A Walk A Week Challenge | Becky the Traveller

What is ‘A Walk A Week’?

‘A Walk A Week’ is a personal challenge for anyone who wants to get outside more.

The weekly walks can be as short or as long as you want, it can be a location that you’ve visited before or somewhere completely new. You can go it solo or invite your friends. It’s up to you, you make the rules!

Please remember although the idea is to get outside more, if you’re feeling unwell or injured then don’t push yourself. You can always do two walks the week after πŸ™‚

meet the walker

Name: Becky Angell

Age: 42

Location: Nottingham

Favourite walk: Kinder Scout via Grindsbrook in the Peak District

Instagram: @beckythetraveller

Website: beckythetraveller.com and peakdistrictwalks.net

a walk a week challenge

Challenge start date: 1 January 2020