Pinterest Group Boards rules and how to join!

It’s great that you want to join my group boards, I can’t wait to add you and continue building up the awesome community on Pinterest and Tailwind. Pinterest is amazing and you can seriously build up your pageviews on your website this way.

I have fairly strict rules on my group boards. Why? Because once they start getting filled with irrelevant content the popularity goes down. So the more niche content, the more repins and it’s better for everyone. Yippee!

General Pinterest group board rules

  1. Please follow Becky the Traveller (that’s me obviously!)
  2. Vertical pins with text
  3. Must have a description and not just ‘Berlin pin!’ Again this is all to help the number of repins
  4. Maximum 5 pins per day (with repins to match)
  5. Repin 1 for 1 – again extras are a bonus. Yippee!
  6. No spam – only your own content. Don’t use the board to dump other pins from threads etc

Pins that don’t meet will be deleted. Boo, so don’t break the rules. Thanks for making my life easier too 🙂

If you continually don’t read the rules and pin content that doesn’t meet. I will remove you from the board. Sorry, I have warned you but I don’t have time to keep deleting pins off topic so it’s bye bye!

New Joiners

As a little thank you to be and the rest of the group. I ask that all new joiners add 10-20 pins when joining the board.

This again gives the board a boost and benefits you in the long term.

Pinterest boards you can join

Hiking, Outdoor Adventures & Activities

A board for all those crazy adventures & challenges you want to do. Outdoor Adventure | Hiking | Trekking | Walking | Adrenalin Activities | Mountains | Kayaking | No adventure too big or small | Asia | Africa | Europe | North America | South America | Oceania. Includes hiking & outdoor gear.

Solo Female Travel Tips

Top tips & hints for Solo Female Travel from solo female travellers. Travel | First time Solo Travel | Travel Tips | Female Travellers | Best destinations for solo travel | #solotravel | #solo Pins relating to solo female travel tips only. No general travel tips/food/packing/hotel etc.

Bucket List Ideas

Travel planning ideas & inspiration for future trips. Including destinations around the world & unique experiences – skydiving, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Ideas for your bucket list. Wanderlust | Adventures | #travel | #bucketlist. Destinations & travel experiences only. No travel tips/packing/food/hotel reviews.

Best Europe travel ideas & inspiration

Things to do in Europe. Best places to visit in Europe. Includes favourite European cities for a weekend break. Travel, hotel and food tips for your European adventure. Includes Hungary, UK, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Ireland Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Slovenia and many more.

United Kingdom (UK) travel tips & inspiration

Travel tips, tricks & hints for your UK adventure. Things to do in the UK. Places to visit in the UK. Best places to visit in the United Kingdom. Things to do in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Includes London | Manchester | UK National Parks – Peak District | Lake District | Snowdonia | Pembrokeshire | Brecon Beacons | Yorkshire Dales | Northumberland | Dartmoor | Norfolk Broads


Are you using Tailwind?

If not then here’s my affiliate link which gives you a month’s FREE trial.

Tailwind is a scheduling tool that is fantastic, it saves me hours and keeps me visible on Pinterest 24 hours a day (even when I’m sleeping!)

I also have three Tailwind Tribes you can join:

  1. Hiking, Outdoor Adventures and activities
  2. Europe travel
  3. UK travel
  • Same rules as above for my Pinterest boards
  • You can click the above links to join if you prefer

Please note I will automatically send you an invitation for the Tribes that mirror the Pinterest boards. You do NOT have to accept, but it’s easier for me to add to Pinterest and Tailwind at the same time (I like an easy life).

If you don’t want to receive the invite please write in the comment box


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If you’re interested please email me at and I will provide more information 🙂

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*Your email will only be used to add you to the group boards and to communicate any Pinterest/Tailwind changes I make to the rules/boards. Don’t worry I won’t spam, that would be too much like hard work 🙂

*Becky the Traveller contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for reading!