Virtual Assistant (VA), Pinterest & Social Media Manager Work

Looking for help or an extra pair of hands running your blog? Or simply want to hand over those jobs you hate or don’t have time for to someone else?

I work with both full-time bloggers and new/existing bloggers who are still working full-time and running their blogs.

The value of having a VA/Social Media Manager works differently depending on your circumstances. You may simply not have enough time to complete the tasks due to other priorities. There might be some tasks that you find boring or simply don’t want to spend time learning about and keeping up to date with the many changes. Or you may wish to prioritise your time on tasks you enjoy or you feel cannot be sourced out, for example editing photos or writing blog posts.

Whatever your reason I’m happy to support and work with you to build and grow your blog. I will always treat your blog, social media with the same respect I do my own.

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What tasks can I help you with?

There are so many blogging, social media and Pinterest jobs I can help you with but to give you a flavour here are the most common tasks that I support with.

Feel free to ask me for any additional tasks that aren’t on the list!

Virtual Assistant

  • General administration tasks
  • Managing, organising and replying to emails
  • Writing product and accommodation pitches
  • Support with your media kit – designing, providing feedback and design
  • Proof-reading existing and new content on blogs, fixing basic spelling and grammar mistakes

Pinterest Support

  • Pinterest review of account
  • Fully managing your Pinterest account
  • Scheduling relevant content for your Tailwind* (10-50+ pins per day)
  • Adding content to Tailwind Tribes and re-scheduling
  • Completing Pinterest threads on Facebook for new and existing pins (Member of four Pinterest groups)
  • Manually pinning to own and groups boards
  • Designing and creating covers for boards on Pinterest
  • Designing and creating Pin templates
  • Creating pins and manually uploading to Pinterest or add via your blog
  • Writing SEO descriptions for your pins with hashtags

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Social Media Manager

Again, this is not an exclusive list but these are the most common tasks I complete for people. If it’s not on the list please ask 🙂


  • Twitter engagement, liking, commenting and finding new followers
  • Creating lists on Twitter for followers eg Travel bloggers, specific destinations
  • Scheduling content on Buffer, Hootsuite or other scheduling tools (I also use Missing Lettr)*


  • Instagram engagement with new and existing followers – Liking, commenting on posts and stories
  • Hashtag research, creating easy to add lists on your niche topics
  • Writing captions for new posts
  • Replying to comments on posts


  • Scheduling relevant content for your Facebook page
  • Replying to messages, comments from readers

Why work with Becky – my experience and stats

My background is 15 years working for a large corporate Bank in the UK (yes boring I know!) as a Personal Assistant to the Regional Director and his team until I was made redundant in 2017. Then I decided to focus solely on my blog and I am now working as a VA, Pinterest and Social Media to make a living, alongside my blog.

My blog Becky the Traveller began in February 2017 whilst working full-time. I have built all my social media and Pinterest accounts from scratch. I’m am completely self-taught with regard to the social media and marketing side and regularly read articles to keep up to date with the many changes!

I have experience with SEO, only through my own blog, I’m not an expert but I feel confident suggesting and implementing basic changes to improve SEO and help with the organic growth, including tips for keyword research via Keysearch.

My social stats are mostly organic growth, when I first started blogging I did a few follow threads but realised that organic was by far the best way to build genuine followers – Facebook 1,200+, Instagram 3,300+ and Twitter 3,300+ followers. 

My Pinterest account currently has over 2,500 followers, although you might have heard the number of followers isn’t that important. My average monthly views are around 350,000+, with 10,000+ engaged. This results in 2,500+ pageviews a month from Pinterest. You can take a look at it here Pinterest

Latest numbers are on my media kit.

My rates and invoicing

I charge an hourly rate, I’m a highly efficient worker so you get good value for your money! This would be invoiced at the end of each calendar month, with the option to cease if you no longer wish to continue. (Payable by Paypal or Bank transfer)

I feel this offers the most transparency from both parties, instead of doing a package. If you wanted to go ahead we could discuss how much work you would like me to do in certain areas.

If you have a specific task/project that you would like me to complete please contact me for bespoke rates specific to your needs.

Please email me to request which currency you would like your quote (GBP, EUR or USD).

Discounts and referral scheme


5% discount for 12+ hours of work per calendar month* 

10% discount for 20+ hours of work per calendar month*

*Discount to be applied each month after the number of hours calculated. Discount applied to the hourly rate for all hours work for the month. (Yes, it’s a good deal :))

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Referral scheme

Refer a friend, fellow blogger or another small business that needs some VA, Pinterest or Social Media support. Once I complete a minimum of 5 hours work on their behalf you will receive an hour’s FREE work.

The hour’s work will be completed in line with your requests the following month eg Work 10 hours for recommended friend/blogger in January, I work 1 hour FREE for you in February.

Testimonials from my clients

Backpacking Like A Boss

Sabrina Bos, Owner of Backpacking Like A Boss

“Becky has been a true Pinterest hero! I don’t like working on Pinterest myself so I was looking for a VA to take this on for my blog. Becky helped me to get from 100 pageviews a month from Pinterest to an average of 1500 a month in a short period of time! She has taken over the whole process – I only have to supply photos to make the pins and it’s all done! Becky’s services go highly recommended!”



Female Travel Bloggers

Susanna Kelly, Instagram Manager, & Co-Owner of Female Travel Bloggers

“Becky willingly volunteers her time to the online blogging group called Female Travel Bloggers. Most of her time is spent aiding our Instagram account in growth, but she frequently goes above and beyond to monitor and enforce group guidelines, answers blogging questions and help out where she can. Since she joined our team we have seen our Instagram follower increase by thousands, we’ve seen an increase in engagement and more consistent posting.

Since I started working with her I can tell she has a very driven, determined and genuine work ethic and is dedicated to her pursuit of blogging and content creation. Anyone who has the honor of working with her will receive personalized service and will not be disappointed.”


Thorey at Glacier Adventure

“We at Glacier Adventure really like working with Becky. We first met her when she was travelling around Iceland and took one of our tours. After the tour, she wrote an article about her experience, that we liked really much.

She has now written a few articles for us to post on our own website. Becky is very professional and it’s good to work with her.”

Contact me

Interested? Would like more information or a quote? Please send me an email at

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