not an option for winter in the snow!) Depending what time of year you go the pond might be frozen and if it is then you have the option to go ice-skating.

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Visit the Houses of Parliament

Cost – Free

Get up close to Budapest’s Houses of Parliament, the second largest in the world. Take a walk around the entire building and be mesmerised at its beauty.

For the ultimate view, of the Houses of Parliament, you’ll need to view from the Buda side at night. Either walk or take a bus (350 per single trip) across the other side of the Danube. And you’ll be amazed by the beauty of this building.

Tours are available to go inside at 10.00. 12.00, 13.00, 14.00. 15.00 at cost 15 EUR (EU citizens) and 30 EUR (Non-EU citizens). Concessions available.

Budapest Places to visit (Up to 3100 HUF/ 10 EUR)

Danishes in Budapest bakery - Budapest things to do

Eat cakes at one of the many bakeries

Cost from 200 HUF/ 0.75 EUR

There are so many bakeries around Budapest. Every corner I turned there was a new one that I hadn’t seen before. You can pick your favourite cakes or try a new one each day (that’s what I did!) And with all the walking around the city you soon burn it off.

Go to the Chocolate Museum

Cost 500 HUF/ 1.90 EUR

This small museum is located upstairs in yet another one of Budapest’s cafes. You also find a shop upstairs (that bit is free) that you can look around and buy chocolates.

Visit the Cat Café

Cost – Free entry but drinks are a bit more expensive (Coffees from 900/1000 HUF/ 3 EUR)

There are about 15+ cats living in the cat café. Including two giant and very fluffy ones. So for me, it was worth a visit.

I have to admit the coffee I had wasn’t that nice. But since I was there for the cats it didn’t matter too much.

St Stephen’s Basilica

Cost – Inside 200 HUF/ 0.75 EUR or Panorama viewpoint 600 HUF/ 2 EUR

This gorgeous building, of course, is totally free to look at from the outside. But for a little bit of money, you can see inside this stunning building. And for a bit more again you can enjoy stunning views of the city

Budapest Places to visit (Up to 30 EUR)

Szimpla Kert outside area bar in Budapest Hungary - Budapest places to visit and things to do
The famous Szimpla Kert ruin bar in Budapest Hungary

Relax at one of the Thermal Baths

Cost from 3500 HUF/ 11 EUR*

Budapest has over 123 hot springs and as such there are many thermal baths around the city. It’s a difficult decision which one to choose, from the very popular Szechenyi baths in the Pest area to the well known Gellert baths, in Buda across the other side of the Danube.

I opted for the Rudas thermal baths, a mix of both modern and traditional baths. I began the experience in the old traditional side, in an octagon shaped room with five different thermal baths varying in temperatures.

Can’t decide which  baths to go to? Check out the top 4 best baths recommended by travellers!

visit the Ruin Bar on a Budapest Pub crawl

Cost 15 EUR

There are few companies that organise bar crawls around Budapest. Or of course, you can go it alone (depending on how much you normally drink, this might be the cheaper option). Small beers cost between 200-800 HUF and small wine costs 160-490 HUF.

Becky’s Tip – Szimpla Kert is amazing at night. But you can also go during the daytime and grab some food or drink. Plus it’s quieter to explore all the different rooms… you will see what I mean when you visit! Open from 12 noon.

try one of the hop on/hop off buses

Cost from 6000 HUF/ 20 EUR (1-day option)

There are two companies that offer these services the Big Bus and x

If you enjoy walking then all of these tourist spots can be reached on foot and as well you might spot one or two other places on the way.

Cook your own Hungarian feast

Cost from 3,000 HUF

This is a concept I’ve not heard of before. There’s a small restaurant type venue but instead of going and having your meals brought to you, you cook them yourself!

There’s a wide selection of meals on the menu from traditional Hungarian food to other options (although I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to opt for the Hungarian ones since you’re in Hungary!

Once you’ve decided on your menu you’re given all the ingredients with step by step instructions to cook your dinner. Help is provided if needed

Read more about here Budapest Makery

Explore the caves of Budapest

Cost 7000 HUF/ 23 EUR*
Budapest caving in Hungary

Two short bus rides out of the city you can spend two hours underground. And in winter this was far warmer than any outside activity!

40 minutes from the city centre (via bus no. 9 and 65) you can venture deep below ground in Budapest’s caves system. In winter, this is a great activity because it’s actually warmer in the caves than outside.

You’re underground for nearly 2 hours and it is the most amazing adventure. Taking you through narrow passways and tiny gaps in the rocks that you think are impossible to get through. But if you love a challenge then be sure to check this out.

Read about my full Budapest caving experience here

Ride The Floating Bus on the Danube

Cost 8500 HUF/ 28 EUR

Or if you’re feeling brave you could try The Floating Bus. Views of Budapest by land and water. If I am honest the idea of this does not appeal to me, I’d rather be in a boat or a bus not a combination of the two. But hey, I’m just giving you the options!

The tour lasts 1 hour 35 minutes. And there are between 3-4 department times each day (depending on the time of year)

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Are you planning a trip to Budapest? Looking for cool things to do or places to visit on your trip to Budapest? Ask me any questions in the comments or message me on Facebook

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Street art in Jewish District - What to see in Budapest
St Matthias Church by night - Places to visit in Budapest Hungary

*All prices are based on adult prices. Some discounts are available for children, students and older people (ages vary). Exchange rate for prices is 310 HUF = 1 EUR

*Becky the Traveller contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for reading!

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  1. The walking tour is something I have heard is really good in Budapest (compared to many other walking tours in eastern Europe) ..Did you have a good time at the Thermal Bath?.. The cave tour sounds interesting too. Thanks good info – pinning it for reference.

    1. Thanks Aarti, yes I really enjoyed the tour. To be honest the first company I used for a tour wasn’t that good which is why I recommended this specific company! I loved the thermal bath, very relaxing after 4 days walking around!

  2. My boyfriend is really keen to visit Budapest, and he’d definitely love the sound of those walking tours – keeping hold of this guide to show him! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do the caves, but it must’ve been an amazing experience!

    1. Thanks Nicky, well hopefully you can persuade him, it’s a beautiful city. The caves were so much fun, I’m writing a more detailed post about if you check back in a week or so it should be on the website 🙂