10 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Travel Lovers (On A BUDGET)

Eco friendly travel gifts budget

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With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you’ll buy your loved ones. But in an ever-continuing crisis of single-use plastic items what is the best eco-friendly gifts you can buy for your friends and family.

Travelling is hardly the most eco-friendly way of getting around unless like me you choose to walk across a country!

But all the flights and other forms of public transport can turn a trip into a very unfriendly one (in terms of being green!) I’m not saying sit at home but why not look at a few little ways you can be greener and eco-friendly in your day to day life.

Hiking across Britain E2W Challenge
The eco-friendly way to travel, walking!

Personally, I am 100% happy not to receive gifts, I’ve probably got to that point in my life where I have most of the things I need or if I don’t I can go and buy them. But if I do receive presents I absolutely love it if they are useful and bonus points if they are eco-friendly too.

Here I’ve selected a few unusual gifts that you might not usually consider for your travel-loving friends and family members. And they are all eco-friendly, in one way or another!

What presents would you love to receive that are eco-friendly too? Let me know any ideas in the comments below 

Eco-Friendly Gifts From £2 – £10

Natural Bamboo Wood Toothbrushes 


A simple but incredibly useful gift for anyone. These bamboo wood toothbrushes come in three different colours, brown, white or black. 

Perfect for a stocking filler gift.

Bamboo Toothbrush
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Recycled Notebook with Sunflower


A perfect gift for a travel lover who likes to keep a diary of their stories and adventures. This A6 recycled notebook comes with a cute sunflower design on the front.

Eco-friendly notebook gift
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Reusable Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup


Know a friend that loves their coffee? This reusable cup can be used for travelling, everyday use or simply a cup of coffee at home! The cup is made of natural bamboo fibre with an eco-friendly, fun design.

Eco friendly coffee cup gift-2
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Luxury Reusable Metal Straw Set

From Lunas Boutique 28

A perfect gift for a party-goer friend or one that travels and stops at Service Stations a lot for a cheeky McDonald’s. Whatever your reason, these handy metal straws are perfect to take with you on trips to be more eco-friendly.

Eco friendly metal straw set
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Foldable Shopping Bag

From Tiger by Claire

Just because you’re going travelling doesn’t mean you’ll not be doing any shopping! Don’t forget this gorgeosu shopping bag on your trips, perfect for souvenir or food shopping.

Eco-friendly shopping bag

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Eco-Friendly Gifts From £11 – £20

Set of Three Zero Waste Lip Balms


Why buy one when you can have three, one for home, one for the car and one for your bag 🙂 The lip balms are vegan and cruelty-free.

They also come in a cardboard compostable tube so no plastic here!

Eco Friendly Lip Balms

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Zero Waste Mini Kit


The mini kit that you can take everywhere, perfect for going travelling, hiking or camping. Products are all vegan and sent in eco-friendly packaging.

Eco friendly small plastic-free kit

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Eco Message Camping Mug


For your more outdoorsy friends and family, this cute camping mug with a powerful message makes a great gift. Great for nature lovers and also those who love to start their day with a good brew!

Eco friendly camping mug

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Hemp Yellow Bum Bag


What a cute and super handy little bum bag. Do you know someone who is going off on their travels? This would be a great gift for them to keep their valuables safe. The bum bag is handmade from a sustainable vegan line.

If you’d like an extra 10% discount (who doesn’t) then use the code PROUD10 when you checkout.

Hemp eco-friendly bum bag

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Metal Water Bottle

From Sigg UK

The ultimate item that should be handy for everyone to take on their travels. The Sigg water bottle is perfect for travelling, hiking and camping trips. This 1-litre bottle will keep you hydrated and will save all those single-use water bottles! I also have the Sigg Hot and Cold flask, perfect for winter hiking trips.

Sigg Water Bottle

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I hope you loved my eco-friendly gifts, maybe even treat yourself to one of the items. Who said you can’t buy yourself a present 🙂 Let me know in the comments any other eco-friendly travel gifts that you love.

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Eco friendly travel gifts budget

Eco friendly travel gifts budget

Eco friendly travel gifts budget

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